Monday, October 25, 2010

Lesson of the Day

Kasen: "Mom do you know what compassion is?"
Mom: "No, what is compassion?"
Kasen: "Compassion is when you want to help someone."

I just love that kid!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Words

Yesterday was my Due Date! Yeah, for it coming and going and me already having a baby! I am just so bummed because Tate is using our camera for guiding and I don't get any really good pictures of my baby right now, while she is still so tiny. Although she is growing like a weed, we went for her PKU check today and they weighed her and she is 8 lbs 10oz. so she isn't going to be so small for long. It's funny that Kasen was bigger than her right now when he was born, which is still so small, but seems so crazy:) We have been having a Blast getting to know Daisha and having her in our house. Kasen is just so cute with her. If I have Daisha put down somewhere and she gets even a little bit fussy, Kasen will come running in and say, "MOM...will you do me a favor?" I will tell him Yes, and he will say, "Baby sister Needs you mom, she is hungry." He gives her the sweetest kisses and loves to hold her all by himself:) If she is sad, he goes up to her, right by her head and whispers, "It's okay, I'm here, I'm here." and tells me that she needs her big brother. He adores her, which I adore:) He loves to sing her the song, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam right up in her face, which I am sure she just loves! I just wish I had pictures...I do have a few on Facebook, because it's easy to upload them off my phone, but not as convenient for here, so thus, no pictures till tate gets home......who knows when that will be able to take lots in one day and then upload them. Life is treating us pretty GREAT. We are so blessed and lucky. I look at my 2 beautiful children and just start to tear up. I can't imagine my life without them. They really are my JOY, My WORLD! There just aren't words to describe how blessed I am:)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I've Fallen.....

IN LOVE all over again!
Daisha Dana Sorensen
7lbs 13 oz
20 1/4 inches long
Born on October 6th 2010
2:39 p.m.

Perfect is the word the sums it all up! I couldn't have asked for a better labor and delivery. She arrived during the most perfect time so I didnt' have to worry about having to call Tate at 3 in the morning to rush off the mountain. Okay...I'll just post the story, since I love hearing all about birthing stories, I am sure a few of you do too:)

Tuesday of last week (10/5/10) I had my dr. appointment for 38 weeks. I went and when she checked me I was at a 2 :) Yeah, good news. so as she was all up in my business, she started to strip my membranes, which she could have told me she was doing before hand to prepare myself a little bit, but NOPE, she just started diggin'. Anyway, after that shock and pain and wore off a bit, she explained that she had just stripped my membranes and that about 50% of her patients are usually back within 24-48 hours in labor. Holy cow...that was a pretty good percentage I thought, but honestly didnt' think much about it, because us "Glover" girls just don't have early babies. So I drove home, called my sister and told her all about my traumatizing experience and said that I guess I really could have a baby soon but just didn't think I was going to. So I walk in and Tate and Dave and Kasen are just hanging out, Tate was luckily off the mountain for at least another day. I told him what the Dr. told me and he got really freaked/wierded out that we could actually have this baby soon, like really soon. He kept asking me, where the time had gone? That it went by really fast, I told him, ya it did, but HELLO...look at was definately time. So I kind of got a little bathroom bag ready, but didn't really have any clothes for me or the baby if we were to really go to the hospital! So, I did all the things that the Dr. told me that would acutally help maybe get labor here...wink...wink....and then went to bed:) I could sleep at all, I kept feeling sick and icky. I got up around 1 and had a bowl of cereal, got on facebook, you know the usual. Then tried to go to sleep, I finally dozed off then suddenly woke up around 3:30 with a pretty big contraction. I didn't really know what to think. I just laid there and timed it and tried to get some rest. They were happening about 15 minutes apart. So I got up around 4:45 and walked around a little, they were coming a little closer now. I got in the tub and tried to get a little comfy, then when the water got cold I took a quick shower. During my shower I knew that something wasn't normal. I then started to bleed really bad, bright red blood, and that FREAKED me out, so I finally went and woke Tate up around 5:45 ish? I told him that we needed to get ready to go to the hospital. He was in Kasen's room and was pretty disoriented and hilarious. He just looked at me like, are you serious. I said YES, I am bleeding and been having contractions for the past 3 hours, I think that we need to GO! So, after trying to frantically pack a bag, and Tate showering. WE woke my brother up (Thank Heavens for David he was awesome) and told him we were leaving so he could watch Kasen. Tate was able to give me a beautiful blessing before we left which gave me alot of peace and comfort:) And we were off!! Looking at each other like, HOLY CRAP..this is it! I kept on second guessing myself while we were driving as if I wasn't sure if I was really having contractions, then a contraction would come and I would say, YEP this is it, it hurts really bad. :) WE got to the hospital about 7 a.m. The nurse checked me I was at a 4 and she said, yep you're staying here girlie, you're going to have a baby today! WHAT??? So, I told her, well, you might as well call the anesethioligist (sp? You know what I mean.) cause I will take that epidural as soon as he can have it in me:) I had to do alot of paper work, and it took forever to get an IV in me which by the way sucked:) Anyway, so at about 9 I was at a 6 and was able to get the epidural. It was absolutely LOVELY! After the epidural, we were able to just hang out with each other and watch Sport Center. Tate honestly said about 10 times, Thank you so much for getting the epidural, this is so so so so much better than with Kasen. You were in too much pain for too long, and it was not fun:) Anyway, I had Strep B so I had to get the antibiotic in me, so after a few hours of hanging out, the nurse came in and told us that there were the students that wanted someone to give massages too, so a girl came in and gave me a message, and then Tate one, It was Awesome:) I had a tougher time going from a 9 to 10. It seems like I progressed really quickly up till then. So they kept checking me to make sure I was getting somewhere. Then, it was time. I started to feel quite a bit of pressure during my contractions, so I knew it had to be soon. (by the way, my epidural was awesome, I could feel my legs, I could feel a little bit of pressure but no pain can you say happy) Anyway, the Dr. came in and said..Okay, let's see how good of a pusher you are. I told her that it wasn't nice to put that kind of pressure on me:) She got down in the end zone and said push, I pushed and she told me to StoP. She wasn't ready at all, she had to hurry and get all dressed, and then I pushed again and she was HERE! She came out so perfect and small!! One of the 1st things Tate said was that she looked like JERRY...I said JERRY? Really? But he just meant really GLOVER :) Which I love:) She came out ready to eat and has been the perfect little angel since! I hope she stays that way. wow that was long!! we just love her and are adjusting to our new life!