Friday, April 27, 2012

The Hunt is On

After we made trails and rolled our eggs down them, we got all ready and lined up the kids for the Easter egg hunt.  The Easter bunny was super sneaky this year and hid them all over the hills, in the trees and under bushes and in the sand.  The kids were really ready and exited and could hardly wait. 
Kasen and Colt were making some pretty wierd funny faces for the camera, oh let the personality shine through:)

 Here they are again in all their cuteness and glory:)
 And another one.
 And another.
 Daisha and Rossi.  Rossi is about 8 months older than Daisha, but the older Daish gets the better they get along and play.  It's going to be fun watching them play and grow up together. 
 Cutie pies. Ready and excited to go hunt for eggs with their cute little buckets.
 Kasen ready to go.  he was a little bugged at mom for making him stop and turn and smile for the camera, he just wanted to go and hunt for eggs.
 Daisha getting the eggs.  She had a little trouble walking in the dirt by herself, and couldn't quite grasp why we were finding eggs in the dirt, but she found a few and was happy.
 Kasen on the other hand was all about running as fast as his little legs could go to try and find as many eggs as possible.  he ended up with a great little basket full.  He didn't really want to go to another egg until he had opened and eaten the candy inside the one he had found, but i convinced him that he justneeded to find a few an then he could have some candy.  he has quite a sweet tooth, just like his mother.

 Here are the boys enjoying their findings. 
 James was throwing stuff at Parker, it was cute as far as throwing things go and he has quite a good little arm for a 2 year old.  He really lets it fly. 
 The crew resting after a good easter egg hunt in the sand. 
 Some more 1 on 1 time with Grandpa enjoying peeps.  I dont really care for peeps, but that's okay, Grandpa and Daisha had a good time enjoying them.
 Yum yum!!

I didn't get any pictures of the older kids hunt.  We also usually have a money hunt, Grandpa and Jerry funded the dollars for the 2 bigger kids to have  their own hunt, and Jerry and I hid the eggs.  It was pretty crazy and hard.  There was alot of money to be found and I would have been motivated to have to find them even though we hid the eggs pretty hard in a pretty large area.  I even climbed up pretty high in a tree and hid one, it was a $10.00 egg, so it was worth the effort.  Even though I gave Parker quite a HUGE hint as to where it was because they were having a hard time finding any of the eggs.  Parker ended up finding the 2 big money eggs, but it was fun watching them and even funner hiding  them, even though I didnt' remember where I hid them, and that ended up being quite a deal towards the end when we really needd to find it so we could go home and enjoy Jerry's famous ribs, and Grandpa's famous homemade root beer. 
  It was a GREAT time at home and enjoying the hills with my family.  so glad i was able to go and spend time with them all, there really is nothing better. 

