Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, it's been quite a while since I have posted really much of anything, but I promise I have a good excuse......finals! But I just am excited to say that they are over, I am going to Graduation today and tomorrow and then I will have plenty of time to get on this computer thing and actually post some of the fun things that we have been up to. Today is not that day though, sorry to disappoint! Got to get my house clean for the in-laws and get ready to go to graduation! I am excited, and thankful for all the help that everyone has been. Mostly I just have the BEST family in the whole wide world! Toodles!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yeah, I am a new aunt today! My older brother Jerry and his wife Casey Lynn just had their baby boy! James MacArthur Glover! 7lbs. 6 oz. 20 inches long! It was pretty crazy...she has been in labor for 2 days!!! He is finally here and so beautiful! Can't wait to meet him...too bad he is all the way down in Texas!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Family Time

This last weekend we were able to go to my parents house in Orderville and spend the holiday weekend! As always it was a blast hanging out with the cousins and getting to play outside and get dirty! Our neighbor/cousins have horses and dogs that we love to go and visit, so that is always fun. We just hung out and then Saturday we colored eggs, had a easter egg hunt which I filled with Candy and left in my dad's room, then while we were hiding them, I started shaking them, and could tell that Grandpa had slipped in some money in the eggs:) We let the kids have an Easter Egg hunt on the front lawn and Kasen ate more than half of the candy in 10 minutes of opening all his eggs! Nice I know:) Then we went to white sands and rolled easter eggs down the sand. Afterwards Tate, Dave, Bert, Taylor and I went to my Uncle Dellas' property and shot guns. It was fun, my favorite gun was Berts AR-15 which wasn't loud and I could fire it right after another, pretty awesome. Of course there was lots of food in between and all day long:) Listening to conference on Saturday really was pretty hard:) But Sunday was much better and I can't wait to read them in the ensign:) I absolutely love being able to spend time with my parents and get spoiled every single time we are there!
All the kids coloring Eggs. We had a fun time putting them in each of the colors. Kasen had some pretty colorful ones, that he mixed with just about every single color! We finally got the die off his hands..but he had a blast and did a great job!

Coloring Eggs! They did a great job. This particular egg was Tate's perfect drawing of an elk. Of course, can't go without having a drawing of an elk. He has gotten pretty good, seeing how the whole sidewalk is full of his "elk" drawings with sidewalk chalk!
"GOFE" egg in honor of my Big bro JER! Sure do miss him!
He wanted to sit down mid hunt and start eating all the candy, just couldn't wait, but we finally convinced him that he was going to be getting more!
On the prowl for some good egs!
Yeah, Candy! Oh he is so my son!
Enjoying their rewards after the big hunt!
Kimber's Face is AWESOME! She loved getting launched!
Getting Ready to Launch! They were jumping really high and it was a little scary at first:)

I think that this is Kimber's highest...I think that she has me beat! She LOVED IT!
This was the highest I got! It doesn't seem like it's high, but it sure did when I was in the air, kicking my feet like a crazy person! It was fun!
Rolling Easter Eggs down the tracks!
Align Center Sliding in the sand!
AHHHH....fer Cute...Dave and his girlfriend Taylor:)
Dave reassuring Taylor that it doesn't Kick too bad!
Pretty much a bullseye!
I finally got to shoot Tate's gun, it's only been a year. It's pretty much our second child!
Taylor getting ready to shoot!