Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Time

So it's been a wh ile since I posted, and I just wrote this big long thing of what we have been up to and then the power went off, then I erased this is going to be a shorter version of the other one that you will never read :) We have been able to do some more fun things here. We had a fun birthday for parker and went to the fun house or whatever it's called. There were games there and go carts and laser tag and that stuff so it was pretty fun. Kasen watned to ride the go carts but then when we got in them he started throwing a fit and wanting a different one, so we just got was okay though becuase after all that waitingi n line it started to rain so they didn't let anyone ride them. Kenna and I did dance dance and that was fun. We had the opportunity to drive to Dallas to visit Tate's cousin Junior and his wife Katie. THey have a son that is about 7 months older than Kasen so it was fun for them to play. We pumped up the air mattress and they started jumping on it together then Jaxon would tackle Kasen it was pretty funny. I have pictures but Kasen has managed to JAM a nickel in our SD slot so i haven't been able to upload any of our pictures on our computer. These ones are from Casey's camera.

Doing Dance Dance....Fun times

Yummy Rudy's BBQ. We were told that we had to go to this place, it was the best in Austin, and I agreed that it was pretty good.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great Week

My birthday was so much fun and I want to tell everyone Thank You for all your birthday wishes! I can't believe how incredibly lucky I am to have so many family and friends who love me:) You all (Ya'll)(I can't quite get myself to say it...although I have been told once or twice that is the proper form of just sounds way too funny coming out of my mouth) are the BEST and I love you very much:)
My birthday started out very interesting, with Kasen and Tate both throwing up. Which actually worked out great because Tate was able to stay home from work and that is so nice having him here. So we just hung out, the boys slowing but surly getting over their sickness...luckily it was a 24 hour thing and they were feeling better fast. So I got to go lay at the pool all by myself and read my book and just was so nice! Later we were all feeling much better and went out to eat and then decided to go and see if we could catch the bats coming out of congress bridge. Apparently there are like millions of bats that live under there and every night fly out at once. it's suppose to be pretty cool. We missed the bats, but we did walk down by the river and watch the swimming turtles, and that was fun, Kasen really enjoyed it. It was a fun night and a fun day. Wednesday we went to watch the company softball game and they won...good job. Then Thursday, the girls went shopping. Shopping is what I got for my birthday. I was pretty excited. There are these outlet malls that you probaly couldn't shop through in 2 days. I was pretty excited about them at first, but then I just too tired and wanted to leave. I had tons of fun though. I got a babysitter, Casey and Kenna came along with Amber (cousins wife) and Mandy (Austin friend) and we had alot of fun.
Last night we had a cafe rio night at Amber and Andrews and it was so so so yummy. I made the pork and everyone else pictched in and did other little things. IT was a big fun party. Kasen played and played with the other kids and all their toys and really really enjoyed himself. We played catch phrase (the girls totally rocked) and then scategories. I have always loved scatagories. It's fun:)
Anyway, so this week has been a blast and summer here is flying by too quickly. We are having so much fun and enjoying it here. Sorry no pictures I am waiting to steal a few of them from other people:)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sat night and the moon is Bright

