Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve.  We had alot of fun at the Sorensen house.  This was our little "neighbor" gift that we took around to people.  We didn't make it to everyone that we wanted to, it got too late the night we were driving around and didn't make it out again, so sorry people we love that didn't get any.  It says Fe"Yeast" Navidad, we want to wish you a "Berry" Christmas.  Tate though it up, pretty clever I thought.
Here are the two cuties opening their Christmas jammies.  They opened them about 15 minutes after they woke up. 
 I love this picture of them.  Kasen kindly helped Daisha with her wrapping paper since she was having a hard time with it, and her face is so sweet smiling at her brother.  Watching what he is doing. 
 This little guy is Beary.  He decided that he wanted to wear some Christmas jammies too for a little while, he stayed nice and cozy while it lasted:) 
 We were talking a while ago about Christmas and I wanted to make sure that Kasen knew the reason we celebrated Christmas was because of the Savior.  We told him that it was his birthday and that was why we had Christmas and he said, "Jesus probably likes birthday cakes, what kind of cake does he want?"  So we decided to make it a tradition of making him a birthday cake and leaving some for Santa. 
 Our birthday cake.  Kasen did a good job decorating it with the rest of the rainbow frosting. 
 And just becuase she was a great helper in her high chair. 
 I came back from getting Kasen all cleaned up from the frosting mess he had all over himself and came in the kitchen to find 2 of the cutest frosting handprints.  I didn't really want to clean them up. 
  I tried really hard to get a Christmas Eve picture of the kids before bedtime by the tree.  It wasn't too successful of a photo shoot, but we got a few of them.  They wouldn't hold still but here they are folding their arms. 
 Kasen and a good smile.  He is always so perfect in pictures and never pulls a silly face, always polite and kind. 
 Daisha Dana
Right before we headed off to bed Daisha grabbed a present and took off.  She really wanted to open it, but we wouldn't let her, after chasing her a little bit it became a really fun game of steal the present and run away from Mom and Dad.  We eventually won, but she had a fun time trying. 
Kasen had a hard time going to sleep, and kept talking and talking and asking question after question.  Like if I knew something happened in the movie Kung Fu Panda that he thought was awesome.   Silly boy, it sure is fun having little kids old enough to be excited about the Christmas events. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Talmage Family TIme

 We went to visit Tate's family this past week and had a blast.  We were able to stay with Shanna and Kory on the way down and that is always a great fun time.  I got to go with her to her turbokick workout and it sure did kick my bootie.  Why is it that I can wake up at 4:45 and go with her, and it's the hardest thing in the world to wake up by 6:30 - 7 and go downstairs and run?  Not sure, if you figure it out, let me know. 
 Kasen had a blast.  He had sleepovers and played all day and night with his cousins.  It's so much fun to watch him play. 
 Case and Kasen watching a show eating popcorn.  They stayed up so late that night and woke up pretty early.  Case told us that Kasen kept kicking him and putting his legs on him. 

 Daisha playing with Grandma's toys.  She has some good toys for all the grandkids. 
 Love this face.
 This kids makes me laugh!  He tries so hard to make the silliest faces ever.  I have to beg and almost yell at him to try and get him to make a nice smile for the camera.  True personality right there.

 Here is our little Camel and "baby Jesus" for the nativity scene at Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen's party.  We found the blankie and wrapped it around Daisha and kasen loved being the Camel. 
 Most of the Grandkids. 
Kasen and Case.  Case DId NOT want to play any part besides being Case, He kept telling his mom he just wanted to play Case.  It was a cute try and I don't think anyone listent while Tate was reading the story of the Nativity.  I know I wasn't, which I probably shouldn't admit, but the kids were so darn cute and I needed to get alot of photos:) 
My favorite part of the week was that Brenda and I took a girls trip to Vernal, went shopping and out to lunch.  I still hadn't gotten her anything for Christmas, so I asked her if she would go and try some things on at Maurices, and let me get them for her.  It was so much fun.  Picking stuff out, and watching her show me the clothes she had tried on.  We found some really cute sweaters.  The next night we went to the movies.  Breaking Dawn.  I liked the movie, it was entertaining.  Lots of fun to be with my sister in law and mother in law. 
We had a fun party with the family.  The kids got some cute things from their cousins.  Tate gave his dad a fun gift of photos of all his hunting memories that I think he liked alot.  IT's fun to get things for people that they love.  I love that part of Christmas.  Love it:)  We made it back safely home and are so happy to be here, getting ready for Christmas with our little family.  The kids are excited for Santa to come.  i am trying my hardest to get Kasen to understand the real meaning of Christmas and not be such a spoiled brat.  I am afraid  I am raising a spoiled, spoiled little boy. 
 Daisha's first attempt at a pinata.  She didn't do so bad.  The thing kept moving and she couldn't quite keep up, but I think that she really liked it. 
 Kasen tried so hard to wack that as hard as he could.  His face was so funny, very intense and very serious. 
 Candy!  Hordes and Hordes of kid and candy.  Nothing better! 
 Daisha opening her first present.  Her baby doll is very cute and fun, and it's fun to watch her with it. 

