Thursday, July 22, 2010


Orderville has been so much fun, we have gone swimming every day and played with cousins until Kasen is literally too exhausted to function normally. WE have been getting ready for David and Taylors wedding and I haven't even taken any pictures...Lame! Tomorrow is the big day and I am excited to see them get married, they are so cute together. It is fun and wierd at the same time to see my little brother fall in love and get married! I am so proud of the kind of person that he is. I know that he is going to be a great husband and father (someday). I am excited to get to know Taylor alot better over the next few months.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boys will be Boys

We were watering the garden and such last night for Family Home and Kasen got a spot really really wet so he could play in the mud. He just kept walking in it until Tate started putting it on his shirt and his face...then it turned into a full blown little Mud Fight! I ran into the house to get the video camera and when I got back they were both pretty darn muddy, then Tate whispered to Kasen to throw some at me....he got me alright, along with our new nice video camera!! But it was alot of fun and cute to see Kasen and Tate having a little boy mud fight!
My muddy boys! I think that they are so adorable!

I got a little muddy, I think that there was more in my hair than anywhere else!

Bear World

Last Friday we went to Bear World and had a great old time. Kasen really loved the little kiddie rides at the end and we stayed there quite a while so he could ride them over and over again. I am not sure how i feel about Bear World, I think that it's definately a 1 time a year thing. It probably would be worth the 16 bucks per person if you have a car load of people and just do the car pass, but it's hard for me to pay that much money for anything I guess. It's cool to see the animals, but doesn't take that long to drive around, but the petting zoo is fun and cool and so are the rides, so I guess that helps make it more worth it. i guess the important part is that we are with each other having a fun time, letting Kasen enjoy himself!!! He really is happy on this took him a while to want to go on it, but after iwent on it with him, he loved it and rode it over and over again. I thought it was fun too:)
Finally caught him, he kept going from one hole to the other.

Loved the car ride!
And the train ride. They were pretty small and only lasted maybe a minute each time, but thats the great thing, we could do them over and over and over again!!! Yeah! ( I am pretty darn squished in this 3 year old ride...oh well)

Friday, July 9, 2010


A few days ago I took Kasen out to the Snake River to "fish" and we saw lots of minnows swimming around. I waded in after some but I could never catch any. WE left that day pretty disappointed. So after Tate came home from work we convinced him that he would be a great minnow catcher and we went again in search for more minnows. We took nets with us this time and were a little better prepared with a bucket. Kasen was pretty excited. Everytime Tate would catch some he would tell him your the best minnow catcher dad! Tate ended up catching about 20 of the little things and we put them all in Kasen's little green bucket. WE tried to convince Kasen that we needed to get them into something bigger so they could swim around more...he just kept on adding more rocks and flowers to his collection. So they stayed in that bucket over night. The next morning Kasen went outside and came running back in yelling, "mom, my minnows are all Dead!" I went out and sure enough, they were all afloat! Kasen said, See mom, they can't swim anymore. So we waited til Dad got home so he could dispose of them properly and now we don't have any minnows....we will be taking another trip down to the river to get some more shortly I am sure!

Kasen pretty much loved his minnows. He kept talking to them like they were a little baby! Then he run around in a big circle going a bit crazy saying, Minnows, minnows, minnows!

Tate the official minnow catcher. AFter a while he really started to enjoy it I think!

