Saturday, August 4, 2012

Half of July

In July we had a fun time.  Some of these pictures indicate what happened during July and I think even June, I am quite behind, but hoping to get caught up here shortly.   
 Just a quick picture of my kids, I think that we were headed out to visit someone as they are sititng on the pack and play, or I just hadn't put it away from visiting. 
 Daisha was hit hard with hand, foot and mouth disease.  I had not a clue of what that was, hadn't even heard of it until I took her into the dr. and she took one look at her and said immediately what she had.  She had sores everywhere on her little body, then a few weeks past started to get feeling better and then her hands and feet started peeling, the skin was just coming off in big chunks.  Now, her toenails are coming off, not all of them have come off, but most of her toenails and a few of her fingernails have come off.  I hadn't a clue that it had this many side effects and would last forever! 
 For the 4th of July, we celebrated by going to the community breakfast which was fabulous.  It reminded me a little bit of Orderville and I liked that.  WE listened to the orchestra play patriotic songs and visited with friends. 
 Later in the day we went over to the Jolly household for some great fun, the kids and adults both played games and then had a bbq and just visited.  the kids had a great time.  it was fun because DeAnna came and stayed for a few days with us so they came to enjoy the party too. 
 Daisha enjoying the bike, which she always thinks is hers. 
The cousins enjoying a firework show from our lawn.  WE had a few neighbors that lit off quite a few good fireworks and we were able to benefit and enjoy the show from home in our pajamas. 
We couldn't light the sparklers fast enough.  They had a good time dancing and showing off their sparkler skills.
Daish liked them too.
Kasen likes to keep them as far from everything as possible and always has. 
We went camping and had a good time in our little camper.  We inherited this awesome backpack and I tried it out.  Daisha liked it alot and it was a good thing that we didn't go far because she is kinda heavy.  But we had a good little hike.
Kasen brought his gun along just in case he saw a squirrel or a bird or something to try and shoot at. 
Eating a nice dinner out in the great outdoors. 
WE had a fun time going to Ross Park in Pocatello with some friends.  We had to keep getting in and out of the pool because of the thunder and lightning but eventually we were able to get a good long swim in without having to get out.  Kasen had a blast and so did Daisha.  She was quite fearless when it came to the slide and all the kids everywhere, so next time for sure I will be getting her a little floaty of some sort. 
Kasen went on a streak where he would build him a fort from Daisha's tiny little baby seat/toy jumper thingy.  He slept under it for almost a whole week.  Not sure why, it seemed pretty cramped in there but he loved it. 
That is a few things that i have taken pictures of this summer. Seems like we don't really do much besides the every day life we live.  WE have enjoyed gardening and letting our weeds get much too big, but we have enjoyed reaping the benefits of regular water, and gotten a good pea patch this year.  soon our corn will be ready and so will our potatoes.  Yum. 
More of July to come.  I need to catch up so I can hopefully stay caught up with life.  Soon Kasen will start pre-school and life will get a bit more routine with Tate off to guiding season.  Which starts a little to early it seems like, always goes by fast.  Life is good.