Thursday, August 26, 2010


We had a good time in Colorado with Bev and Family. It was so fun to sit and hold their new baby Alana. It was really good for me. It got me really excited to have a new born of my own. Honestly I haven't really thought about it much because it kinda makes me nervous, but holding her and watching her made me so excited to hold my own little girl. I didnt' get many pictures because Tate has our camera but Bev got a few that I can post. I wish I could have gotten more though. Kasen loved playing with his cousins. He rode their little tricycle all around the neighborhood with the kids and thought he was just as big as the other kids. He is getting big though and is turning 3 in 3 weeks. I can't believe it. It's crazy to think that I will have 2 kids here pretty soon, and I thought life with just 1 Kasen was crazy, I can't wait to see what it's like with 2. Although, Bev has 4 now and that seems just about enough for me!

My Dad playing the Wii. Ethan LOVES it and convinced him to play. Looks pretty intense to me Ethan on his first day of Kindergarten. I wanted to show off my big little nephew. He is such a little sweetheart and very tender hearted, but just a big tall boy compared to everyone else his age and a few years older than him:

My Beautiful MOM and sister.

Playing in the splash park with his cousin Ethan.

"Current Family Favorites" Tay and Ally.

And last but not 32 weeks prego!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So Proud

So I have been working on this cute little number for a few weeks now, with the amazing help of my new friend Deslyn. She is seriously the most awesome person, so willing to help me anytime and I called her quite a bit. But I think that it turned out so cute and even want to make anothe
one. I love the pink and orange for my baby girl!!! Who would have thought that I could so something like this? I sure didn't!

Trust me it's even way cuter in person!!

Another note, we (Taylor and I) are headed off to Colorado for the week. We are excited to see our new niece Alana and of course play with the kids and see Bev and Scott too:) The men folk start tomorrow for the guide season and have already left for the mountain. It's a mixture of emotions for me during this time. I know that I will see Tate, I know that I am not losing him forever, it's just getting a bit harder to be a mom of Kasen without Tate being around, I treasure the moments where Tate will play with kasen, plus He really just needs his Dad, but this is what we do to support our family and so I kind of feel even bad for saying much about it. Although Tate has been HILARIOUS the last few nights during his sleep, He keeps dreaming about all these crazy things happening while he is in charge of the elk, and he woke me up last night by shooting up in bed yelling HELP HELP.....the other night he was screaming ELK it's been interesting. He is so cute about his passion, I love it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rodeo Weekend

This weekend was alot of fun. It was the "Little Buckaroo Rodeo" Weekend and we Loved it. We were lucky enough to also have Tate's sister Shanna and family to join us for the weekend and we had alot of fun. Friday night we took them on the tour of Hitt street and the Mall before the rodeo:) We got home and had dinner then got ready for the rodeo. Kasen did the ribbon pull and his cousin Hannah did the goat rope. Friday night was suppose to be the low key not so busy night, but it was still pretty much packed in their little arena. Saturday morning we went to the parade and got a nice haul of candy and then took a nice drive up the mountain to the lodge to show Kory and Shanna where Tate will be living the next 3 months:) It was fun to show them around and have them see why Tate loves it so much. I unfortunately got car sick on the way up, I think it was a mixture of sitting in the back being bounced around, Kasen and Hannah arguring, and watching Spongebob Squarepants!! So I was wasn't much fun for a few hours but snapped right out of it as soon as I could! I have gotten car sick maybe 3 times including Saturday so it was a bit wierd! Anyway, we saw a few elk and that is always fun to see when you go up to the lodge! Came home and waited for the husbands to make us dinner, of yummy Cafe Rio, so Shanna and I just visited while we waited for them to get back from the store:) It is always fun to visit with Shanna and Kory we sure do love those guys! It was a fun filled weekend. Now it's nice to be home relaxing enjoying Sunday. WE also had to give talks today in church, which I am glad is over with. must have slipped my mind that Tate got his elk mounted and that he put it on our wall in our living room. Look how happy they are....It's hard to complain about something that makes those boys so giddy and happy.

Kasen had to run up to the goat and pull one of the ribbons off of it...then run to the clown where he was reward a tootsie roll. He didn't dare reach down and pull it off, so after Tate pulled it off, Kasen took off and ran really good to the clown.

When we were at Tate's house last weekend, we brought home his old belt that he use to wear when he was a tiny tot!!! It's the cutest little thing in the whole world. Kasen got a belt buckle for participating in the rodeo so he got to wear his new belt and his new belt buckle and was in 7th heaven all night. He loved watching the sheep riding and now pretends to ride the totes (sheep) and gets bucked off quite alot!

Waiting at the parade...I didn't get any good shots of Kasen getting the candy and let's be honest, I was more excited about it all than I think he was..I finally calmed down after Tate told me too relax, which hurt my pride only for a second, but it was probably for the best.

And me 30 weeks pregnant! Whew...I sure have grown!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, after trying to get a few ideas for my talk on Sunday, I keep getting dragged into looking at my blog and everyone else's I can find! I seriously need some help. I am so tired, it's 10:22 p.m. and I just can't bring myself to get off this chair and go to bed. I have found some good ideas for my talk though which helps to get it started before Sunday morning:)
Another note..I got Kasen registered for the famous "little buckaroo rodeo" and he will be doing the ribbon tie or something like that, he rides a stick horse down the arena, pulls a ribbon off a baby goat and runs and gives it to the clown. I am hoping he likes it, I think that it sounds adorable!
Yesterday after being quite onery and having Tate home he asked how my day went. I started in on how it was good I just was onery and couldn't find a cure for myself....a few seconds after that, Kasen pipes in and says, "Mom, my baby sister is in heaven huh?" I say ya. Kasen "Ya, she is in Heaven with Jesus, and he is holding her." I of course just start to cry and kick myself for being onery. That's what I get I told myself for being onery, I get a cute little boy who knows just what to say to his Mom:) I just liked that story, even though he is a little rascal, and never stops. I sure do love him.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catch Up

Well, I guess I need to play a little catch up. So I will just kind of edit the photos that I do have. I wasn't too good at taking pictures when I went to Orderville, which now I am little sad about but it was a busy busy week and went by too fast.

My birthday cake...kasen picked it out himself. He did a great job:)
Tate finally got his elk finished. Jeremy did the work for him and I am told that he did a GREAT job. So now we need to find a big house tall enough and big enough for that thing to fit in:)
Me at 27.5 weeks pregnant. I am pretty sure I am bigger than this......I think its the camera angle. I don't really have much to complain about, this pregnancy has been pretty great so far. I keep getting little things here and there, but stilll don't have many girl things. I cant wait to hold my little angel in 10 weeks...boy its going to go by fast
Mr. and Mrs. David Glover. I still can't believe that my little brother is married and that Taylor is apart of our family forEVER! It's a great thing that she is pretty awesome and that we get along well. They are going to be living with us this fall while Dave works with Tate guiding, so I guess we will see how well we get along huh:) He chose well!!!
Sweet Baby J Mac! He is adorable and this was the first time meeting the little man. Jerry and Casey sure have cute kids! Just love them!
Me and Casey at the Temple. Sure do love that girl!