Tuesday, June 22, 2010


After trying relentlessly to get Kasen to CALM down for bedtime, I was pretty ornery and tired of his sillyness and just wanted him to be asleep. After cleaning him up from playing in the sink with all the water, going pee (all by himself) washing hands, brushing teeth and getting on pajamas, I had almost had it. Short version, I had lost my patience. While i was helping him put on his pj bottoms, Kasen reaches out with his tiny little hand and lightly and gently strokes my cheek and says, "You are so sweet." "I love you Mom".
Well, I guess that is just what I get for not enjoying every little silly moment of my sons life. He just puts my right in my place. I really do love him and enjoy the time that get to spend with him, I guess I just forget how lucky I am sometimes! Good night!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Idaho Falls Zoo

Today Kasen and I had a lot of fun. First we went to the library in Shelley and went to story time. We looked at lots of books, Kasen played on the computer and we both checked out some fun things to read! Next we drove to Idaho Falls where they have this nice little zoo. I think it's called Tautphaus Park Zoo, not really sure how to pronounce it still. WE made ourselves a picnic so we both had our backpacks on and we were really excited. WE walked around and around looking at all the neat animals, they had alot of Birds there, and Kasen loved the flamingos and the ducks probably the best. They had a Lion and Tiger and a few monkeys and one big snake. There was a cute little kids place that had bunnies, goats chickens and sheep that they could pet and things which was fun. We saw the penguins and Kasen kept asking if he could hold one. We went to there Animal Attractions show and that was cute we got to see a few animals from around the world. Kasen didn't want to pet them at the end, but did get up a little closer to see. We had alot of fun and are definately planning on going back, it's a cute little place. Wow...my little cheeseball! He really did love the flamingos though!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now that's something to...

....BLOG ABOUT BABY! We have been working on potty training and I am hoping that we have got it down! Kasen picked out this Ironman mask for his big special toy for going #2 and he got it! My beautiful cousin Jennifer once said (something like this) "the greatest words a mom can hear are not I love you but I pooped on the potty" I think that she is close to right:) We are excited!

Me in the Ironmand mask. It's actually quite a fun little thing that makes noises and sounds. We have a good time!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


It has been a great weekend so far. Yesterday when Tate got off work, we hopped in the car and drove to Sandy Downs, the local horse races and watched some good horse races. It was alot of fun. Kasen throughly enjoyed it and so did Tate and I. I come from an extensive background of horse racers and I am pretty sure that my uncles and my dad would have been pretty disappointed at me when I arrived there because I had NO idea what any of the number and things meant on the paper they gave us. So I had to call my little bro to find a little info out. Good for me that Dave is going to be up here so he can come with us and educate us a little more about this horse racing business. Afterwards they had a concert set up and we sat through a few good ol' bluegrass country music until it got too cold and headed home. Kasen loves music and concerts and had a fun time. We definately will be going again:)
This morning I woke up and went with MEAGAN to my first ever Bountiful Baskets and I am loving it so far. WE got so much fresh fruit and vegetables I am hoping that we can use it all. We have definately enjoyed the grapes and apples and beans today though and excited to be able to use the rest of it this next week. Thanks Meag!
Tate drives a big dump truck for work right now and Kasen absolutely loves it. He wakes up in the morning and yells to me..."MOM, where's dad?" I tell him he is at work and then he tells me that he is working on the mountain in his big dump truck. A few days ago Tate brought the truck home and Kasen walked out the door, waved bye to both Tate and I and said, "bye mom and Dad, I am going to pretend work, I will see you later." He was having a pretty great time. We are loving it up here in Idaho. There is a big train track and trains that are near our house, and so everytime we hear a "honking" train we rush to the car, buckle up and head out to find that "honking train". One time there were a few guys on the outside of the train and they waved to Kasen and he was in HEAVEN, saying "Did you see that those guys waved to me?" It's pretty fun.
Tate and Kasen are outside right now checking on our little garden, We are starting to see peas and carrots pop up through the ground and that is exciting! Now to make sure they all grow and stay alive till we can eat them all up:) In the big dump truck going to pretend work:) I love that little boy!
Bountiful Baskets, yummy! I am not sure what to do with the coconuts that we got....So if any of you have great coconut recipes...please feel free to send them my way:)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


