Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's the Secret?

Well, being a mom of a two year old is pretty interesting...MOST of the time. I am having the hardest time getting Kasen to eat anything worth while. I mean, yes, he will eat the marshmallows out of the cereal, the frosting off the top of mini wheats, all the cookies and candy in the world, but when it comes to actually sitting him down to eat a meal......I am at a loss! I dont' know what the secret is? Is there anyone out there with any advice? I feel like we feed him the same things over and over too, maybe he is just sick of it..but he won't try anything new to know if he likes it either. I am at a loss! Help!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy but Boring

The past little while has been pretty busy, but none the less, pretty boring as for nothing to really blog about. School, Motherhood and wifehood is keeping me plenty busy. I am only a little more than a month to go from being graduated and am really excited. I keep thinking that I am done, but I am sure that sometime in my life I will go back to school for more:) It's spring Break right now and I am staying in Orderville for a few days while Tate is working hard. He never gets any work done while we are home, so this is a perfect opportunity for him. I love being home with my mom and sisters. Linda is coming down so that will be fun to have another cousin for Kasen to play with. I love being with my new little niece Rossi Lin. I love holding her and feeding her..she loves sleeping in my arms and on my shoulder:) Kasen is growing up too fast for me to keep up and we have been trying to remember the things that he says and does, but we can never remember everything...I am going to try and write down a few things that I can remember, I wish Tate were here to remember them all.
We gave him a few pieces of candy and then told him that was enough, he then goes a little bit away from us and starts to think, then all the sudden he says "Hum...? What can I do to get some more?" Tate asked him if he was meaning to talk out loud!!
Tate was in the other room and yelled for me to come here or something...Kasen goes up to him, grabs his face in his little hands and tells him "Don't yell at my mom".
Everytime we go to church, he tells Tate that he "can't whine, or yell, or cry." We always tell him that he needs to be quiet at church and not whine, cry or yell.
Whenever he wants to go somewhere, he will tell us, "I'll be right back mom" "Only for a second."
i can't think of anything else, but he sure does crack us up. HE has such a fun little personality and we love him very much!