Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog instead of Ball

I know that all I pretty much talk about on here is basketball, but guess what? It's pretty much over! Tate is in Tulsa, OK right now getting ready to play his last games as a T-Bird and as a college athlete! How wierd. It's just been really bittersweet lately because of the ending but also a new beginning with my family. It's going to be nice to have Tate around a little more. It's also wierd that I am not there with him, I have always been with him at the Conference Tournaments! Wow! Basketball has pretty much been our lives. Well, I guess I can join up with Bonco with Lexi, or maybe start scrapbooking or HEY maybe blogging:) I hear that is fun! :) he he he. So anyway, we are having a big fun party at my mom and dad's house here in Orderville for Tate's big game on Sunday!!! This means that I will have the internet and can start my new hobby of blogging instead of Basketball! Nothing has been new with me. Although Kasen is pretty much all I do and I could go on and on about him. Some new things are he has two bottom teeth, he can say MaMaMa and reach out for me...I think he knows who I am:) He is rolling over and thanks to his little pot belly can sit by himself for a few seconds!! I just absolutely love that little guy and can't believe that he is going to be 6 months soon! Wow crazy!
I am starting to do more with my Mary Kay business and liking it more and more. So, if any of you would like to host a party for me...I have lots of fun Hostess gifts that you can get for doing that:) Or if you would like to buy any Mary Kay...give me a ring:)
I am actively invovled in my intermural basketball league and we are in the semi-final game on Monday! I am very excited and take it very seriously...well only to the fact that we must win, but playing is more fun now! But still very competitive of course!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Hey all... Well i have been informed that I am very behind on my blogging. I totally know! It sucks because our house doesn't really have the internet so the only time I can get on is when I come to the school, which is rarely! Anyway, here is some news going on in our life!
Just had his appendix out almost a week ago. It was pretty intense. He just went to the doctor because he wasn't feeling very good and the next thing I know is that he is in the hospital getting CT Scans and heading into emergency surgery!! He hadn't ever had anything like that happen before so it was all kind of new and scary! He is doing so good though. He likes to milk this for all its worth though. I have to just laugh at him because every thing that I do makes his tummy hurt from his surgery! Come on guy...I had a BABY!! Seriously:) It's been so so nice though having him home for a couple days in a row! He probably is getting really sick of me! OH well!
Kasen is getting so fun. He is getting his first tooth and it's almost poked through! He just talks and jabbers and laughs and giggles. He is such a sweet little guy. I am so lucky to have such a good baby! We have started him on some vegetables and some rice cereal. He likes it okay, but won't eat too much cause he gets distracted to easily! He must have his Dad's attention span!
I just got called to be the 2nd councilor in the Young Women's presidency, I am excited to be in Young Womens but kind of bummbed that I will be missing The Biggest Loser cause of Mutual at 7 on Tuesdays! MAN! I am going to have to have someone tape it for me I guess!