Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well, by going private I didnt' mean to fall off the face of the earth and never write anything anymore.  Truth is I have been, who hasn't?  Not sure if I remember if I mentioned that I am the assistant softball coach.  Yep, Go Firth Softball:)  We have started our games.  We won our 1st one and lost our 2nd.  I am very encouraged at our team though, we have alot of young girls and our 3 seniors have only lost, so we have alot of learning and growing yet in us.  I am optimistic!!  As a coach though, I am don't know how yet to instill a "winning" attitude.  How do I make them know how to change something that has happened bad, into a postive and make it work for their benefit?  Ah, alas, I have alot of learning and growing also:)  I am not sure if I can cut it being a Mom and a Coach:)  I have always wanted to coach and help girls in athletics just like I had when I was there.  I am learning for everything there is a time and a season, and if the only thing I learn from this Softball season is that, It's not my time to be a coach, then I am okay with that.  I leave my kiddos for 2 hours a day for practice and by the time i get home, I am so missing them.  Wierd?  I know:) 
   OH how I LOVE LOVE it when I come home though.  Daisha is usually being held and rocked by her Daddy and when she see's me, She squeals, and reaches out for me.  She gets so excited she starts shaking:)  Kasen yells, HI MOM.  or MOM, YOU'RE HOME!  Ah, what a great calling:)  I couldn't do it without Tate.  I could go on and on....HE IS Amazing.  I often wonder how I got so lucky.  He is the one and only thing in this world that drives me to be better, to be that Somebody that I want to be.  He is so great with our children, He loves, cares, and plays with them.  He supports me.  Yep, I am lucky:) 
   We are halfway officially "Idahoans".  Tate went and changed our title, registration and license for the blue cloud of doom.  Now we go and change the nissan.  What can I say...I love it here.  I have said it alot of times before and probably will say it a few times more.  Example:  Our garage door didn't have an opener that we could use in our car.  We would just back out of the garage, get outof the car, run in the garage, push the button, RUN fast out of the garage, jump over the laser, and the garage door would then be shut and we would be on our way.  WEll, our friends were leaving one night and noticed that we were doing just that, and said, we needed to get an opener...I said...You're not kidding:)  A few nights ago, they called, said that they had just said opener and would be over in a few minutes to install it and give it to us:)  You have no Idea, how wonderful it is to have a garage door opener :) I LOVE it.  People here....can't say enough about it.  I am slowly learning to be that way myself.  I think that the majority of people just were raised that way, to help and serve!
     Life right now is good.  I have an almost 6 month old baby, and a beautiful growing amazing 3 1/2 year old.  I can't believe KASEN is 3 1/2.  Really?  He is amazing by the way. I seriously don't even know where to begin to describe him.  He is so smart, so quick to pick up on things.  And he is so kind and loving towards his little sister.  He loves to play with her, make her smile, and give her licks of his popsicle or sucker:)  She adores him.   Daisha is growing too fast.  She smiles and giggles.  SHe loves her voice.  She is spoiled and loves her mamma.  Which I don't mind:)  She rolls over really well to one side and is gettin closer to the other side.  She doesn't really sit up too well, she is still wobbley.  She doesn't love all:)  she loves sweet potatoes, sqash and bananas, yogurt and surprisingly asaparagus.  I bake asparagus and put soy sauce and balsamic on it and she loves to suck on it.  She acts so interested in all the food I am eating.  I fed her plain ol' fat free greek yogurt the other day and she loved that:)  I hope she isn't as picky as Kasen. 
   Wow...see what happens when I only update every 3 months:)  I write a whole long list:)  That's okay though:) 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So friends and family.... I am going to go Private.....
It's time. I have been going back and forth with this because I know I love to blog stalk people that I have known by clicking on other people's blogs and sometimes I end up places that I just love to read, and I can do that because they don't have private blogs. BUT.....I am too personal on my blog to let just any random person read it I think, My children, my ya, It's time to go I will be learning how to do this sometime in the near future...Please, Leave your email!!! I feel like I need to apologize to everyone, but it's what needs to be done:)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