Wading in. Kasen didn't last long in the water...he thought that his Dad did a good enough job by himself!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th Weekend

We really wanted to drive down to Southern Utah for my new little nephews baby blessing, but we couldn't so we had a fun time here instead! Friday we went to the Zoo and I convinced Tate that we need a membership so we can go whenever we want to. Plus we get half off if we ever go to Hogle zoo which I want to at least once this year. Like I mentioned before this is a pretty small zoo, but we spent at least 4 hours there on Friday and by the time we got Kasen to leave, Tate and I were both pretty tired:) WE went to the library got a few good movies and books and just relaxed the rest of the night. Then Saturday we were lazy again and didn't wake up for the little town pancake breakfast or the parade in Idaho Falls, but we were okay with that. That evening we went to a couples house in our ward and had a bbq. It was alot of fun. Kasen played in the water and we just sat around and talked. I really am loving our new ward more and more and the people that are here! After the food we went and drove to Idaho Falls for the spectacular fireworks show. WE were quite a distance away from them in a parking lot but we could still see them really well and they were fun. Kasen was too interested in bugging all the other people around us t oreally notice the fireworks so that makes it hard for us to enjoy them when we are worrying about Kasen and what he is doing. But they were fun, very long and tons of fireworks, but still fun to watch.
Kasen Loved feeding the goats, especially the baby ones.
After the "show" Kasen got to pet a bunny...he didn't really pet it, it was more of a touch and get out of there.
So I got these SWEET glow stick glasses and apparently I was the only one out of the group who thought they were cool. Kasen only liked them to take apart and build a robot out of them. Oh well they were fun for a little while!

Kasen in a trance watching the sparkler!
Family 4th of July pic!

Friday, July 2, 2010


We have been doing fun things lately, I just don't have any pictures to prove it. A few days ago we went swimming with Kathy, Meagan, and their little nephews and brother. I took my camera, but of course didn't even take it out of the bag when we got there, mostly because Kasen was so dang excited to get in the water that we really didn't have time, and he just kept on going and going till we left. It's a cute little place in Pocatello where they have a little lazy river where we floated around on the tube, then a kiddy place where the water doesn't get very deep with things to squirt and spray, with a little slide. They have a bigger pool area too, which looked alot of fun, but we didn't go to that place. I can't wait to go back again, because Kasen really enjoyed it and I got a little sun, which is nice! IT was fun to just visit and spend time with Kathy and Meagan!

The other night, I was reading a book while getting a little food and so when Kasen had his food, he told me that he needed a book. So we went upstairs and got him one, he started reading it to me out loud! Then last night during dinner, he said, Dad i need a book too with my dinner. So he hurried and ran up to his room and picked out "oh the places you'll go" and a few others! Awe, cutie pie!

Another note, we had a fun Cafe Rio night two nights ago and invited a few families and it was tons of fun. One family has 6 kids and they are so cute. They really have fun with Kasen and he absolutely adores them. Most of the people, the husbands work with Tate so we already knew them a little bit but it's nice to be able to get together so I can get to know the wives a little better. Anyway, it was a fun night and can't wait to do it again sometime soon!


Last weeekend, we went camping. It was alot of fun. We drove up to where Tate works and set up our tent and everything. Kasen had a Blast! He loved the tent, the fire, going fishing, roasting marshmallows, and going on our hike. It was so fun being there with just us and being able to spend some real quality time with Kasen. We only stayed one night but it was okay because we didn't have our air mattress so we slept on the ground and that wasn't all that comfortable. The next morning we set off on a little hike. It was fun to have Tate tell us all about the area and where he hunted and worked. He sure is cute the way that he loves that place and loves what he does! I am excited to be able to do this again alot. It really is a great way to not be bothered by any thing else and just be with each other, no distractions! I really like it!

Fishing in the stream. Kasen kept asking where all the fish were and I told him that they were pretty sneaky, so we just have to wait. It was funny, Tate had just tied a little stick to the end of his line and that is what he used. He loves it:)

Tate looking out over this beautfiul place. These are the hils that he gets to hike while guiding!

This was a pretty nice uphill climb for a little while and Kasen did the whole thing by himself. We were pretty impressed because he didn't hardly take any breaks and when he would, he would hurry and sit down, then get RIGHT back up and say, okay lets go. I was hoping that he would rest for a little bit longer, but he sure was a trooper. He definately did better than me The beginning of our hike! WE are so excited! More fishing! It was a fun Time!