Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gotta Get OUT

As of late, I have been so HORRIBLE. This is what Kasen has done for most of the day and We got sick of it. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I LOVE for Kasen to watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and more, but it's time that we got him off the couch. He seriously never wants to go anywhere with me anymore. So I have to force him out of the house, to even go grocery shopping which consists of him screaming and throwing a bit fit. It's gotten way too out of hand, so we finally found this place here in Cedar called Funtime Inflatables, which I had heard of but couldn't ever find it online, so with the help of Facebook friends was able to find it. We are starting to become regulars at that place. I actually quite enjoy going to the bounce house and jumping on the inflatables, going down the big slide and going thru the obstacle course, and it gets Kasen and I both out of the house and gets him running around with a little exercise...totally worth it!

Going down the slide...Seriously so much fun...I think I have more fun than he does sometimes!
Shooting things....of course!
I have a few videos but they take forever to upload, but all in all we have a fun time at the bounce house and are regulars as of late!

Cafe-Rio Night

We had a fun Cafe Rio night a while back with a bunch of friends. We didn't get everyone there that we wanted but hada pretty good turnout. I am glad that we have actually gotten together at least once this year.....better than last year:)

And the winner for the first guest to arrive is Celeste...I dont' know, she had a cute scarf that I stole for the picture, because it matched my purple shirt. Anyway, Celeste is pretty much the most awesome girl in the world! And i am not just saing that to impress her I don't think that she ever reads my blog!!!

I love this picture of all the daddy's and their little girls. They are so dang sweet!

Brandy making the tortillas...Yum yum!
Two beautiful ladies, April and Erica

Lisa, Celeste, Kasen, Tate in the background and Celeste's friend Tyson. WE are glad that Lisa finally showed up, luckily there was a little food left!

Pre-School Fun

A few weeks ago my wonderful sister Linda came to visit us. She has 2 kids and her oldest is Kasen's age and they play so fun together. Whenever we ask Kasen anymore who is Best Friends is he always says it's Isabelle, and will fight to the death if we try and convince him otherwise. LInda is such a great and fun Mom and so good at doing things for her Kids. She is doing this pre-school thing with Belle every other day and brought it down for us to do it. We learned all about the letter B. They traced numbers for form a ball, they glued Bears on a Bubble B, We Baked cookies and Beat the eggs. And she did all sorts of other stuff while I went to school...Kasen had a blast. D and her kids came over for the day also, and so we had a fun full house of kids playing and sisters talking it up:) I love those times. Thanks LInda for coming...even though it was a while ago, I got pretty busy and haven't been able to post much, but we have been doing some fun things! Practicing cutting and coloring!
This was so cute, Isabelle had tucked Kasen in and was telling him night night and giving him kisses and hugs!
All the kids playing with the toys.
A very well deserved "quiet/rest" time for all.
Practicing the pictures and reading the letters.

Other News

Just some random pictures that I had. Kasen pulled all the towels off our towel hanger and put them in the tub. That is his new funny thing to do lately!

Christmas time Jerry and Casey were able to have Dexton for a few hours....He is so cute and I can't wait to get to know him better...someday:)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Suppose to be Studying

In a huge effort to procrastinate my studying, I decided to take a photo shoot instead. McKenna I know that you would appreciate this:) Plus I missed you there. Anyway, so I will take you through my studying process......Here I am, just getting warmed up...Mind you that I took many many more pictures than are posted here;)
Diet Coke, My new best friend, even though I know its not good for me....blah, I love it!
Interesting/Wierded out look I guess, Just mostly wierd!
Here's to you:)
I don't know, I don't know! (Here I am actually having the studying stuff in front of me...we are getting somewhere)
HUM...let me see.....
My trusty sidekick
Think Think THink
I am Not getting it...Boo Whooo
Alright, I will just go to sleep then...that's much easier:)

Good Night....

Needlesss to say that when Tate walked in the room he was pretty disappointed that I had actually been taking like 40 pictures of myself and not studying! It was much more fun though!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Date night with The parents

Last night my parents drove to Cedar and went out on the town with us! First my mom and I went shopping and got her some new clothes. She loves going to walmart and walking around and looking at stuff, I do too, and this time she loaded up on some new was fun:) Then We were lucky enough to get my friend Julie, (YOU ROCK JULIE) to watch Kasen while us four went to a movie. Tate and I have both seen Blind Side before but my parents hadn't so we went to that one. They really enjoyed it. My mom really enjoys doing stuff like that, and I am not sure if my dad really does or not, but I think that they had a good time..then we went out to dinner and just visited! I love my parents so much and seriously have so much fun with my mom. She loves to chat and chat and I love to listen and chat right back with her! We are pretty close and I love it. Then Tate and I just hung out chillaxin on the couch watching football and whatever else is on t.v. I am a bit imbarrassed to say this, but I am getting pretty into "keeping up with the Kardashians". I don't even know who they are, but I do know that I want Kim Kardashian's eyes, they are so pretty and big:) It's a little silly I know!

Just hanging out watching Television. It's a little late, and I look pasty white, but it's all good:) It's just fun to have a moment to actually be with your husband!! Lately those are few and far between! So I am beginning to cherish them!

My Dad, me and MOM! Yeah!

