Friday, January 27, 2012

Messy Faces

On semi-warm days we get to go outside and play with sidewalk chalk.  This particular day Tate and Kasen had quite an enjoyable time.  More often than not, while playing with sidewalk chalk, Kasen will paint himself to be Hulk, very green.  In this picture you can't really tell but his face was painted green and Tate is of course, blue. 
 We found a few extra puddings in the cupboard.  Daisha loved it.  Of course Kasen did too, but he is just a little bit more clean than Daisha.  She is really beginnig to cheese it whenever the camera gets pulled out.  She is a quick learner.

 Saying Cheese because mom asked them too. 
 Another day we made brownies.  Daisha sure does love that chocolate, must be related to her mother.  She had quite the time licking the spoon and the bowl.  Still working on the staying clean part, but isn't that half the fun?  I think so too:)
Yum!  Yum!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Kasen got a hold of the camera.  He took a few good ones, and one that is a little creepy of my face, but it's all in good fun. 

 we got to go to one of Tate's basketball games.  he hardly plays, but people are always calling him to be on their city league teams.  so he finally decided to go and play in a little tourney.  I miss watching him play.  It's alot of fun for me! 

I think that the bear died.  Poor bear.

Just reading

Daisha decided to do a little reading a while ago. She caught herself up on the politics and going's on of Southeastern Idaho.  Really interesting. 
 We lowered her high chair and she loves to be able to climb in and out of it herself.  Everytime anyone goes into the kitchen, there she is right behind them up on her chair wanting more food. Silly girl.

Oh no you Didn't

As if you didn't already know,(which I hope that nobody is reading my blog that doesn't know me)  I absolutely love Oreos.  They are my ultimate weakness, so much so that when I was in elementary school, I would save all my pennies and dimes and buy them at the store, and not let a single person have one, I ate them all my myself.  And I wonder why I have such poor eating habits, they go way back.  Anyway, I got these lovely things as a Christmas present from my sister, who knows me so well:)  I had been snacking on them all holiday and then one night I went to get a few after dinner and this is what I found. 

The package was empty.  That is right...EMPTY.  I opened it up to find that lovely note laughing at me.  Right at me.  That is my husband for you.  Such a jokester, but this was one that wasn't funny, nobody messes with my oreos.  But after I laughed out loud for quite a while, I knew I was safe, there was NO way Tate would have eaten the rest of my oreos, he just isn't much of a treat guy.  Don't worry, I found the sack and enjoyed the rest of my oreos.  Some jokes just aren't funny :) :) tehehe

Fire on Ice

Here is my little pink marshmallow.  We had a fun time over Christmas to go and hang out with some our VERY favorite people, the jolly's.  We love them so much and seriously have such a great time everytime we are with them. 
 Kasen starting sweeping the ice gearing up for the games. 
 I needed to post this picture because of Kasen's face in the background.  This is him, oh lets say, 97% of the time, he is such an intense little boy, I don't know what to do about it sometimes:)  Love it though!
 The family on the ice.  Darrin getting the fire going and getting the buckets to start roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. 
 The kids sitting around the fire.  Talking about what they got for Christmas and waiting for some hot chocolate:)  Yum Yum, Lisa is always prepared:)
 Here is Lisa, she has quickly become one of my closest and dearest friends here.  She is such a wonderful example of everything good and fun.  So glad to be here with her. 
Fun times with the Jolly's.  I need to take my camera with me the other times we are hanging out.  Whether it's just dinner or pinochle, it's always a good time.

Christmas Morn

The kids had a great Christmas morning.  It was so much fun to watch and enjoy them as they were excited to have presents from Santa Claus.  We had a great Christmas.  The kids were spoiled and so were we.  It's a joy to watch their eyes as they are opening gifts. 
 Kasen was the best this year.  He is getting more and more fun.  He was just going crazy with the toys he got.  He was so helpful with Daisha and made sure that she had her stocking and her gifts to open as well as his own. 

 The kids got a play kitchen to share and we have enjoyed playing with it.  We had to hurry and get dressed for church so we got to play with it for a minute before heading to church, then came home and picked up where we left off. 
We enjoyed Christmas this year, being together as our little family.  It is kinda quiet and low key, I kinda like it that way, but in alot of ways I miss our big families and the noise that comes with cousins:)  I made yummy ribs for our Christmas dinner, and this year was much better than last.  Hopefully in 20 years, I will have the rib making process down to an art and my kids will be excited for Christmas dinner:)  We had a wonderful sacrament meeting on Christmas day.  What a wonderful blessing we were able to attend on such a wonderful holiday.