Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is 4 Too Young?

 I often asked myself if 4 was a little too young to give your boy a bb gun.  Well, I guess not because Kasen received his 1st little gun a few weeks ago.  this was tates when he was a little boy and brought it back to Idaho with us from his parents house.  It was really fun and exciting.  Tate and Kasen were out in the back yard for a while learning about how to shoot guns.  Tate really did an extensive gun safety training and every time he shoots it has to recite all the rules of gun safety. 

 Aiming at the target. 
 He isn't quite strong enough yet to caulk the gun yet, so Dad has to help out. 
Showing Kasen where the safety of the gun is.  They had a fun time.

Ragnar 12

 Our family did Ragnar again this year.  It's always a good time being together with a bunch of girls in a van for 2 days, sweaty, tired, sore.  It's especially good for me to keep me motivated to keep running, because obviously being healthy isn't enough for me:)  I initially wasn't going to be able to run because we were going to be gone, but lucky for me, not for my brother in law who got injured, I was able to take his place.  It was awesome!
 Shanna and I.  The original Ragnarians:)  Sure do love that sister in law of mine!
 Jentri, Me and Shanna just waiting at an exchange.  Jentri is about 15 weeks pregnant right here, and she totally rocked every single one of her legs.  I really did luck out when it came to in laws.  Mine are the best!
 So after the race, we went to a yummy place to eat in park city, which I can't remember the name of it right now, but I was walking back out to our van, and heard this laugh, which was a very distinct Misty Griffiths laugh, I looked around and couldn't see her so just went on my way.  We then got seated and ordered our food, when I heard.  "Jana?"  I looked up and sure enough, there was Misty.  I knew I had heard her:)  It was fun to run into her, i ran into her last year at Ragnar, and that is always so much fun!  She is great!
 Our entire team at the finish line.  I don't remember what time we finished, but I do know that we finished:) 
Van number 1.  We rocked!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A while Back

 A while back, Kasen got to go to Father's and Sons, which he so cutely refers to as "boys camp, no girls allowed mom."  He had been looking forward to boys camp since last year and I am so glad that Tate was able to take him.  It was cute watching Kasen get everything ready to go and get things in the camper.  They stayed nice and dry that night during the rain storm, and he had alot of fun. 
 A while back, one of my most dearest friends, Kaylynn, came to visit me.  She is living in Moscow and luckily her husband was going to be gone for 6 weeks for school, and so she decided to take a drive to see me.  I couldn't have been happier.  It was such a fun week spent with her.  She has 2 beautiful little girls now, and we got to get to know them and play with them.  Such fun.
 A while back while Kaylynn was here, we did some more minnow catching, although on this particular day the minnows were not out.  We couldn't spot them anywhere.  Darn!
 A while back, Kaylynn and I met the cutest ever Twinners in Blackfoot and Kaylynn decided she would catch herself some minnows with just a little cup.  Leave it to her to stand in the water forever and be patient and actually catch one.  Those suckers are fast.  She is quite the fisherlady. 
 A while back, Daisha decided to smile this way, with a big, cheesy grin, and yell "cheese" as loud as she could to the camera.  She is pretty cute.
 A while back, I got this cool camera that does the color effect on pictures while I am taking them, so I got this adorable one of Melissa snapping a picture of something really cute, seeing how she is showing them how it's done to smile!!!
 Here we all are, some great friends, who have managed to keep in touch a little bit throughout the years.  Our kiddos, We all have 2 each which makes it a fun, relaxing time when you are wanting to visit and catch up:) 
 Melissa and Kaylynn. 
 Me and Melissa
 Me and Meag.  Luckily, we decided that we wanted to live by each other. So we both moved to Firth Idaho, well, I actually followed her there, but that is beside the point.  We somehow manage to keep in touch with each other while being 6 minutes away from each other.  She is quite awesome and is a great running partner who slows down her pace to stick with me.  She is nice like that. 
Me and Kaylynn.  We grew really close to each other during our 2 years at CEU.   She really is such an awesome person and I am lucky to have these ladies as friends!
 Our 2nd year at school.
 A while back we all became close friends.  I am pretty lucky!  Love em!