Me and Kasen after Church! Silly Cheese Face!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy 27th BABE

Today is Tate's 27th Birthday. It has been quite uneventful for him and I feel bad for being such a bad party thrower for my man! He did go out and buy him some new jeans and just got to be by himself at a store for a while, and that is always fun:) (those of you with 2 year olds understand) We went to Valley last night and my Mom took him out for his favorite...STEAK dinner. I got to tag along! Today Kasen and I made him a birthday cake with Green frosthing that Kasen was very much looking forward too, seeing how green is his VERY favorite color and everything is the color green! Tate got to blow out his candles, I made a yummy chicken enchilada dinner and now I am playing on the computer while Tate playes with Kasen.

27 Reason's why I LOVE TATE....
1) He is so patient. With me and Kasen
2) He is always playing with Kasen and finding time to just be with him, even though it's exhausting
3) He loves to eat my food that I cook for him! It doesn't matter what it is, or if it actually tastes horrible, he will eat it. And that makes me feel good:)
4) Just looking at him and having him smile at me reminds me why I fell in love with him 5 years ago!
5) He is very caring towards other people.
6) He takes the time to listen and talk with anyone who wants to talk with him, and takes interest in their lives
7) He is HOT:)
8) He is the Hardest worker that I know!
9) He is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that our family is provided for.
10) He is passionate about hunting and I think that it's cute! (most of the time)
11) He is athletic!
12) Whenever I need something, he will always be there to get it for me!
13) He respects and honors his parents!
14) He loves all his family....and he is definately the favorite one in both our families I think! He just has this way of caring for people!
15) He drives a Nice car:)
16) He is tall
17) He makes a mean hot chocolate and toast~
18) Whenever my feet are cold he warms them up, even if they are really cold.....If they are really cold, he will get his "toe warmers" and put them in my socks for me:)
19) He is MY BEST friend
20) He allows me to be me and accepts me for who I matter what mood I am in that day!
21) He served an honorable full time mission and the people in CA really love him!
22) He Loves the Gospel
23) He has a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel
24) He took me to the Temple to be married for Time and All ETERNITY!!!!!
25) He honors his priesthood
26) He is able to give me and Kasen blessing whenever we are in the need for them.
27) His smile, laugh, eyes, the way that he treats me and Kasen with all the love in the world!
You are amazing Tate! I hope that you know how much I love you and appreciate all that you do for me and Kasen! I am glad that I finally smartened up and realized how great you were and married you:) Happy Birthday BABE!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seeing old friends

Last night was a night that we had been patiently waiting for so we could see our friends Chandler and Lieren and Chan's family! Tate played ball with Chan at CEU and we have been friends ever since! His family have been so supportive of us and even went and watched a few of Tate's games while at SUU! So we love the Pearsons. He plays for Chaminade which is in Hawaii and was in St. George so we were so excited to be able to go and watch the game! He did AWESOME! After the game, Lieren and her family made a yummy dinner and we were able to go and chat and spend a little extra time with them! It's always so fun to be able to see your friends that you haven't seen in forever!
WE were able to attend the Temple before the game and it was a much needed time to be able to reflect and enjoy the spirit with Tate. We haven't been able to make it to the temple in a while with each other and so it was so nice to renew our Faith and Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
I love our new ward and the people in it. I love that I already have friends in the ward that I can sit by and chat with, and I am excited to make new friends. There are few people that went to CEU that are in the ward so that is interesting and fun at the same time... I say interesting because today we were in Sacrament and Tate leaned over and whipsers, "remember when You were being dumb and I was dating other girls trying ot make you jealous?" I replied, "YES" and he said "well one of the girls is sitting right over there." Ha hahahahahahaa.....I looked over and couldnt'really see who it was. I remember very well the incident that he referred to when I went to his dorm room to talk with our friend Eric about some church calling that we had, I think we were the ward missionaries or somethign and I made up some excuse to go down to Tate's suite to see if he was there. But I remember seeing him in his room sitting on his bed right beside this girl when I walked in and when I walked out!!! I think I even remember what the girl was wearing and I definately remember how her hair was done becuase it was very curly and poofy!!! So that was a funny thing that happened in our ward today!! Good times!!
After the game, when we were getting ready to leave, I made sure we had a picture of all of us! I am glad I am not standing by Lieren.....she is Gorgeous!!!!

Kaylene has little puppies, and her son brought this one to the game! They are so dang cute!

Me and Meagan! It was so fun seeing her and catching up with what she is up to!

Kaylene, Meag, and Me....during half time:) (Kaylene...I needed to be farther away from the camera more than you me:)

Friday, January 8, 2010

School has now officially started and I have been super busy already. I am taking a very full 18 credits this semester with the intention of Graduating this May with my PE Coaching degree. I am really liking my classes so far, mostly because I haven't had to go to my #1 hard class that is in the mornings but starting Monday I will be going to that one, so we will see how we are doing after that. I am excited to be graduating. Tate is able to stay at home and work and be with Kasen so that makes things for us a whole lot better! Kasen is growing too fast and is learning his numbers and geting pretty good at them. Tate works with him everyday and I am amazed at what an incredible father and friend Tate is to Kasen. I sure am lucky.
So, in the meantime of me not posting and blogging anything fun, you all will know becuase I have to go to school now and not just hang out with Kasen all day long:)
I am excited to be busy and doing something productive! It's already been a change:) Although I do think that motherhood is busy and productive! Life is good here in Cedar City! We are loving it!