Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random FUN

Kasen 6 Months

Cute Nephews and Nieces

I have some cute pictures on my camera so I thought that I would post some pictures of the cutest neices and nephews in the world!!

I don't know where I got this picture but thought that it was VERY cute!
Colt thought that he would help Grandpa water the garden. He is doing a marvelous job! Ha ha

At one of Tate's Games!

Craig Morgan ~ Due West

Last night was so much fun. Tate was sort of helping putting this concert all together so we got to go down right by the stage! It was fun listening to DUE WEST! They have some pretty good songs. I hope that I didn't embarrass Tate too much. It's been a while since I had been out that late without Kasen, so I was having a good ol' time. I was singing and clapping along! I kept on cheering and all of the other "helpers" kept looking at me like I was some kind of wierdo! It was alot of fun though. Then came Craig Morgan. I knew alot of the songs he sang and he was a great entertainer, I thought! It was hilarious seeing some of my old high school friends there cause they are very much cowboys and hicks, and they were loving it! I stayed out until 10:00! How crazy am I? My mom came and watched Kasen and put him to bed and everything! All in all it was a very fun night with Tate and some friends!
ALSO, notice the New Hair cut! I am pretty sure that I like it! It's been fun so far. I have only had it for 2 days though! :) A Little Blurry but he totally posed for me~ Go Craig:) WaWoo:) he he he

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



What is his name: Tate

How long have you been married: 2 1/2 years

How old is he?25

Who eats more? Tate, but you couldn't tell:)

Who said I love you first? I did!

Who is taller? He is.

Who sings better? I do, I like to belt it out!;)

Who is smarter? He is by far!

Whose temper is worse? Mine probably

Who does the laundry? Me

Who does the dishes? Me and him sometimes

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Him

Who cooks dinner? Me

Who drives when you are together? Mostly him, but I do too

Who is more stubborn? He is.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I am

Whose parents do you see the most? HUM? Probably mine, since we are a little closer! We don't even see them very much though. SAD

Who has more friends? I think we have the same. We have alot of the same friends! Thanks to basketball!

Who has more siblings? WE both have the same exact

Who wears the pants in the family? We share the pants.

I Tag

Michelle and Meagan

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pac-Man Championship

On Saturday night we invited some friends over and held our very first Pac Man Championship! It was sooo intense. I mean, some fights almost broke out and everything! I have to admit that my performance was pitiful. I mean, I hold the record for pac man and I got last place. It was even a double elimination tourny! I mean come on!!! Well, it came right down to the wire with Tate and Anne going head to head. Anne pulled out the first victory and so the next game was whoever won, won it all. And Tate ended up winning the championship! YEAH! My little hero! He did so good. It was really close there at the end! We had a good time. We made some pizza and some homemade ice cream. It was delicious! But I just can't believe how disapppointed I am in myself, next time I will be the Champion! It was a blast!

Lance, Tate, Me and Anne! ~The Participants~

Watching Tate, man was I nervous!
Behold, The WINNER! #1 BABY! WaWOO!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Little Nephew

Well, it's been a long process but I can finally call this beautiful little boy my nephew! His name is Dexton and he was born in February! We are so excited to have him "officially" in our family now! He is such a doll face with so much hair! It's going to be so fun having him around with Kasen being buddies! They are pretty close in age. We are happy and excited!

Monday, April 14, 2008

High Jump

It's getting so nice and warm outside. Yesterday, after church we laid a blanky and pillow and just played outside in the backyard! It was so fun. Today, Kasen and I went and watched Tate practice for the high jump. He is trying to get back to jumping what he did at utah State. Hopefully 6'8"! It was fun. It would be so nice if the wind would just stop blowing! Anyway, there is a track meet here in Cedar City on the 3rd of May that he may be jumping in, so that is exciting! He says that his body is getting too old for this!! It probably is! ;) We both thought that after basketball it was going to be so nice having some time to be able to do things, but we have realized that we don't really do anything and are pretty boring. So, that is why I am glad Tate decided to try this whole track thing out for size. It's wierd going from being so active and busy to not doing anything. We miss it!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Just like Mom's

Okay, so I am really excited about my new accomplishment! I made home-made bread! I am so excited. I mean it tastes pretty dang good. Smelled even better and looks GREAT! I am not quite as good as my mom or anything, but I am trying! I am so excited! Take a look!

Fun Conference Weekend

Tate and I had a really fun time last weekend with Jerry, Casey, Kerry, and Hannah and their friends! We left Kasen for the first time for like 4 1/2 hours! It was intense. We had a blast though and I needed it very badly! We went four wheeling and dutch ovening out at the sand dunes at this pretty little ranch place! It was a lot of fun and I finally got a little sunshine! Oh, dont' worry that I totally hit a clay pigeon, my 3 try! I was done after that. The gun had quite the kick! It was a great conference weekend listening to the prophet and apostles speak! I enjoyed them alot. I think my favorite one was Saturday morning that was about Traditions and having good traditions in our families. It just made me think about what I would like to have for traditions for my family! Here are some fun pictures of the fam and weekend! Casey and Jerry! HOW CUTE!

