Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not Ready

As I sit here I am just thinking of a few things that I am not ready for

#1) My husband leaving to Idaho for the next 3 months to do the thing that he loves just a little less then his family! Guiding. I honestly have mixed feelings about it, but when I look at him and how excited he gets just to be able to do this for a means to provide for his family, I could NEVER not be happy for him! He loves it so much! Honestly, I have never known of anyone who gets so excited to just put camo pants on to "wear" them in for his hunting!

#2) My half marathon....I signed up for the Top of Utah half marathon which is in 1 1/2 weeks and I am pretty nervous about it. I have been doing "Okay" training, probably just as good as I usually do for these kind of things, so Ithink that I will be okay, but I am still nervous. I had a wierd dream about running in it last night, I can't really remember what it was a bout but I know that it made me more nervous. I am excited that a few of my college friends are running in it, but by the time i get to the finish line they will definately be on their way back home, so that will not be fun:) I probably won't ever get to see them:)

#3) Kasen to turn 2.....he is growing up too fast and I am not sure about it! He is getting this little attitude and thinking that he is independant

SO...I wrote this a while ago and now it's about 4 days away from my Half Marathon and I am still NOt ready for it. Tate has begun his life up on the Elk ranch once again and Kasen is STILL growing up too fast! I am just a blob right now, moving from house to house, whoever will let me in, trying to make it to see Tate as much as I can and hopefully going to finish running 13 miles! Why I ever signed up in the first place, who knows....wait I know why....I blame it on my sister in law Shanna, who by a series of events is unable to run it with me!!!!!! Oh well! Life is wierd right now, but I still love it.
Kasen's new thing..."Guess what Mom? I have an owie?" "KISS IT BETTER MOM" I hope I never forget how he sings Twinkle Twinkle little star. I need to record it but everytime i try he tells me no pictures! THe other night camping we were waiting for TAte and we were "hiding' under the blanket, he grabs my face with his two little dirty chubby hands and says, "I lub you too, mom" He just melts my heart completely away!!! Nothing is worth not being a Full time MOM to my little guy! I am so blessed!!!

Dinosaur Museum

Yesterday, we took a little Family outing to Vernal, Utah, the land of Dinosaurs. I have never been to the museum that they have there so Tate and I took Kasen to go and see them. it was pretty interesting and fun to actually see real Dinosaur bones. I liked the little video that they had there so I could learn alot. Kasen was interested for about 4 minutes...tops. The lights in there were pretty cool though because I was wearing a white shirt and it was glowing. That's always fun. I enjoyed reading about all the old dinosaurs and different eras and things. There was a part that had deer and elk horns and other types of animals found around here that was Tate favorite part. He spotted those elk horns and got pretty excited.
Kasen and I waiting in the car while Tate went and did some Gun or Bullet shopping.

I found some red lipstick.......fun!

Kasen's favorite part was the Water! He stood by this water for quite a while till we made him leave because of the bees that were going to sting us! We then moved on to a different area where there were gold fish and he LOVED that part the best too!

Tate's favorite things!

Fun cousin Times

In orderville, one of the best day's is Watering Day. The kids can just play in the water all day long, and if they are lucky enough, they walk down to the garden and get in the mud. Tate thinking he was funny said, "Colt, you don't have any on your face yet." So Colt, got mud in his hands and slapped his face with it. Classic! He is so fun!

Here we are at Grandma Brenda's house. She is so fun and lets the grandkids play with paint and playdoh and all sorts of fun things. We took the paint outside in the garage and they went Crazy! Kasen wasn't sure how to really do it but he got plenty painted!
This is one of my Favorite pictures ever! Case on his 2nd birthday. WE went over to Russell and Bev's house for Cake and Ice Cream. THey have such an awesome backyard. They have chickens and a sheep and even a little Bunny Rabbit. Case is always so smily and happy and has the cutest little dimples!

Looking At the bunny rabbit. That poor thing handled alot of little kids chasing it and grabbing it and things. I hope that it's still alive.
Case and Kasen they are pretty close in age. 1 month apart. His fun little birthday party. It's interesting as a first time parent trying to get Kasen to speak nice to his cousins and make sure that he doesn't push adn things. It's very interesting.
They have a lot of fun together though and I really like being up here so Kasen gets to know his Sorensen cousins and not just his Glover ones. He know knows their names and points to their picutres in Grandmas house and tells us who they are.
Kasen is so funny. We are pretty proud little parents. He knows all his letters and can count to 10. We obviously think he is the cutest smartest little thing ever!
The cute things that i can remember him saying:
"That's enough, mom"~ "No Dad, that's Jana's phone." ~ "Dad let's go see the horses" ~ "Jana, Jana, Jana" ~ "I am going to sleep, goodnight." ~ "Wake UP" ~ "What's that?" ~
Much more that I can't remember and I need to write down or record so I have his cute little voice recorded! Just love that little man.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day in ZION