So saturday we went over to Jerry and Casey's house for the UFC fight night extravaganzzaaaa! We stopped by Cabelas first to look at the fish and all the rest of the billion animals. It is quickly one of Kasen favorite places to be and Sunday night in his prayers thanked Heavenly Father for Cabelas. Tate is training him very well! It was a fun night with friends and family even though I am not quite sure how to feel about the acutal watching of the fights. I tend to stare at the t.v. in disbelief that I am still sitting there watching them beat the crap out of each other, I don't quite understand the part at the end where they are both bleeding everywhere and still hug each other and tell them good job when one of them has totally won and the other is the loser. I don't know, mabye I am just a Bad sport. I never quite liked that part of basketball either.....winning side or losing side. But the food was delicious and the company great. McKenna and i had a blast taking picture after picture of us and thinking we were awesome. I taught what I knew of girls camp songs.....they consisted of "Drinking Cidar through a straw", "Mormon Boy", and "Ray, the guy who pours my sprite". So I need to do bit more research on girls camp songs to teach her. She unfortunately missing out this year, and I am so sad. WAY sadder than she is I am pretty sure! Sunday we came home, went to our ward and had a nice relaxing day of napping and hanging out with my boys! I can't get enough of that...I love it. Tate had to run and get milk last night....(I know I shouldn't even confess that on my blog) but when he got back, he handed me the prettiest long stem red rose that I ever did see. It was so so sweet of him. Man, Brenda you sure did a good job raising that boy:)
So, all in all, things are just as fun as ever. Texas is just as hot and fun as ever and I am getting a pretty good tan. That I am excited about. Tate is still liking his job for the most part and is doing great. He has gotten a few new projects so that is good, it means that the boss man doesn't totally hate him:) I am excited to go shopping at the Amazing SAN MARCOS outlets here in a few days for my grand ol' Bday. I couldn't think of much else that I wanted besides clothes, but I am really excited actually because I look at all these girls with their closests full of clothes and I have like 5 shirts. So I decided to take action. I am excited! Not sure how I feel about being 24....just the same as being 23 I suppose!!! My mother in law just texted and let me know that my sister in law Regina is in the hospital. She is having a little girl. I hope that she comes in about 7 hours so that she can be born on my birthday. What a lucky little girl!

Us being silly....Well, mostly Tate and Jerry. They are silly boys.
Kenna, Parker and Jer. They are sad for some reason.
Me and my man. He is pulling the Chandler off of Friends look when he tries to smile..

Most of the girls just hanging out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Picture Post~OVERLOAD

Sorry this is a bit of a PIcture OVERLOAD...but I wanted to put them on mostly for LYDIA and all the other Cutler who miss me very much!!! Enjoy!
Kasen finally got the courage to ride the turtle. He loved it! It was a big hit!

Kenna and Casey fighting over the basketball hoop and ball.
Casey has got some pretty good form. I guess she fits in okay with the Glovers! We'll keep 'er!
We're still working on Kenna!
Playing a little pool basketball. It was alot of fun in the sun!
Sweet McKenna finally got the turtle to herself for one second, enough time for me to snap this picture then Parker or Jerry coming over to steal it again! Poor girl!
The Clan swimming...minus Tate!
A yummy Dinner after we worked so hard swimming and swimming!
Eat Eat Eat is all we do!

The wonderful Chef himself!

MY PLATE....Doesn't it look yummy!?
The Harry Potter Party. Kasen wanted so bad to join us. I told him only if he laid their really quiet and didn't wiggle. He was good for a while then started wiggling, so I started to take him to his bed, he started saying...."good boy mom, good boy. Not whine!" So we let him stay and he fell asleep like the rest of us. IT was fun!
Me and Casey saving our place at the fireworks show.

ONe of my favorite pictures. Doesn't a picture just say it all. I love McKenna's face in this picture looking at's classic. it's the look that he gets quite often!! Ha ha..they remind me of when it was me and David and Jerry.....

The kids at the park!

Glover Lovers!
Other Lovers!
Kasen and Tate watching the fireworks. It was so much fun watching Kasen's face light up when the big ones would go off!
Us at the Glover residence. It's not cooling down much if you can't tell by the glissening of our faces!
Chloe and Kasen. Best Buddies for life! She just wrapped her arm around him and kept telling him..look Kasen at the fireworks...Look look
Kasen's first sparkler! He loved them!
Making sure he doesn't light himself on fire. He was close a few times!

4th of July Weekend

So, we had a great fun filled weekend with the Jerry Glover family down here in good ol' Texas! Tate and Jerry had Friday off so that was alot of fun. WE drove down to Buda and had some yummy wal-mart pizza for lunch, then just hung around the house for a while. We then decided to get our little fannies in gear and go swimming. It was pretty spur of the moment, we didn't have any really set plans....that's the way I like it! So I ordered this big turtle and the basketball hoop thing a few days ago and they came just in time to enjoy them during the weekend. We had a fun time swimming and later that evening we were treated to yummy Fiesta Lime Chicken...Jerry Glover style.....I know Glover family that you will be sad because you missed out, and know how yummy it tastes! We watched movies and ate Ice Cream. Oh, I forgot to mention the other party that the kids and I had during the weekend. Seeing how the 6th Harry Potter movie is coming out so soon, we decided that we needed to freshen up on all the other ones so that when we went and watched the 6th movie we were all caught up. We only watched 3, 4 and 5 because that's all the video store had, but it was still so much fun. Friday night we stayed up till about 1:30 ish. I fell asleep during the 4th movie. Parker was going strong though, but seeing how everyone else had gone to bed or fallen asleep, he just turned the movie off and went to bed also! We finished them all this weekend though and are ready for July 15th when the 6th one comes out:) We are very excited. Well, me and Parker I think are the most excited!

