Friday, April 5, 2013

People said...

People said that 3 kids really kept them on their toes.  I thought, "OH, I will be just fine."  In all reality, I have been just fine adjusting to 3 children, but boy it has kept me busy.  When I mean busy, it's sitting down feeding a little newborn and trying to entertain two older children while doing so :) Among other things:)
   Tate had been working in North Dakota since Kyler turned 1 1/2 weeks old.   That was HARD.  Having Tate gone and a newborn.  I was definitely in survival mode.  My wonderful sister Beverly came and stayed with me for a little over a week during Tate's first trip, and that was so wonderful.  She cleaned, and cooked and her kids played with my kids.  it was just nice having her here to talk to.
   Tate no longer is in North Dakota, and I am feeling like I can handle this whole motherhood thing again.  It's really an amazing thing.  The way when another child enters your home, how much more love there is to go around.  When we brought Kyler home, I have never, in my life felt more love for my children, and in love with my husband.  It was such a sweet gift that was given to me from Heavenly Father.  It has brought us closer in so many ways.
  Kyler is such a sweet little person.  We are lucky to have Kasen and Daisha who are incredible little people as well, who love their brother so much.  Kasen is so so helpful and loves to babysit Kyler for Mom.  He thinks he is pretty big and want to carry him around so I have had to monitor that a little bit, but he really is such a great big brother.  Daisha is adjusting to life of having a younger sibling.  For a little while there her little world was turned upside down.  She wasn't sure of how to handle things, she is much better with the whining and now loves to help babysit her brother as well.
    There is a tiny little update, I have fun pictures of Easter and of Kylers Blessing day.  I have made a silent goal to keep my blog up better because I love looking back at the past entries and remembering our life!