Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't ya just love it.....

When your husband calls you at 11:30 at night and you ask what is going and and his reply is, "Oh just going to the hospital." Seriously...what is wrong with him sometimes!! So he was caping out his elk tonight for work and the knife I guess wasn't cutting good enough so he was using quite a bit of force and sliced his left palm long and deep. But at least he isn't hurt any worse. It's funny when you are going to the hospital and the only thing that you are worried about is how much this is going to cost us. Tate said that he already decided that if it's alot then him and Jerry would just take care of it. Ha ha..I love my hubby...he is totally rubbing off on me because I think that I would do the same thing! We are becoming big ol' cheap oh's! Just thought that I would share that before heading off to bed! I am excited to be going to see Tate tomorrow but not so excited to leave Orderville. I really would just stay here, but I guess Tate misses me:) I don't want to go back to the freezing cold! Maybe I won't have to be there for too much longer...we will see:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today I went to Cedar City to do some apartment stuff, and school stuff and go and watch a little bit of the basketball practices. I was able to see my sweet favorite ANNE! SHOUT OUT ANNE! And also talk with Coach Janes! I am a little humbled/sad/reflective and honored today because I was able to see a little bit of Coach Hodson. He isn't doing well at all with his cancer and had no idea whatsoever how bad it really is. I just can't help but be overwhelmed at what a strong man he is....He is not going to let this thing beat him. I have never seen anyone with cancer who has just gone through treatments before today and can't believe how much it does to a person. I am honored because I got to play basketball for Coach Hodsen. He taught me so much. He made me strong, and pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed, physically and mentally. He gave me a CHANCE and for that I will be forever grateful..I know alot of people that never get a chance to do what they love to do. He supported me in playing while I was pregnant and watched over me! He is so strong and today I am at a loss for words at this wonderful, strong person who is going through so much. So thank you to men like Steve Hodson who put life in perspective and make you a better stronger person!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have been in Orderville for about a week now, and am having a great time. I love watching Kasen play with all of his older cousins...he learns so much. All of it isn't that great but it's still fun. He has learned how to go down the stairs now, so he just loves to climb up and down. He is so funny, he will find the biggest rocks and put them places and hide them and find them later. Then drop them and say, "Uh oh" then pick it up and drop it again and say "Uh Oh". He is growing so fast and getting cuter and cuter! I love being home and being able to play pinochle and golf and stay up late, way past my bed time and hang out with my Sisters and my Mom and Dad! I don't know when I will go back to Idaho, probably in a couple of days. It's just easier to be here with people then to be up in the freezing cold with nobody!! I had fun tonight. A bunch of us girls got together and played a little volleyball. There were 11 people there so it was a good turnout....even though it's funner to play with just 4 on 4! We may go hunting next weekend and I will try my hardest to get a big buck...but who knows! My life isn't that fun or exciting but I felt like I needed to post something new and different...sorry no pictures. Tate has my camera so I am msising out on all the cute cousin pics! That is all for now!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Pics

Kasen and his new Camo. His Dad was so proud of his little boy! I thought he was pretty cute. He totally blends in with the door!
Playing by the bridge down on the bottom of our street. Like usual! He loves it!
Kasen and his dad taking a nap during hunting, while mom read her book. My cute little boys...I love them so much!

The Bite

Every mon. wed, and friday I drivve down to town and go to an excercise class that people go to. ANyway, we can take our kids and everything so it's really nice. So on Wednesday Kasen was playing really nice all by himself with the toys that i got him from the nursery and then I looked back and this other little boy was kinda starting to play with him, so Iwasn't worried. I looked back again and this same little boy was choking Kasen, he was crying a little bit, but the moment i looked back there and he realized that I was looking he stopped doing it. Anyway, I was getting a bit more nervous, hoping that he would be okay. I just kept on working out, and then I happened to look back there and I couldn't see Kasen or the other little boy. Then I heard the scream. The boys mom was right behind me working out and we both darted over there to see what had happened. This little boy was laying on top of Kasen and when his mom got him off of him, Kasens face was all bloody. I was pretty scared. Then all the sudden, the mom said. "oh my gosh, he just bit him" So Kasen is freaking out and so am I. I go and try to get the blood off his face. THe little boy had bitten Kasens chin and scratched his cheek. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, it is healing up nicely and DeAnna said that he probably wouldn't get any diseases or anything like that so that is good! That is my new Mom news! That is definately a first timer for me. My son getting bit! Whew!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The bottom of the street where we live! He automatically goes for the puddles lately! It's so cold, but he loves splashing. And eating the mud! We have had to have at least 2 baths a day lately! Silly boy!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, I am pretty excited to report that I am in Utah with my husband. I am just so excited becuase that hardly ever happens, well lately anyway! We were able to come to Talmage this weekend. it worked out perfectly because tomorrow is the opening day of the Elk hunt where Tate is from and it's a big campout and hunt so Tate was very excited to be able to come home. I was just glad to be with him! We were able to get here on Thursday evening and spend time with his parents! Today just happened to be Altamonts homecoming week and we went to the store and couldn't get home because they blocked off the road leading home because of the parade. It was fun. We were able to stay and get lots (too much) candy from all the cute floats. I also found out some really exciting news. They just happened to be playing Kanab! yeah, I was pretty excited because my cousin plays for Kanab and I haven't been able to watch him. So I was able to see Koltan, Aunt Harriett and Uncle Dilworth and spend a little bit of time with them. What else was great was there volleyball team was playing Rich, I didn't think much of it until I was walking across the field and saw this girl that looked really familiar. Lo and behold, it was my friend Kristal Weston who I played high school basketball against and whose family I stayed with for like 3 summers while doing basketball camps. it was fun talking with her and also getting to see her dad~ Anyway, so it was a fun little time while at the Altamont football game. We left at half time so Tate could get up to the mountain and get all the hunting stuff ready. I didn't really feel like camping out in the rain and snow, so I drove back to the warm house where there is the internet! yeah, anyway, it's been a fun great weekend so far. I will post some pictures later when I have my camera! It feels good to be back:)