Saturday we woke up and just played around the house. Casey and I went running and did a work out video:) That was fun! And just got ready for the day! All the festivities that we were wanting to go to didn't start until 5:00 that evening so we just played till then. WE had a nice little bbq of hamburgers and hot dogs and then went over to the Buda park where we watched the fireworks. The kids played on the playground and threw poppers on the ground. There really wasn't much there to do or play. The one things that was there was free cotton candy. We waited in a very long line and finally got some then the fireworks started. It was alot of fun sitting there in the 100 degree heat watching them go up in the air. Kasen absolutely loved them and kept making "ooh, aww" noises like everyone else. I was very impressed with the show and had a good time. We then went back to the Jerry Glover household and lit some of our own fireworks and sparklers off. After, of course, the neighbor lady yelled at Jerry and told him that he should/couldn't do that....then Jerry politely (surprising) told the lady that he asked the fire marshall if it was okay that they did these and he was told that it was very legal. The lady walked into her house and called someone and then came out and said, "Jerry, I called and you were right." ha after that we througoughly enjoyed ourselves!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day~ We bought ribs to have a AWESOME sunday dinner and Jerry made them. They were so so so so Yummy! I dont want to ever buy ribs at a restaurant again, these were so much better than any I have ever had! So, after dinner the Harry Potter Party continued and we finished the 5th movie! All in all, we had a fun weekend. We stayed another night at their house and came back Monday night to our apartment. I feel like we just come here to do laundry and then we pack up our stuff once again and go back to their house. It's alot of fun though and I am so glad to be able to hang out with them. So, this is a very long post and there are alot of pictures to come in the next post.

Friday, July 3, 2009

These are just pictures of Kasen. Nothing too exciting but I just love posting about him because he is pretty much my life:) And I like to use this as a record for me as well! We went to the splash park here a few days ago and this time we went prepared with a cup. Apparently it's a lot more fun if you have a cup to fill up with water then dump it out on people. The funniest part was Kasen got close to this boy and kinda poured it out on him.. well the little boy got really really upset with him and was pointing his finger at Kasen and telling him Not to do that ever again and that he was in big trouble. Anyway, he really jsut scolded Kasen. So kasen just stares at this little boy. Then goes on filling up his cup with water. Well, when his cup was full of water he inches a little closer to the little boy and continues to pour his water just far enough away from him not to touch him ,but just enough to bug him to death. Kasen just gets this little smirk on his face ( if you know Tate, you must know that it's the same one that Tate gets, Kasen is just like him......just likes to pester people for fun:) Then Kasen finds himself a little friend to follow all around the park. It's about a 5 or 6 year old little girl, and he just runs around and follows everything she does for about 5 or so minutes. He would get so close to her, standing right in front of her and just smile and laugh. Then would run around and try to mimick everything she did. Eventually she ditched him, but he kept up with her for a while! He is just so silly.
Just a cute pic of Kasen one night being as hyper as usual.
So Darrin and Emily (the friends apartments that we are staying in this summer) Have a bunch of shoes in these little cupboard type things, and Kasen loves to get them out and organize them with their mates on top. He gets quite proud of himself when he is finished!
After he eats chocolate Pudding! He loves it!
FIlling up his cup. Finally learned how to by himself!
Kasen wanted to try out the slides and such. He was a pretty good climber up until the curvy point. He is fun to watch!
Kasen wanting Tate's help because the water was too strong for him to fill it up. He learned quickly though how to hold on strong
Tate helping him fill up his cup
The splash park is really fun!
Getting ready for a water fight!
My cute boy Cheesing it:) I love him!!