Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big News

Thursday, Janurary 31st.  Just an ordinary day full of anticipation waiting for my little guy to arrive. I had a dr. appointment scheduled for my 39 week.  As I sat in the dr, I couldn't wait to hear what she would tell me and if I had progressed during the week or not.  I was SO beyond ready to have my baby.  I couldn't wait to ask her if I could be induced the following day, or might I say beg her to induce me.  I walk in, check my weight, pee, blood pressure, the normals.  I had her check and see if I was dialated.  Sure enough, I had definately progressed.  The previous week I had been dilated to a 2.5, I was already at a 4?  What???  Seriously, when I was at a 4 with Daisha I was in the hospital ready and waiting for my epidural.  So, I asked my lovely nurse to strip my membranes.  It's a bit uncomfortable if not painful, but at this point in my pregnancy, everything was a bit uncomfortable if not painful. :)  I asked her to be induced, the dr. couldn't do it friday but scheduled me to be induced Monday morning.  As I was talking to her about being induced, she just looked at me with that "smile" and said she didn't think that I would have to wait until Monday, and that I was very "favorable"?  Favorable?  Nice wording.  Anyway, so I walked out of the dr. office Thursday at 12:30.   I got home and spent the rest of the afternoon with my beautiful daughter.  Eating lunch, trying to walk around as much as possible, up and down my stairs.  I was realy crampy, but nothing too crazy.  About 3:00 p.m. I could feel the crampiness a little more.  3:30, I started to realize that the cramps were turning into real contractions.  I called Tate at the Taxidermy to come home.  I called him about 2 minutes later asking him why he wasnt' home yet. My contractions turned into intense 2-3 minute apart contractions REAL fast.  I was also super sick, going to the bathroom like every 2 minutes.  TMI:)  Tate walks in the door and I am in major pain.  I am telling him that we really need to go to the hospital.  WE start wondering what we are going to do with Daisha, Kasen was at a friends house playing.  WE try to get a few things in order.  I am just trying to manage each contraction, but not doing a very good job at it.  WE get a hold of a good friend who takes Daisha.  We are finally on our way to the hospital to have our baby:)  I am a nervous wreck, in pain and wondering once again if I can really do this?  Tate drove way too slow to the hospital and hit EVERY bump in the road.  I am glad he still loves me after all the crap I gave him about his driving on the way.  I called my sister to ask her for some coaching help to manage my contractions without being a freak out, she starts screaming from excitement and makes me cry.  After a few minutes of her trying to tell me to "be one with the pain"  I hang up on her.  As we are driving my contractions were realy intense and I kept thinking in my mind that I am living my worst nightmare right now, getting to the hospital without getting the epidural.  (Yes I am a baby, and NOT prepared in any way to have that baby without pain management:)  WE get to the hospital around 4:30 I walk in and immediately ask for the epidural.  He gets there quickly, they have to get my my IV, They check me, I am at a 6.5.  IV starts to get in me, epidural guy works his magic.  I have a few more contrations and the pain starts to subside.  About 30 minutes later, I have TONS of pressure.  I am mortified telling the nurses that I really have to go to the bathroom, #2.  They are so nice and patient with me telling me that wasn't the bathroom but the baby.  I am so ready to push, I could feel all the pressure.   A few minutes later the sweet dr comes in and suits up.  I am ready to deliver my baby.  In no time at all, and without even pushing, I let my body do the work and he is born.  at 6:18 p.m. we had our 3rd baby! It was incredible.  
   There's the birthing story. 

8 lbs. 7 oz.
21 inches
6:18 p.m
January 31st, 2013
It is still amazing to me how much LOVE you can have.  Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and why the Family is CENTER and KEY in our lives.  Not only has my love grown so much for my children but I have never been more in love with my husband.  It's an amazing feeling and I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.  I am so blessed beyond description.