Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend at Grandpas

We spent the weekend and a couple more days in Orderville while Tate is gone. Kasen found Grandpas "pens" in his shirt pocket and was entertained for quite a while. Its so fun to watch him grow and do things that all the other grandkids have done...I know that sounds silly but it's just one of my dad's "things" have pens in his pockets to entertain the grandkids. I love it. I know what you're all thinking! Holy cow, you have posted alot lately. Ya, I know. Well, it's just really nice to have a computer that is faster and has the interent. I am pretty sure that the internet part is Key! It's been so much fun:) Yeah, who needs basketball when you can blog, right?

Good Times

The Picture is a little blurry but it was Kasen's first time swimming with his Daddy! It was late and his bedtime and he wasn't quite sure about it, but I think that he will like it soon, when we go at the right time! We always have to work around his little schedule! It's okay though!

Cute Joslyn and Ethan when we went to George's basketball game in Wyoming. He won and we made special t-shirts for him. It was fun. They were having so much fun dancing to the music shaking their bum bums! You gotta love the nieces and nephews!!!


Reading betime stories! It's sort of how we read the scriptures sometimes. That little book is quite informative and simple! I like it! We all learn alot:)

My Baby

Kasen is almost 6 months old. I can't believe it!!! I just love him!