Friday, January 28, 2011


We learned all about the letter O this week in Preschool. We also are learning to read books with the word can and see. I am definately learning how to be patient with my 3 year old who does not know how to sit still for the life of him and trying to make things exciting and interesting. He is working on being more focused and I am working on lots ot things:) We love that Linda will let us be involved in her program.

I just took this of here this morning...just cause I think she is cute!

Here is Kasen's Ocean Diarama. We had a fun time painting the outside of the box and putting glitter on it. We loved putting and learning more about the ocean animals.

Kasen has a friend, Kazia, that comes to preschool with him. We love that she comes, and it's fun having my friend Kenna there to hang out with too:) We read the Rainbow fish book and learned all about sharing. Here they are putting colored fishy crackers in their seperate containers and then sharing with each other.
Yummy...getting to eat the fishy crackers

Talk about Humbling

Last night Tate had an interview in Idaho Falls. We drove him there, then I took Kasen to McDonalds. WE had a great time. We picked up Tate and I started drving home. From the second I picked him up, to about 4 minutes later he made 3 comments about my driving. Talk about annoyed!! So, while I was driving we were talking about it, maybe a little bit loudly, and I pulled over got out of the car and switched places with Tate so he could drive...silly I know! Anyway, when I got back into the car, Kasen asked, Why did we switch? I just said Dad wanted to drive and Tate said, Mom needed to prove a point.
Kasen, "Were you guys fighting?"
Me, "No, we werent' fighting, just talking about me driving the car."
Kasen, "But were you fighting Mom?"
Me, "No we weren't hun."
Kasen, "Mom, look at me."
Me, "Sweetie it's ok, we weren't fighting."
Kasen, "Mom, don't lie to me, were you fighting."
Me as I start crying looking at my 3 year old put me in my place. "I am sorry sweetheart, I wasn't talking nice to dad."
Kasen, "Mom, but you and Dad need to always talk nice to each other"
As I sat there looking at my little boy wondering how he knows so much, I just started crying. He is so amazing. He knows so much and I don't give him credit for alot. He is aware of us, and how we act, and right now I am grateful for him to make me humble and admit that I don't need to act annoyed and angry with Tate. I am one lucky little momma!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So, check it OUT....I think that I am updated! I have been on quite the roll tonight and am very proud of myself.
Tonight was the night that I let Daisha cry it out. She cried from 8:55 to 9:21. It's 10:40 right now so we will see what the night has in store for us....but it was time. I read that baby whisperer book and apparently I dont' have what it takes to whisper to my baby because that doesn't seem to help. Call me heartless, but I think that crying it out is the only way to do it. She has been sooooo needing the nipple that I just couldn't really do it anymore......especially for her sake, she doesn't get the good rest and sleep that the little lady needs. I hope hope that she gets better. We will see:)
In other news...we went to visit the Philo T. Farnsworth museum yesterday. It was fun. tate is a distant relative of the famous man who invented the T.V. and it's in rigby. So we ventured out and saw all the cool things about him. The museum is run by a bunch of old ladies who volunteer and they like a donation of $2 to see the museum. It's mostly about Jefferson county, which I don't know much about, but it was interesting to see the things that they had in there. The whole time I kept thinking of my mom and how much she loves things like this...History and all. they had some really cool displays of old oil lamps that were used back before Christ and after. I liked those the best!

If you missed my later posts, you will notice Kasen's face. Classic...seriously, he was smiling about 1 second before I snapped the picture.

Ya...maybe I should have showered that day, but here is the display of the t.v inventor himself. apparently he also helped with inventing the incubater to help premature babies. Cool beans!


Tate and Daisha were sitting on the tote and fell right in. Cutie Pies! On another note....Have I ever mentioned how amazing Tate is? He seriously, is the most amazing Dad in the world. He plays and plays with Kasen all day long. He changes diapers, and loves our little girl. He is so willing to let me have my me time. He stays with the kids and gets up with Kasen in the morning and lets me sleep in a little bit longer:) He just is the Best. I am the luckiest girl in all the land:)
OH MY...she is so Beautiful!
We have started preschool. Hometots with Linda. She is an amazing teacher and is so patient and willing to help me anytime. I am learning to be patient with my 3 year old. We are learning how to sit still and try and stay focused on a task. It's been interesting but we are getting there. He is learning quite a lot already and we have only been going for 2 weeks. This week we are learning the letter o. We have a friend Kazia that comes and it's a little better with someone else to help to the projects with. I am amazed at his learning abilities and how quickly he gets things, especially when he is paying attention.