Kasen LOVED his sword from Grandma and Grandpa.  They were a huge hit.  
Opening a fun stroller for her doll.  Cute girl things

6 Years

Over the time we were visiting Tate's parents and family we celebrated 6 wonderful years of marriage.  It was pretty low key, just like all of our anniversaries have been.  Apprently that's kind of who we are:)  We went to a wonderful dinner to Pizza Hut, FYI, don't eat at the Roosevelt Pizza Hut, it's horrible. Anyway, the company was great so I can't complain too much.  I have been pretty lucky.  I really like the man I married and think he is pretty great.  I have a problem with being too mushy gushy so I am trying to tone this post down.  I like to live in my little bubble of life and say that I have the best marriage and partner out there, and that nobody's as happy as I am.  I am glad that Heavenly Father planned it that way, he wants us all to be Happy.  I am very blessed and very happy.  Tate sure doesn't look too happy here, but don't let that fool you:)  He smiled in the other picture, but I have a wierd face, so i chose this one:)  ha ha typical

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving and Family

I have been putting off writing a post because I haven't yet uploaded my pictures, and I don'r really like to post without cute pictures to help with the story, but oh well.  We got to go to Orderville for Thanksgiving this year and that was alot of fun.  My sister DeAnna had put together our 2 annual Turkey Top Shot.  It was Awesome.  She had all sorts of targets and gun, we got a babysitter and all the couples went out to the range to get our guns on.  We had to shoot targets to see who was the captains to choose teams.  DeAnna, Me, Taylor and Tate were on a team.  We shot water balloons hanging from a string, and tiles, and exploding targets.  I got out before i got to shoot the exploding stuff and the clay pigeons, but it was fun to watch.  This year David was crowned the turkey top shot champion.  The next day we woke up early for the turkey trot.  And when I say we I mean the girls me, Tay, Bev and DeAnna.  I went 4 miles, Tay went 6 and Deanna and bev went 3, well lets face it, Bev woosed out before 3 but we all got our wonderful homemade heart medals.  We had a wonderful meal of turkey and potatoes and  I even made a DELICIOUS pan of sweet potatoes with a pecan crust.  It was so good.  Scott made the BIGGEST bowl of mashed potatoes that I have ever seen.  It fed 10 people for 3 days of leftovers, lots of potatoes.  Last year we ran out and he didn't want that to happen again.  The boys had their turkey tourney game at 3 so we ate and headed up to the gym.  You would think I married a super star the way my family acts about Tate and being able to play basketball in the turkey tourney.  My boy cousins ( who were on Tate's team) told me everytime I walked by Thanks for marrying him.  They had a great first game, and won.  Friday morning the girls got to play volleyball.  I love playing, even though we didn't win any  games, it is still fun to be able to get out and play.  The boys won their 2nd game and were in the cha mpionship.  It was a fun game because it was against George, our adopted brother and my little brother's best friend.  Saturday morning was full of more volleyball and eating leftovers and hanging out with cousins and playing in the warm sunshine.  The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL in Orderville.  Kasen and I hiked to the V and jumped on the tramp as much as possible.  The boys played that night in the Championship game agains the Hoyts.  And if you know anything about Valley basketball is that the Hoyts are some sort of prodigy and they are always in the turkey tourney championships.  So it was a fun game and we ended up taking home the trophy:)  It was so fun to watch and glad to say we finally won a championship:)  I still like basketball, and I especially love watching Tate play.  He certainly has been blessed with athletic ability, and I hope our kids get some of that.  We had fun nights of talking and laughing, spending time with family that we don't get to see very often.  We headed back home Sunday for me to get to practice on Monday.  What a fabulous weekend we had.  If only I could figure it out that  I got to go home for Thanksgiving every year:)