Monday, November 14, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Kasen had his first day of official preschool today.  He was excited and so were we.  Tate was home so that was great he was able to take him and fill out all the paperwork with all the other Mom's and I stayed in the car with the other children.  He looks so handsome and grown up in his new school shirt with his backpack  on.  He cried the whole time I was spiking his hair, but wanted it spikey.  The other night, we were talking to him about preschool and he got really sad and told us, "but I might be sad if you don't stay with me, what if I don't know what to do?"  He was really worried that he wouldn't know what to do without us there.  He is starting to worry more about making mistakes and not being able to fix them.  He loves to ask questions about everything and everyone and is intrigued about learning.

 Seriously, I am not sure if there will ever be a picture where he is not being silly and trying to pull some sort of face.  We love him anyway, and because of his sillyness:) 

First We....

Make a mess.....
Then we Clean it up!!!
  She is all "into" feeding herself, so we strip down and let her go.  She ends up hardly eating anything but she is getting better and having a fun time doing it:)
She didn't really like the bubbles and kept trying to get them off of her:) 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Come What May

I am studying for my young women lesson and came upon this Mormon message.  I just thought that it was so good and something I need in my everyday life as a reminder!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween

When I was in 3rd grade I cheated in spelling.  I will never forget it.  I could never remember if Halloween had 2 l's or just 1, so I wrote it on my desk in a very good hiding spot.  The next day, I got in trouble, Imagine that, the teacher seeing the word written on the desk.  I don't quite remember the punishment, must not have been to horrible, but I will never forget the way I felt and how guilty I felt about it.  I never forget how to spell the word Halloween anymore. 
 Here are my cutie pa tuties.  Kasen wasn't too thrilled about getting his picture taken seeing how he was so ready to get trick-or-treating and Daisha won't sit still for a second, so I am excited to have a few pictures of the kids on Halloween. 
 Kasen trunk or treating in the parking lot.  I am not sure if I love trunk or treating.  I think from now on, we will do it the old fashioned way, it was utter chaos, it lasted for like 10 minutes and we had gone around, kids were everywhere, and I hardly heard any trick or treats.  Kasen and I went to a few houses in the neighbor hood afterwards and I liked that much better. We went to our old Stake Presidents house and he served Ice Cream cones and while we were leaving his grandson was dressed in a gorilla costume and was ready to scare Kasen, although he didn't get scared at all.  He kept tellling me he wasn't afraid of nothin'. 
 The next house we went to was our friends and they had a dog, they answered the door and he sure was afraid of that dog coming to the  door.  The spookiest part of his Halloween.  We then went to neighbor Wilford and Margaret.  He gave Kasen a big nice handful of the good chocolate candy:) 
 Visiting with Margaret.  We haven't seen her for a while and I really miss visiting with her.  She is wonderful. Probably one of my favorite ladies. 
Dumping out the candy.  We have plenty of candy around and luckily we had a few more trick or treaters than I thought and got to give some of theirs away.  I think that was Kasen's favorite part, answering the door and handing out handfuls of candy to each trick or treater.  He was very generous:) 
Just cause she is cute:)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autumn Leaves

While Mom was still here we went to Idaho Falls where her Aunt Immogene lives with mom's cousin to visit.  They had a fun little park with lots of fun leaves right by there house, so we ventured out in the cold for a little bit while the ladies visited.  It really was a bitter cold day so we didnt' stay out too long which always makes me a little annoyed, cause the sun was shining.  Daisha wasn't too thrilled about being plopped down in the leaves to have her picture taken. 
 I love the Fall time of year.  And my little munchkins!
 Kasen making a very nice leaf angel. 
This little pill kept running away from me while I was trying to take her picture on the playground.  She very rarely holds still these days! 

Ahhh...Work Out

Kasen loves "working out" on the treadmill.  After I go for my run, he is usually right up there too.  Notice the little blue and green "cd" player.  It plays some rockin' whinnie the pooh music.  He really likes the cardio intervals :)
 Needing to change his song.  He likes to mix things up a bit!
 Daisha just hanging out with us being a cutie!