When I was in Orderville, Bev, had a great idea that we should do the Narrows in Zion. For those of you who don't know, it's a 16 mile hike through the hills and "narrow" canyons of Zion National Park. The last 4 or so miles are all through the Virgin River. It was CRAZY! We have lived 30 minutes from Zion our whole lives and we had never done it so we decided it was high time we get our booties in gear and do this well known hike! WE got everything ready to go and on Monday (a week ago) we set off on our journey at 7:00 a.m. I am so glad that Tate came with me. He was a bout to stay home because Kasen was a little sick but I convinced him that he would be fine! I just didn't want him to not go with me. WE started out doing really great. I wore my Garmin Watch and was calculating our time and distance. OUr first 8 miles went really quickly and fast. WE slowed down pretty fast though when we hit mile, oh, 11 I would say. My watched stopped working becuase of the slots and narrow canyons, lack of satellite so we didn't know how long we had gone! Anyway, it was pretty hard. Seriously, I was so tired after mile 12. And we kept asking people how long they had been hiking up the river, they would say oh 5 hours or so.......GAG....We just kept on truging along. We kept stopping and looking around at the pretty places that we were seeing , but toward the end, Tate said he didn't even care! So it was a very pretty hike, very long, and very tiring. My feet honestly have never been so sore EVER! Trying to grip every single rock with every muscle that I have in my toes to my knees was pretty hard work. I seriously didn't run for 4 days after wards and they are still pretty sore a week later! Anyway, here are the fun pictures of our Day in ZION! Great Times with my Sisters and my Husband! And my brother in law of course and some random boy! It's so much fun being able to do things like this with my family. I absolutely love it! DeAnna was 12 weeks pregnant doing it, isn't she awesome!? I am really glad too, cause we got ot rest and snack alot more than we probably would have if she wasn't there!

The Group...Bev's cousins friend, Tate, Me, Bev, D and Bert. Fun Times

Sista's! Minus LInda who just had a beautiful baby boy!

Sick Pregnant Lady...such a trooper! She only Fell like 6 times! It was a pretty good job!

My HOT hubby and I! I just Love him!

By a pretty waterfall!

So Sweet!

Bev and Me!

Me and D. I love her. Lots!

At the end of the hike. We were SOOOOO happy to see those buses. SO we could sit down! And never move again! Whew we were tireD! We had 3 cameras on the hike and all of their batteries died the first half of the hike. So we didn't even get pictures of the really pretty part! Typical!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back Home

We had a great time in Austin but we are so so happy to be back in Utah. We love this place so much. We missed the mountains and the beauty of everything here! We drove back in two days and made pretty good time. We stoppd in Roswell and visited the Alien shops and bought a few souveniers. We wanted to stop in Carlsbad to visit the caverns but we were too late so we just kept on driving. We drove until Gallup, New Mexico and stopped to get a hotel room for a while to get a little sleep. I was dead set on getting a good deal. WE drove and asked around for hte prices andthey were all like 80 bucks adn I didn't want to pay that much for just one night, blah. So I made Tate drive clear down this old looking town till I found a place that had a light on. So I rung the old little door bell because the guy was sleeping. He comes out in his pajamas and I asekd how much. He said 35 Dollars (Indian accent which I could barely understand) I said "DEAL". So we got our room key and walked into the MOst HORRIFIC place that I have ever seen. It was so dirty. I pulled down the covers and the sheets were covered in dirt and there were sunflower seeds on the nightstand. UGH! TAte and I are pretty sure that those are the type of rooms that aren't really rented out maybe hourly if you know what I mean! ANyway so I was just really grossed out and went and rang the door bell again and woke up the little indian man. I told him that this place was very dirty and aksed for our money back. He gave it back to us and we drove dow non our way. In the process of all this happening, we drove down the freeway 2 times, THE WRONG WAY! So after a long process we stopped at the days inn and went to sleep around 2 in the morning. It was quite an adventure!
We got to stay in Orderville for a week and a half and now we are in Talmage visiting Tate's family for another few weeks till the day comes when Tate leaves to go guide elk hunts in Idaho once again. I am not sure anymore if I am going to stay up there or not, we will have to see! Some of the fun stuff that we have done in Orderville!

Bev and I woke up to run in the 5K Kane County Fair Style. We both won 1st place in our each indivual divisions. There were only 4 girls there. Betty was in charge of it and ran with us, we had a good time. We ran from Glendale to Orderville. Fun times!
Water days are the best at my parents house. There is water everywhere and as you can see MUD. Kasen got down into the garden with all the mud and it was alot of fun!

Kasen helping Tate mow the lawn. He did a pretty good job.
AT the family reunion. Watching the talent show with Grandpa Glover!
Some of the family at the reunion!

Me, my cousins Rori and Kelsey. IT was great seeing them.

Last of Austin

Well, we were super busy the last part of living in Austin. I didn't really update anything we did the last month. But since Jerry got the nickel out of the SD slot in the lap top we are up and running once more. WE had a lot of fun in Austin and were really glad we were able to have that opportunity. Here are some of the pics that we have from the FUn!

At the fun water park that we went to with Junior and Katie. It was fun to go down the tubes and the slides and stuff!

Jaxon and Kasen playing on the air mattress. Jaxon knows how to wrestle much better than Kasen. It was fun watching them play.
The Take down!
WE had alot of fun visiting with Tate's cousin Junior and his wife Katie. THey have two adorable little kids and it was fun going to the water park and playing cards till too late into the night.
We went and watched the Congress Bridge Bats in Austin. We missed most of the flight out but we saw plenty of bats. The coolest part was getting lost downtown and seeing all thecrazy busy city life stuff.
We walked down by the river going to the bats and there were turtles swimming all over. There were little ones and big ones and we loved it. It was definately a hightlight of the fun night.

Tate put KAsen on top of Casey and Jer's fridge and Chloe wanted up too. They got into the cupboard and played it was fun.
The night before we left we went over to the Glover residence and just hung out with them. WE had a great time just visiting and being there with my Brother it made it way sadder to leave. Saying goodbye to Casey and Jerry was much harder than I thought it was going to be. We really really love them alot and think that Casey is the best Aunt in the world! She played outside with Kasen for a long time! HE loves her very much!
Getting into my shoes and Tate's hat while I was tring to do the laundry. He likes shoes and hats and I think that it's just adorable!
One time in the bath he said he wanted to go swimming so I blew up this little floaty and he had a blast swimming around in the tub!