Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We had a fun Halloween.  Kasen was a vampire and Daisha was a witch.  Kasen had a fun halloween party at pre-school.  We went and walked with him to the high school, where they walked around the school and went trick or treating and got a fun class picture. 
 He was a very scary, intense vampire. 
 On halloween day Tate decided that he wanted to drive to Talmage.  So we hustled and tried to get everything ready and piled in the car and made it just in time to change in their costumes and get over to the trunk or treat.   The kids really made a haul, and i can't believe that they didn't get sick from all the candy they ate! 
 Kasen has a hoard of boy cousins and it's fun to let him play and play with them.
 I forgot Daisha's witch hat, bummer, but oh well, she had a fun time!
 Enjoying the rewards of their efforts!
 After the trunk or treat we headed to go to trick or treating "old school" style.  It was fun to watch them run from place to place.  I tried to make sure that Kasen was polite about his trick or treating, he was just really excited!
 Daisha knocking on the door.  She got pretty shy and wouldn't really say trick or treat very loud, but she was pretty cute and gave her a treat anyway!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Deer Camp

We were able to make it to Southern Utah during the deer hunt.  It was so much fun riding in the hills, hanging out for a little while as the kids played in the dirt and with all the other things they found around to play with.  IT was mostly fun to spend time with the Glover's and my cousins that are so awesome.  My kids had a fun time with their uncles and aunts and cousins. 
 Daisha and Uncle David. 
 Jerry and the crew after a big excitment in camp, Scott got a deer:)
 Daisha riding in the back of the rhino, looking for deer with Grandma and DeAnna.  We weren't quiet enough and got dropped off soon after:)  It was fun though!
Daisha enjoying her hot cocoa!  I love that little grin! 
 The girl cousins!!! 
Mom and her girl!  I didn't get too many pictures of Kasen he was going and going from place to place!  Love it!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lagoon 2012

We were able to go to Lagoon for a weekend trip with the family.  Shanna and Kory always get season passes and we can't pass up at least one good visit to Lagoon a year.  What a happy place it is!  I was a little bummed because of the whole Pregnancy thing couldn't really ride any of the good rides, but I did get to enjoy a few and really enjoyed watching my kids have such a fun time.  Kasen really loves it there, and I wish we could take him more often, but it's a fun tradition with the Mueller family to get to do.
 kasen was spoiled and got his face painted.  He chose the devil.  Yep, couldn't convince him of anything else, I tried hard too, but he insisted and he loved every second of that face paint, until we had to have him wash it off for church the next day, he was pretty bummed about that! 
 Yeah, so fun. It took a few rides for DAisha to get warmed up, but she really enjoyed most of the rides and went from one to the next pretty quickly.  As quickly as we all could go at least!
 Daish and Owen.  Cute little cousins enjoying the boat ride.
 The before picture of puff the magic dragon.  I couldn't ride on with her, so I just plopped her down by Kasen and hoped for the best on this ride.  It is one of the faster "kid" rides and so I wasn't too sure, she wasn't too sure about it after it got started either, it made her extremely nervous.  She didn't cry though.  Just toughed it out until it was over!
 The after picture.  I am thinking she is glad that it was over!
 We waited in line for Uncle Rod, and Hannah and Dallie to go on the one that takes you really high up and then just drops you.  Daish decided it was time to take a break in the middle of the sidewalk.  That poor blankie has really been through it all.  I am so glad that it washes well.  She takes that thing everywhere with her. 
 OH Aunt Wendy thinks that she is funny.  Trying to get in on this cuteness action of Olivia and Daisha! 
 kasen was worried about his face after the rattle snake rapids.  he was SOAKED!  Mind you this is the middle of October and wasn't the warmest of October days!  Poor little guy was wet the rest of the night pretty much.  Oh well, He went through rattle snake rapids I think 3 times, so it's realy his fault:)  The face seemed to hold up pretty well though!
Cousin crew.  Hanna, Kassidy, Kasen, Owen, Ruger, Olivia, Dallie and Daisha!  It was so nice have the Hewitt family there.  They are a little older and take really good care of my littler ones.  It's really nice!

Conference Weekend

Conference Weekend I took the kids out in the mountains to try and find some pretty trees to take fall pictures in.  I was pretty homesick this weekend.  I don't know what it is about the Fall that makes me miss Orderville so much.  Maybe it was the fact that Tate was gone and hadn't been home in about a week and I was there trying to make a fun, good, conference experience for my little kids.  Growing up we always went up lydia's canyon and went to "our tree" and took pictures of the family.  It was such a big, beautiful tree with the most beautiful orange and red leaves.  That is what I was looking for this day, and we never really found anything that spectaular, but we found one that we could get to that looked sort of decent and stopped and snapped some photos, and played in the leaves. 
 Kasen and Daisha.  Kasen 5 years old.  Daisha 2 years old. 
 Yippee....throwing leaves is so much fun!  It doesn't really look like it but Daish really did a good job at throwing them too, not too far, nor to high, but they got thrown nonetheless!
My pretty little cheeser!

Daisha Turns 2

October 6th, Daisha turned 2.  She claims she is 9 and can't get her to understand that she really is only 2, thank heavens for that:)  She had a fun time opening her presents and putting on her necklaces. 
 Kasen was a big helper of course, because Daisha really doesn't open presents fast enough. 
This one I like to call, Blackmail for the future.  Here my little boy is playing with a cute little princess doll, which I could care less about, but it's still a fun picture:)  I think in all reality he was putting the dress on for his sister, but nobody needs to know that! 
 I caught Daisha sneeking her birthday cake.  Oh well.  She pulled a stool right up to the counter and started sampling.  Kasen and her did a fabulous job of decorating her cake. 
 Yes, that is my 5 year old playing with matches.  He is infatuated by the things  Anyway, he lit the candles for the birthday girl.  We sang and she sang along with us.  We had to sing it a few times because blowing out the candles are so much fun. 
Daisha had a pretty low key 2nd birthday.  Just our little family.  I think that's okay!  We played and played with her new toys.  She ate her full of frosting, and all is well.  Daisha truly brings so much joy into our home.  She has the funniest little personality.  She is very smart and talks really well.  She loves to get kisses from her brother when he will give them out.  Most 3t clothes fit her long little body.  She can count to 9, then back to 4.  Is learning her ABC song, and does the h, i , j part really really good.  One of my favorite things she does is she will randomly put her finger to her lip in the thinking pose and say, "Mom, Mmmmmmm?  Chicken."  Then she will expect me to make the sound of a chicken.  Then repeats with Cow, and Dog and Kitty.  Love this little girl!