Oh Kids

My dear sweet friend Jael sent this outfit to Daisha. She looks cute it in and I was so glad because she doesn't have many 3-6 month clothes! Thanks J!

Funny Story....So we went to visit some friends and drop off some cookies. We stayed for a minute to visit and Kasen loves playing at their as I was talking and he was playing he comes upstairs and says...oops mom I peed in my underwear. Okay, wouldn't really be that big of a deal if it was an accident but he had been "accidently" peeing in his underwear for 3 days straight and just wouldn't go to the bathroom when he needed I tell him that we need to go home and get cleaned up. HE then proceeds to throw a MAJOR Major fit and is definately screaming that he wants to stay and play. I apologize to my friend and then drag him out to the car. He is still crying and screaming and trying to tell me that he still wants to play at Lisa's house. I tell him that he can't stay and play when he pee's in his underwear, and that he needs to know that if he wants to be able to do fun things that he needs to remember to go to the bathroom cause if he pees then he has to go home. He cries, yells at me some more, and at that point I don't quite yell back but almost, that he never yells at me and talks to me that way and becuase he did, he needs to go to his room and stay there for a while:) Anyway, so we are home, I take him upstairs to his room. I close his door and he is still screaming at the TOP of his lungs...LIke crazy. He puts himself inside of his closet in the corner and is crying that he doesn't want to be in time out...I never told him thathe had to be in the closet corner but apparently that is where timeout is. So, after the buzzer goes off I go upstairs and see that he has peed quite a bit more and it's all down his legs and pants. I start feeling a little bad, becuase he was in time out and apparently needed to go to the bathroom some more. I tell him that it's okay for him to go to the bathroom even when he is in timeout. We clean him up, he then begins to YELL some more so we repeat the process, I shut the door to his room and a few minutes later, I go upstairs to find him Zonked out. He was a pretty miserable tired boy I guess. I should have known, he hardly EVER throws fits like that unless he is beyond the point of no return as Icall it tired! So he napped for a little while and then was once again sad that he wasn't playing at Lisa's house, but didn't throw the fits like before! Phewph!


Just want to post some pics I took of Daisha.....I Will definately want to look back at these and see how she changes:)


Sucking her thumb...she really doesn't do it too often. She loves her hands though and loves to chew on them. She hates the pacifier and doesn't like it when we try and force the thumb in her mouth, only on her terms.

Colorado fun

We went and visited the Thomason family over New Years and had a blast as usual. We were able to go to Joslyn's baptism and see that take place, which was very very special. Here we are at Bev and Scott's new home that they bought and are in the process of moving into. I am super bummed that I didn't get more pictures of the week that we were there. We went shopping lots, had fun times of hanging out playing games, and alot of people including Tate played that one poker game, oh texas holdem, on New years eve till forever:) Kasen did stay up until about 1 when we finally went to go to sleep. He probably would stay up that late every night if we would let him.
Going sledding down their big long driveway of a hill:) Kasen just walked up and down and then we left because it was freezing:)
Kirsten throwing quite a fit. She was pretty cold and didnt' like being outside. I have to admit, I have the most adorable nieces and nephews on the planet. Kirsten is definately one of my favorites, she is at such a cute stage and loves her aunt Jana ( I give her candy)

Ha ha..just classic!!!

Silly Face

I have a crazy hair girl and a very silly face little boy. I can honestly say that there is not 15 minutes that goes by that Kasen doesn't do something silly that has me laughing. He loves to be silly, make up new words and knock knock jokes that do NOT make any sense at all. Example....knock knock...who's there? (will look around the room to see if anything catches his eye) peaches. Peaches who? smooshy smashy....get it? ha ha ha ha...
Okay, so I guess you just have to be there and be his parent to really appreciate it:) He is beginning to realize he doesn't get all the attention and when it isn't him who is getting the attention, it's quite the ordeal. He whines when someone is not playing with him every may think that I am exaggerating, well I am only by a few seconds!! He is still the best big brother that Daisha could ask for, very loving and sweet. Whenever she is crying or sad, he will run right over and sing her I am a Child of God. I think it's very adorable.

My all time favorite silly face!!
Man being a mom to him sure is tough sometimes. He seems pretty demanding and attention starved most days, but I guess what 3 year old isn't? But whenever I think about him and all that he is and the kind of person and friend that he is for me, I just get all mooshy inside and overwhelmed at the love I have for him.

Crazy Hair

Daisha was born with tons of hair. She has since lost quite a bit of it and has started to get the line around the head of baldness. She still has a little long piece in the back, and a little on top, but is balding around the middle:) Its fun to see what we can do with her hair, even with all the hair she gets mistaken for a boy....I guess I should start putting more bows in her hair, but we think she is definately a little girl with all the right little girl features:)
Everytime we lay her on our couch her hair goes's a good time!

