Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Taking a Walk

I just love coming to Orderville where I can dig up all these old photos that I havent' seen in ages and laugh and go back in time! So here is a little Walk down memory lane. I am totally going for high school cause that's when I use to be good at basketball and it was fun! Plus a few other good laughs along the way...enjoy!

Mom with all her girls! Britny totally counts as a Sister!
My silly family...we have grown a bit since 06 but not too much!
Man I miss those days with "Coach"
That's right...I actually made that layup!
My senior pic..well one of them...I thought that I was a tennis player...Random and a little bit wierd!
Just a cute one of me and my little bro! Man he is a cutie!:)
Just a little info and that doll. That was my favorite doll that I can ever remember having. I got it for Christmas and I never went anywhere without it. It was so awesome, everytime I gave it a hug, the heart would light up and play a little song or something. Then one day, I couldn't find it anywhere and so I searched and searched and I found it downstairs hidden behind the dresser with it's heart cut out of it. It had been murdered by my own brothers! How horrible? I have never forgot that! It was pretty traumatic!
Playing a game against our boys in 7th grade...we always won! It rocked!

Last but not least....this is Tate as a baby! Do you see any of him in Kasen?

Monday, January 19, 2009

What Kind of MOM

Lets her 16 month old play poker with the big boys and Lets her son eat toothpaste...well I don't know how much of it he is acutally getting or even eating but he absolutely loves the toothpaste. He will cary it around all day long if I let him. He is really loving to brush his teeth lately, mostly because he gets to have some toothpaste! Something else that is so funny is that has taken our dishwasher handle thingy off and hidden it somewhere....really good! We have no idea where it's at! So, thus the search for the dishwasher thing is still ongoing! He is just so funny lately! I am loving this time I get to spend with him, even though it may not be every single minute of every single day!
Kasen with his Dad and Uncle David. They play poker in our garage sometimes and Kasen absolutely loves to play with them.
Kasen hiding in the corner with his toothpaste so I won't find him. He is always hiding! Especially when I need to change his diaper! He always runs away!
Eating a yummy popsicle!
Pushing the camera away so I won't take his toothpaste! He is just making a silly face!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

BIG 26

Happy Birthday Tate! I just hope that you have such a great day today!! You are AWESOME! I LOVE YOU!

Us at Tate's Birthday dinner at Applebees! LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Place Like Home

After a 5 day road trip to Indiana and Illinois I am so Happy to be home! I can't believe how much I love Cedar City and really enjoy it here. I am so glad to see Kasen and Tate. I love seeing the snow, the ice, the mountains! I saw 2 deer walking across my road coming home tonight! It was great! I love that the boys are in my garage right now playing poker! They are having a great time! I am please to say that Tate and David are both in. Don't worry Lex...so is Clayt! And Sarah, also Trev I do believe...at least they weren't the first ones out! So I am just pretty happy to be home and with my family. There is nothing better!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go Birds

I am just sitting here in Indianapolis, ready early for once, for our game! We play IUPUI tonight and then travel to Western Illinois on Monday! I am excited to hopefully win tonight! I still get pretty excited and nervous and anxious and all those fun things, and I don't get to play! I love athletics! What it has taught me in my life! I hope that when I have kids that they will learn what i have learned to make them a better person in this crazy world. To never give up...to finish what you start! And work hard! I miss my sweet little boy and Tate! It's crazy to think what life was like without Kasen!! Hum...sorry just some random thoughts that I am having rightn now! Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that you had a great 2008, and that you have an even better 2009!!