Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We have been having a fun time in Orderville. Bev and Scott and family get here tonight so we are anxiously awaiting there arrival:) Kasen has been playing hard with Colt and it's so much fun to listen to them play and pretend with each other. I wanted to remember our conversation last night was I was changing Daisha's diaper and getting ready for bed.
Kasen: "Mom do you have a bum?"
Mom: "Yes I have a bum."
K: "Is your bum the same as my bum?"
M: "Yes, my bum is the same as your bum...as little bit bigger than your cute little bum, but still the same."
He is so infatuated with bums. Meagan watched him the other week and he asked her if she had a bum too:) Last night I was excited to cook my first ever moose burger. I cooked it and put it in enchiladas. I made my dad go first and he didn't really make a face while eating it so I thought that it was going to be okay. I took a big bite adn then proceeded to gag. I am not a fan of moose burger. So, we then went over next door to Cooter's Cafe and had dinner:) My mom ordered a pie for me...how considerate of her...I told her not too, but she just went right ahead and ordered 2 pieces. Yes, I fell off the wagon and ate half of a piece:) Oh well.....it was pretty good! Last night my mom held Daisha till 5:30 in the morning so Icould get some sleep. She just slept on my mom all night....Grandma is spoiling her like crazy...so is Grandpa..I love it! We are so spoiled when we come home and I appreciate my parents for loving us and spoiling us!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


You know...I don't have too much to write about. I honestly don't think it's even worth blogging when I don't have any pictures! But oh well. I am down in Valley with my parents for a week before Thanksgiving. Just getting ready to rock in Volleyball:) I love being home! I love driving around and seeing everything that is familiar!! I love that DeAnna just lets Kasen come and play forever at her house, and he is exhausted every night and just collapses at bedtime! I love that my Mom will hold and spoil my sweet little 6 week old. ahhh..Home:) but I miss Tate, luckily he will be working two hunts this next week and make it worth being away. WE are planning on blessing Daisha on the 5th in Talmage. She is growing so fast. Kasen is getting so old....I don't know what to do with him sometimes. He is so smart and loving. He takes very good care of his baby sister. "Don't worry sis, mom is coming" 'Stop crying sis, I am trying to watch my show" "Can you make a smile for big brotha?" "It's okay, big brother's here." "It's okay sis, it's okay." "That's enough crying sis." He is learning how to write his letters, he is great at tracing and working in his school book. He loves to pretend to go to school, his classmates are always joslyn and ethan, mostly ethan. He repeats the articles of Faith during school as well as the pledge of allegiance...I love making him repeat the pledge of allegiance, I think it's so cute how he says it. He is really into How to train your dragon. He loves making up his own stories, he loves books and reading. he is just awesome. I love being a Mom. You know.....I really do. It's my thing, I dont' know what else I would do if I couldn't be a mother, I don't really have any other talents or special things about me besides I am a good baby haver and think I am an okay mom, at least I try hard. IT brings the most JOY in my life I could ever imagine. Also, my husband is pretty much the MOST amazing man in the whole world.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Eye Candy

Yesterday we took family pictures. I can't wait to get them back. In the meantime enjoy this one we took while she was getting the good ones with a "real" camera:)

Daisha at 4 1/2 weeks~ She is starting to smile (once in a while), which melts my heart. She is getting stronger at holding her head up...still very bobble head but getting better:) Her 2 weeks checkup went great. Healthy as a horse. 8 lbs. 10 oz. 23 inches 14.5 head Kasen also had his 3 year old well check. Stats: Weight: 40.2 lbs (99%) Height: 42.2 (100%) Head....Not sure but definately off the charts:) I am so grateful for my healthy growing children:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Now that's something to blog about

Happy Halloween. Kasen went as a hunter. So did Tate and I. WE were able to go Brigham City and spend the weekend with Tate's sister Shanna and her family. Regina (sister in law) and her kids were able to come and spend the days with us also, which was great. She has a son who is about 4 months older than Kasen and they play great together. This weekend really wasn't about Halloween but mostly about Tate's big moose hunt. His ONCE IN A LIFETIME tag that he drew and he was excited. He hasn't had much time to think about this hunt because of work but he finally took a hunt off to be able to hunt himself. He got his moose and now our freezer will be full of meat:) This weekend was also spent with a 3:00 a.m. ER run for myself. On Friday morning around 1:00 I woke up to feed Daisha and my boob hurt SOOOO Bad. I thought that maybe I had a clogged duct and was engorged or something so I fed her on that side trying to get it out. Didn't really help so when I finally got her fed and back to sleep I went and got a hot wash cloth to try and help it. It really didn't! I went back to bed hoping to just fall asleep, that's when the real pain started. I was FREEZING cold, I started shivering like crazy, I mean my whole body went into convoltions and I could not stop. I laid there with my teeth chattering and my body shaking for about 20 minutes, when I realized I couldn't do this anymore, so I took Daisha downstairs to Tate and got in the shower. (mind you this is all at my sister in laws house, with my mother and father in law asleep right next to the bathroom...ugh:) Took a shower, tried to express any milk or anything to make my breast feel better:) Tate went and got his sister, Shanna came in the bathroom and told me that we needed to take my temp. I got out, just Shivering, and they took my temp it was 102.7. So, she told me I needed to go to the Dr. I said I was NOT going to the ER. So I went upstairs with the heating pad and blankets trying to get warm, meanwhile, this wakes the entire house up and I am just feeling HORRIBLE, They kept tryign to talk me into going to the ER, but I don't have insurance so I wasn't going to go. They took my temperature again about 45 mintues later and it had climbed to 103.6. Tate went and got dressed and told me he was taking me, it didn't matter. I was tired and feeling horrible. My eyes even started to burn and so I said ok. WE got Daisha and took her with us. We had to borrow Shannas car to go to Logan becuase our escape's power steering broke...ugh....anyway, we get to the ER, and I all of the sudden stop shivering. I am so bugged that we are there because I am starting to feel a little better. The dr. wanted to give me an IV becuaes my temp was so high, but I convinced him I was NOT paying for an IV or a dumb urine sample and to just give me the oral antibiotics and let me go home. I had mastitis. Ugh...for all you nursing mothers out there, I am so so so sorry if you have ever had this. I pray I never ever get it again.
On a more lighter, better note. We bought a new car:) We traded in our escape, which I had mixed feelings about, but it was time. IT had WAY too many miles and too many problems that we were going to have to fix, so Tate was done with it adn traded it in . WE bought a new Nissan Altima and so far I like it. I am still getting use to going back to a car and being lower to the ground and such, but it's nice and new and pretty, so that part is fun. OH boy this post is long, but that is what I get for not posting regularly.
Kasen is still such a GREAT big brother and very patient with me and his little sister. She is growing long and skinny and getting a bit chubby:) It's adorable. Kasen is getting so smart. I bought him a "homework" book to do and he loves it. He loves pretending he is at school and wants me to be his teacher. So this way we actually get to Learn and play:) Tate has 1 more month of hunts and then its off to decide where we will go next:) Someday that part of our lives will change and we will be settled in one place....right now i wish it was Firth, I love it here, but that doesn't seem to be the way that things are looking:) We will see! Enjoy the pictures of my ADORABLE little boy.