Us posing! First Four-wheeler Ride! It was FUN!
Mom was really excited to go for a ride! She didn't come back for quite a while! We were pretty worried!:)
Kerry and Casey were cracking up at something really funny! One of my favorite pictures of far:) he he he

Kasen's First time out

I just thought that this was hilarious. I was in the kitchen making dinner and Tate and Kasen were hanging out. He was being ornery because he was sick and was always just wanting me. So Tate finally just got sick of him whining for me and put him in a "time out". It's just funny because, DUH, he's 6 months old, why are you putting him in time out and another thing is we haven't really decided if we even like the time out thing yet, so it was just a little joke. But anywho, Kasen decided that he would just sit back and relax during this time of supposed punishment! He was just so cute!
Tate is so funny and such a great Dad. Its so fun to watch him with Kasen!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Shout Out!

Well, Meagan I am copying you! But since there are alot of my CEU friends that are now in the blogger world, Iwould like to shout out to you all! First of to my twinners! And by the way, where is melissa? you would think she would get in on this blogging thing? Anyway, I miss you both very much. Thank you for making my wedding album, for dressing me up cute and for always knowing what to say! Remember going to the bon fires, watching you guys rock at volleyball, the first day back our second year, when you came and made sure I was ok before I saw Tate again for the first time. I will never forget that:) and wishing so bad that I could be as crafty and creative as you! Seriously, I am still jealous! You're GREAT friends and I am grateful that I can be yours! I can't wait to live by you Meag! It's going to be so FUN! I love you very MUCH!:)


I hope that you aren't embarrassed! But this is just who you are. A funny silly person that I absolutely love! By the way, we are in Denny's restaurant, and you all of the sudden pull out this travel sized deoderant stick and then start applying! Ha ha crack me up! Thank you for being such a constant rock for me! I miss so bad those days, but will always be grateful that we will always be close! Remember moose tracks ice cream, teaching me to power tap, almost being blown over in our tent during the hole in the rock trip, teaching coach paur to moon walk, and hanging out all the time! Love ya!

Last but not least, BROOKE

Oh those were some really cute extentions. I will never forget when you would talk to Lyndi about all the things that were going on in your life, and what great advice she would give you. How I always just kind of listened in because I wanted to be involvd but not really knowing what was going on. You getting your nails done by Jess. Remember our road trip to Colorado when Carrie use to live there!!! I felt so out of place because all of you guys new about the punk music and I just nodded my head to feel included! ha you rocked at volleyball and basketball both in college!!! SWEET! How we both married boys from the "Basin"! You're so great Brooke and I am so excited about your new little adventure that is coming. It's so fun to be a mom! You're going to love it! Love you!

Mission Reunion

Well, today we are finally going to go to Tate's first mission reuion since he has been home. I think that its going to be fun! Its up in Orem and Tate is really excited. I just wish that I could hurry and drop 20 pounds for the event! Such is life I guess! We are then headed to Orderville tomorrow for some good ol' Family time. I hope that its going to be warm! Yeah!!! This is when we were up at Britny's wedding. It was a really fun time! She looked so beautiful! And DJ looked handsome:) But it was a fun party and she is very happy! I just love that little guy! He is so beautiful!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well, it's been a while, (it seems like I always say that). Hum? What's new with us? Well, Tate is done with basketball. He actually had a couple offers to play in Australia but decided that isn't what he wants to do with his life. We are loving that the weather is getting nicer. I would like to say that I am pretty dissappointed in myself for April Fools. I was thinking about it all week and couldn't think of anything good to do, but I did get April Fooled by my brother and his girlfriend, Twice! Geesh, you would think I would learn! WE got Kasen's 6 months pictures taken, thanks to Becky! (Thanks so much Becky) And we love them! He is so chunky, and we love it! He has been teething and so so clingy to me the last couple of days. Wow, that has been kind of difficult. It seems like I can't do anything! I am really excited for conference this weekend to see our new prophet and presidency and listen to their words! I am really loving my Young Women's calling. We are doing "facials" next Tuesday, so that is exciting. Well, I guess what is semi-new for us, is that we are going to be going to Idaho in August! Tate has a GREAT opportunity to be an elk guide for one of my good friends' dads who owns a couple! I don't think that I have ever seen Tate so happy and excited about something in his life! This really is his dream and someday hopefully he will own one, but being an elk guide right now could not be any better for him. I am so glad that he is going to be doing something that he absolutely loves! It's going to be a fun and exciting adventure for our family, and I can't wait!!!