Just a cute picture after bath time!
After bath time, gotta love it!

Past Pictures

Our first big snow in Firth. We built...when I say we, I mean Tate and Kasen, built a has lasted for at least a month and a half. They did a great job! Of course, after they were finished we had to have yummy hot chocolate:)
Fixing the gloves...WE don't like being cold.
Christmas morning, playing with the new playdough cake making station. We had a fun time making some pretty awesome cakes.
Baby's first Christmas, Christmas morning 2010. Daisha is such a sweetie pie.
Merry Christmas little angel!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The big 28

Tate had his 28th birthday on the 15th. Boy he is getting old:) He requested a moose cake (his mom's special homemade chocolate cake) with homemade frosting!! Kasen got him a sweet gun, some bubbles, and little pill like things you stick in water and they grow into small dinosaurs. He was pretty excited about his gifts and has since let Kasen have all of them....well, the gun, seeing how we have already blown all the bubbles and the other things weren't much of a success:) Kasen and I had a fun time making his birthday cake. His parents were able to come and visit that day and stayed till monday, so it was lots of fun having them here. We went to dinner to Texas roadhouse which is always a success, and then came home and sang happy birthday and had a piece of cake:) So much fun, and so exciting!!! It's fun to be able to do those type of things, mostly because Kasen gets such a kick out of it, decorating, the balloons, the hats the whole shabang:) So here's to you Birthday Boy:)

My sweet little darlin' and her birthday hat, with her grandpa.

Blowin' out the candles. All 25 of them, we were short 3 darn it:)
Singing Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Ahhh...Drats....I don't want to rotate to make it just turn your head...the cake:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Time

We have had a fun time playing in the snow. While we were in Talmage, it snowed like Crazy!!! The last night that we were there, Kasen and I headed out to play in it one last time. Where people had shoveled the snow, there was a big pile, so we started digging through that to make a tunnel. Kasen was sure that he was a little ground hog. I was the mommy groundhog and he the baby:) Once I had dug all the way through to actually see the other side, he climbed up on top and started digging a hole on the top. He kept saying that he had to have a hole in the top or else he would be able to get out of his home. That is how groundhogs get out and see, is through the top of the tunnel. Well, of course mom!! I kept telling him not to becuase it was going to cave in adn I didn't really want to be in the middle of the tunnel with him on the top and it cave in. anyway, we had a fun time pretending to be groundhogs. Till it got too cold and so we had to go back inside for Hot Chocolate. Now, he pretty much just gets all dressed, goes outside for about 4 minutes then runs back in claiming he is Freezing and needs hot chocolate. Good way to get the yummy hot cocoa, but it sure does take forever getting him into his snow clothes.
He loves to EAT the snow. from the looks of the background it doesnt' look to clean, but some of it was, and we really enjoyed it:)

Christmas parties

Here are few more pictures from our time in Talmage. We also were able to attend a family Christmas party which was a blast :) We had our own little "Roy and Brenda" Family party and then after that we had one where Santa came with the bigger Sorensen family party. It's always nice to be able to get together and see everyone, and especially for me, continue to learn everyone's names and where they belong in. I know...I should know by now, it's been 5 years but, I am almost there I think:)

All of the Sorensen Grandkids. A pretty cute bunch!
Daisha and Kasen with their Sorensen Grandparents. Kasen 3 Daisha 2 1/2 months
Kasen waiting to open his presents. Yea:)
Tate opening his present from Wendy...some nice camo gloves.
Kasen hitting the pinata. Grandma had made 2 pinatas with lots of little toys and candy in it for the was a big "hit"!!!
Opening present from Ruger. Cool trucks.
Another cool truck from Ruger.

And Santa Clause. This year was a bit more of success than last. He was excited to get to sit on Santa's lap. Although, he was funny. For the longest time, Kasen kept telling us that he was going to ask santa for a buzz lightyear, that is what he really wanted and would think would be super cool. Then right when we got to Talmage, he changed his mind to a yellow puppy named up. He didnt' want a real one, just a pretend one that talked. We had NO clue as to where he got that one. I think that the last time that he even saw the movie Up was during the summer. So, we spoiled him and he got to ask Santa for a Yellow puppy that talked. We kept talkign to him about how COOL it would be to have a Buzzlightyear instead and he wasn't sure if it was that cool anymore.....needless to say, Santa was very giving this year and got him both a Buzz Lightyear and a Yellow puppy named UP, which really, since the dog actually talks and for those of you who have seen the movie, his real name is Doug, but we call him UP anyway:)