We just got back from one AMAZING weekend with my in-laws. First we drove Friday to Brigham city and spent the evening with the couple of the weekend, Tate's sister Shanna her husband Kory and their 3 darling little kids. It was so much fun hanging out, eating and laughing and playing with the kids. I forget how much fun I have when I hang out with Shan, good thing I live alot closer to her now:) Saturday morning we all woke up and got ready to attend the Temple. Kory and Shanna were going through for the first time to recieve their endowment, and to be sealed together with their kids! It was probably the most amazing, wonderful, spiritual weekends of my life, excluding my own wedding of course. WE first got to go through the session with them, then go and attend their "WEDDING" of being sealed together and their sealer did such an awesome job, I learned so much just from him. Then they brought in their daughter Hannah (5) Olivia (1) and Owen (3months) in their pure white. To see their faces as those parents saw their children in the Temple with them is something I will never forget. I can only imagine their happiness and joy at that moment when they were going to be sealed with their children for ETERNITY. It makes me refelect on how blessed I am to be sealed to my Husband and my children for EVER and grateful I am for the Gospel, for the Atonement of my BROTHER and Savior Jesus Christ who makes it all possible to return and live with my Loves forever:)
Today, Kory blessed his son and did such a wonderful job. It was a weekend full of Happy Happy tears the whole time! I sure did luck out when I married into this family. I am going to be honest, I thought that I would never fit in, and would always feel akward around them, but that obviously has changed and spending time with Kory and Shanna really helped alot. I never thought I would feel the way about any one else as I do my own sisters, but luckily I feel that way about Shanna, I sure do love that girl.
Anyway, I am glad I am posting this, it's going to be great to reflect and remember what an amazing weekend this has been. I took my camera and was too busy crying, taking Kasen potty and talking to remember to take any good pictures, so I am mad about that!
Other news....I started potty training Kasen on Monday, so it will be a week tomorrow. In my opinion, being a first timer, he is doing pretty good. Although, he still WILL NOT poop in the potty, he hasn't had a pee accident for 3 days. So I have got to work on the pooing and we will be set. I have heard that it has taken quite a while for the poop to click, but I am hoping and crossing my fingers that Kasen just hurries and catches on:) We don't wear any diapers at night or any time and Ithink that has helped, even though it makes for lots of laundry for me!
He says the Funniest things. I find myself just being AWED at this little boy who I get the privelege and honor to be around all day long and hang out with. I wish I could remember and write down all the funny things that he says, but honestly I think that everything he says is cute..(most of it anyway) and I can't get enough of his little voice. I wish I could video tape everything and just be able to play it back whenever I wanted to.
I am growing like a weed and just don't mind, becuase I am really happy to be pregnant. I am hoping that this little awkward stage of the CHUBBIness will get over with and just get big already with a baby, not the fat:) I know I know, be careful what you wish for and enjoy the stage I am in....but seriously I kinda wish that already:) My little MISS is active and I absolutely LOVE LOVE being able to feel her. That is my ultimate favorite part of being pregnant and I love it. She is definately not as active as Kasen was already so that may be a good thing, maybe she will like to just relax and chill with me sometimes, instead of going 90 miles an hour all the time:) It is going to be fun to have a little girl. I went to the store the other day to buy boy underwear and accidently walked by the baby section...oh...about 20 minutes later I walked to the check out stand without any cute little girl clothes to buy, there is SOOO much stuff....It's kind of overwhelming for me! But, I am excited to get a few things here and there for her:) WE are liking Firth as of yet, I am hoping to get up and go to step class at 6 in the morning, I really need to, and I really love it, but I am definatly not use to getting up that early, so we will see! Speaking of which, it's already past 10 so if I am going to get up, I better hit the hay:)