Rolling Eggs in the Sand

One of my favorite traditions that we do is rolling Easter eggs down the red hills in the sand dunes.  It's about 15-20 minutes away from our house in Orderville and ever since I can remember we have been out to the hills to roll our eggs.  I remember one year it was snowing so bad, but we went out to the hills anyway and made a little trail for our egg in the snow, we didn't last too long but we went out anyway because that was our tradition.  Each year it's a competition between each other who will make the "BEST" trail.  Who can make the longest, twist, turns, tunnels and jumps.  We have had rules where nothing but our hands could be used, but this year I guess anything went.  Jerry brought a rain gutter, and a hoe.  That would have NEVER been allowed when we were younger :)  I found a good spot for our little trail and had big plans for it, but after 4 times of Kasen walking through and over and around it, I gave up, he just kept on destroying all my hard work.  I had a pretty sweet tunnel though through a bush, but then decided that probably wasnt' the best place for the eggs to roll down due to the roots that were underneath and blocking the speed of the egg.  I then turned my attention like many others to Jerry and McKenna's trail.  And also to stuffing the eggs for the Easter Bunny.  He needed lots of help this year:) 
 Daisha loved being in the sand.  She was so filthy by the time we headed home it was great.  She was died red in some places. 
 Here is the winner of the trail making competition this year.  Jerry and McKenna teamed up to make quite a good trail.  They did use props, which I mentioned earlier had never been allowed, but I guess that is what happens when the role of parent and builder are switched and Jerry can make up his own rules.  :)  Everyone started their own little trails, but after a while, everyone had given up on their own and started helping on Jerry's.  There was quite a lot of yelling at the cute little kiddos to not step there, and get away from the trail, and don't knock dirt on the trail.  Poor little guys just wanted to be involved too, but they can really ruin a good easter egg trail:) 
 A view of Daisha from the top of the truck.  She was content playing with the eggs and the dirt. 
 Kasen and Colt were just happy running up and down the sand hills.  There were a few times that I didn't know where he was then found him hiding down and around in the trees off a bit from where we were.  I suspect they were exploring and doing all sorts of cool things that boys do. 
 DeAnna and Uncle Bret working on the trail.
 A view of the winning trail from the top, you cant really tell but there are a few tunnels and the very end is a cute little jump that the eggs land in the soft dirt after. 
 Oh my dirty little girl with her eggs.  She was having fun.
 Me with my kiddos.  We really really missed Tate and wish he were there too, he is a really good trail maker. 
 I am not quite sure what she was doing, and why she wanted to lay down in the dirt, but she just layed there for a litlte bit with her head in the sand.  She kept getting the sand in her mouth, and there really wasn't anything I could about it, especially since she was so set on laying her face in the dirt.  That's just what happens in the hills:)
 This was as we were winding down, picking up teh stuff from the trail.  It was so cute, James was being such a gentleman, holding Rossi's hand and helping her up the hill. 
 Kasen and Colt running up and down the hill. 
 The beginning stage of the Easter bunny hunt.  They were the cutest little Easter bunnies that I know.  We hid tons of eggs and the sand looked so fun and cool with all the different colors of eggs that kept popping out of nowhere.  Wish I would have gotten a picture of the eggs and the dirt. 
 Daisha got in some REALLY great quality Grandpa time.  She was loving Grandpa and he was loving that she wanted to just stay in the truck and play with him.  Of course I think that it helped that he was feeding her a little candy and sneaking in some coke.  Silly Grandpa.  She loved it:)
 I just cherish pictures of my kids with their grandparents.  I know that they will love them when they get older and can appreciate how priceless they are.  How loved they are by their family. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

We were able to go to Orderville for Easter.  We dropped Tate off at his sisters house and said goodbye since we wouldn't be seeing him for a few weeks.  We were lucky enough to get to go down and be in the wonderfully warm weather and spend time with the family. 
 Kasen had been so excited to color eggs for so long, and when the time finally came he just started dumping eggs in every green and blue he could find. Silly boy, he didn't waste any time with any decorating or coloring, just the dying. 
 Here is the crew being busy. 
 Daisha woke up just in time to dunk a few eggs and to take off to the sand dunes.  She was a little sleepy and disoriented but she got a few colored.
 Love these little kiddos.  SOOOO Glad we were able to spend the day with the Jerry Glover family, we don't get to be with those cousins as much as we would like so whenever we can be with them we soak it up.
 Kasen played and played with Colt all weekend long.  Whenever we get these two together they are pretty inseperable and cause all sorts of mischief. 
 Here is Aunt Liz trying out the famous Grandma Glover 3-Wheeled bike. 
 Tate wasn't able to make it so I made him our very own egg.   Fancy huh?
We colored and dyed and drew all over the eggs.  Then we got everything ready to go out to the Sand Dunes to make our trails.  Details of all that fun to come!! Yeah!

Daisha Time

Daisha loves being sprayed with the spray bottle.
She found Kasen's easter basket and was wearing it as a hat.  Loving it and walking around with her new "hat". 
She is still my good little eater.  Definitely follows after her dear ol' Mother:)  She is getting lots more hair and it's growing fast, it's fun to be able to put it up in cute little ponies, this day we just plopped on right on top of her head really fast to get it out of the way!!
Yum Yum Food!