Monday, June 18, 2012

Zoo Trip

We took our first trip to the zoo for the summer.  It is always a good time. Daisha did not like the little kids area with the nest and chicken and egg things to play on, she was not having it, she did like to see the real chickens. those are her favorite.  Just some fun pictures of a fun day
 Gotta love the pictures of them holding hands.  I love it!

 It was obviously nap time!

Memorial Weekend

This post has been along time coming.  It took forever to get the pictures uploaded and it took forever in between the going and coming of everyday life.  But a few weeks ago all the Sorensen family, Tate's immediate brothers and sisters and parents, got together for a fun little reunion.  It was fun because we all were able to make it and that hardly ever happens.  We were able to get in a nice big lodge that accomodated all of us.  it was pretty crumy weather Saturday but it was nice to be in one big place where we could all hang out.  It was alot of fun and hopefully we will be able to do this again one of these years!
Kasen was so excited about fishing.  Once we got all things settled we all headed out for the fishing.  Hannah was the first one to catch anything and it was really exciting.
Daisha and her "cheese".  she doesn't so much as smile as yell cheese as loud as she can while making a silly face:) 
Kasen getting ready to cast out.
Here is Kasen's first official fish that he has caught.  He reeled him in and had so much fun. 
Most of the kiddos,  eating dinner all together, it was fun.
Kasen and Case.  They are practically attached at the hip whenever we are visiting.  They are too cute together.
Some of the dinner crew fixing up something yummy.
Grandpa and Grandma were wiped out.  They deserved a little snooze after all the work they do!

Some more fishing
Daisha wasn't feeling too good when we got there and was pretty whiny all weekend.  Turned out that she had a double ear infection, she ended up falling into the pond this trip I do believe.  She wasn't happy about that at all.
 Daisha with a few of the younger cousins. 
 playing on the 4-wheeler
After a long day of playing, the kids were chilling on the couch with a fun ipad.  They were laughing so hard at the game that Trace was playing, it was pretty cute. 
All in all, we had a fun successful weekend.   WE love getting together with the cousins and being able to play. We don't get to do it very often, so we will take it whenever we get it.