5 Months

5 girl is 5 months old today. Seriously? Well here are things that I want to remember:
~ She has definately found her VOICE. This little angel really knows how to belt. She is usually just really content and happy. When she gets tired or hungry, she lets me know:)
~ She is a really GREAT eater. We have tried.....sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, bananas and peaches. She had peaches for the first time tonight and acted "so, so" about them. But she loves her sweet potatoes. I told myself Iwas just going to give her vegetables until she was 6 months old to see if she would turn out to be a better eater than Kasen if I did that....Oh well, that obviously went down the drain.
~ She LOVES her big brother. I swear she could watch him run around all day long.
~ She hates her tummy, the majority of the time....thus she doesn't roll over hardly if ever yet. I put her on her tummy and she gets fussy, so naturally I pick her up:) I am not worried...Kasen didn't roll over early, didn't crawl early and now we can barely keep up with him...I think she will be perfectly fine!
~ Can I say Thumb sucker? She loves her little thumb. It helps with sleep in the night time, which mommy loves now:) Plus, I think it's pretty cute. When she gets tired, she cuddles up on my right shoulder, puts her right thumb in her mouth and cuddles with me while sucking her thumb....I LOVE IT!
~ She has strong little legs...loves to stand and hold on to my hands.
~ SMILES...she has the most adorable smiles....anyone can get her to smile at them.
~ She doesn't laugh/giggle all that much, once in a while I can catch her in a giggling mood, which i cherish
~ Oh, she loves her Daddy, she will look all over for him whenever he hears his voice!
~ And of course she is a MOMMA's girl for sure. She is spoiled and I like it that way. I love to play, hold, tickle and kiss my little angel of a 5 month old. She works as a great weight while I do ab work outs too, so she really is helpful already ...LOVE YOU Sweetie Pie~!
Watch out...big load coming through. They had quite the time the other night pushing Daish around in the dump truck. Not sure what she thought about it though:)

Orderville Snow

We thought we were going down to the warmer weather, but we were wrong. Good thing I didn't bring any of Kasen's snow stuff, but I did pack his swimming trunks? Why? Not sure, we hardly EVER go swimming while in Orderville anyway. Not sure what I was thinking. Oh well, We rigged up some plastic bags in our shoes and got our warm coats on and headed out to play in the snow. It was tons of fun. We stayed out there for hours....good thing Grandma likes to hold Daisha:) It's nice to play out there in the snow, because unlike here, it's not too cold to actually play outside.

Here is our Awesome GREEN snowman. We finally got the middle part up on top. I rolled and rolled and got it super big, and then couldn't really lift it up, so I found a sled and used that as my ramp and rolled it on the sled. My mom watched through the window and decided she would come and help out. Other than her almost falling in the snow, together we pushed and pulled til it sat very unsteady on top:) We found lots of good things to put on our snowman, but decided that the GREEN food coloring would do a better job at the buttons. Kasen had a fun time painting the world green.

Kasen rolling his part of the snowman. He did a fantastic job if I do say so myself:)
Then he couldn't get it anymore and I took over! We started out with bread pans and going to build a big wall tower thing, but that was taking way too long so we decided on the snowman. It was easier and faster to build a big tall snowman than it was to build a wall with bread pan shapes!! We had fun knocking down our wall though.
I pulled the kids on the sled from DeAnna's house. It was fun. And a good workout I might add. Ruger thought he was tough enough to pull....he didn't last long:)
Kimber on top of the hill that we sledded down. Kasen and I had a fun time going down together. Kimber is fearless I swear! She headed down that hill faster than anyone and landed right in a ditch. Literally:) Luckily she was OK!!

Putting Kasen's shoes and bags back on after they fell off climbing up the hill. Note to self....take snow boots and pants during the winter time while going to Orderville:)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I went and visited Orderville last week. I have been meaning to blog about it for a week but I have been busy having fun with my momma! She came up with me and will be staying for a few weeks...I Love IT! Here are some fun pictures that we did during the week.
Colt and Kasen were buddies. They played pretty well together. It was fun watching and listening to them as they would "pretend" all sorts of things.
One of Kasen and Colts pretend times. This time I am sure they were pretending zoo. They would find an aminal out of one of Grandma's cool books and act like they were that animal...then they would put the animal back into the book and pick another one...literally try and pick it up with their hands and fingers.
Preschool. It was a chore to get them to actually sit down long enough and do preschool since they just wanted to play, play, play. Kasen and Grandpa. The first night that we got home, Kasen got out the Horse game. Its an old betting race horse game tha I am sure nobody played with before Kasen got around to playing with it. It was great seeing Dad get down on the floor and play with Kasen for a little while. Ilove times like that. My Dad thought I was silly for breaking out my camera and taking pictures but some things you just have to get documented:)