Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am sitting here thinking about how much I need to update my blog. I am really bad lately. We have been having so much fun and taking so many pictures it's just almost too hard. A brief update: We went to Easter with my family, went to my brother's wedding, had a blast with all my family at the wedding and getting my new sister in law whom we ADORE! Been busy with school/finals, cleaning my house, playing outside in the warm sunshine, playing with Cousins and wishing that I had uploaded my pictures on this computer so I could post a few of them right now! That will have to come shortly! I mosty just needed to apologize for how horrible I have been lately.....I have become one of those people who I click on their blogs and get annoyed because they havent updated theirs FOREVER! So I am sorry!
Life is fun. Tate is graduating soon and I am so excited for him. His family is going to be joining us this weekend for the Graduation festivities. I am excited! It's going to be alot of fun. Especially if the weather is nice! Kasen is growing so much and getting so big. His new thing to say to me is, "No, Way". He is talking more and more and doing the funniest things. He loves to hide and run away from us chasing him. He refuses to sit in any high chair and must sit at the table like all the other kids. He loves his cousins Colt, Ruger, and Kimber and especially his Aunt DeAnna, and even Bert. He absolutely adores his grandpas and grandmas!! He hardly has any pants that fit him anymore and I just haven't went to get him some bigger clothes..he is growing so fast. He is beginning to say, "I pooped" when his diaper is dirty which totally shocks Tate and I everytime he says it. It's hilarious! We love him. He is the best! So much more I could say about him, but it's late!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The only pic I took at the concert! Just us!

We are once again up in Talmage visiting Tate's parents. It's so much fun coming here. They are so great. WE also got to go to Salt Lake last night and go to a New Found Glory concert. It was pretty fun. Although I am so glad that we were over 21 and got to go up stairs and not be down where all the fighting was going on. I am not kidding you I saw so many things last night with the mixed emotions of Out of place, laughter, throw up, WOW, and a bunch of others I can't think of or even describe at this moment.
* Out of Place - standing in line to get into the place. I definately felt a little out of place with the people who were there. We kind of stood out really bad. We didnt' have any piercings, tatoos, black clothes, or was a little awkward!
*Laughter - When the first opening band came on they were a hard rock band, which I wasn't impressed with at all, but the laughter part comes in is with the dancing of the people down on the floor by the stage. I am not kidding you it was so funny to me. These boys were like throwing their arms around like crazy and kicking everywhere and seriously like going crazy. They would hit people then the people would get into fights and it was so crazy. I just can't really describe was funny~!
* Throw up - so the first time in my life I saw two men kissing and groping each other. It seriously made me want to throw up! That's all I probably need to say about that!
* WOW - My ears are still ringing from all the loud music that was there. it was a good thing that I knew the songs of New Found Glory or it would have not been fun because the rest of the bands I had no idea of what was said and it was just loud mumbo jumbo!
Anyway, it was still lots of fun. A bunch of our friends came too and so it was good to hang out with them. Some of them went down by the stage where all the craziness was going on and I am glad that Tate didn't go.....I was a little nervous. I am not kidding you at least 6 fights broke out and they stopped singing and had to break it up and everything!!
Here are some fun pictures of our last trip to Talmage and with the Family. I have one picture of us at the conert that I am going to try and post.
I think that this was taken at my sis in laws house while they were blessing their new baby girl. It is just funny because my nephew Trace (the one with the mircophone) was singing rock and roll and being reallycute!
Tate and his good friend Shay. This was the first time we got to see their boy Bowden! He is so cute!
All the boys at grandmas eating lunch. Not all in the family but all that were there at the time.
This is Chase. Everytime Kasen looks at this picture he smiles and says Chase! I just have cute nephews and nieces! That's all!
Here we are at home painting! Kasen loves to squish the paint between his fingers and get it all over. It's a very fun activity!!