Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's been 2 weeks since my last post and this one isn't going to be that exciting anyway!! WE are what you call Nomads! Going from place to place looking for a warm bed and yummy food! 4 more weeks of this madness, although I am not ready for it to end in a way because after these 4 weeks are over, we have NOOOOO clue of what we are going to do. So at least for now, Tate has a job and we are safe and happy!
Kasen is such a little stud muffin. He just goes along anywhere I am wanting to take him for that week and adjusts like a little angel! WE are up in Rexburg for the time being. I may go visit my sister in laws tomorrow! It will be fun! I get kind of antsie after a week of being in the same house!
Kasen's new things are:
Telling me that he "NEEDS" everything, not want but "needs" it mommy.
DOing everything Himself, which has taken quite a bit of patience on my part but it's so fun watching him learn and grow.
Asking me for something and looking at me with big brown eyes, shaking his head yes then going in the direction of the object that he wants:)
He loves to wrestle and "Hide" anywhere!
Pokes my belly button and tells me there is a baby in there (NO not announcing anything here, it's just cute....maybe he knows something I dont:)
loves chocolate milk
Loves playing with his cousins.
Calls his cousisns and aunts and uncles on the phone and makes sure that they are doing good. Mostly Colt and kImber and Uncle Bert though, they are the ususals!!
Last night I asked Kasen what he did that day and he said he was fighting with Kimber:) And that he went and saw the puppies and the horses and that Colt got sent to timeout!
Tonight he called Colt on the phone (pretend) and said that Colt hit Bert and he was in Big trouble and had to go to TIMEOUT!
OH good times, he is pretty funny and says stuff that absolutely amazes me!