Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In a Nut Shell

The last couple of weeks have been very very FUN for our family. Tate and I celebrated our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary! I would have never dreamed my love could grow so much from 4 years ago, but it has...I love Tate more now than I did when I married him! Now we have a 2 year old little boy in the mix and that certainly adds to the love. My best friend Celeste came and watched Kasen for us until sister Linda stopped by and took over for her:) We went to the Garden House, which we discovered that we have gone there, Every year since we have been married to celebrate our anniversary! I was very excited to have that tradition and not even know it....I can't wait to celebrate 50+ years at the Garden House. Then we went and saw the movie Invictus....we really enjoyed was a good movie! Very uplifting! IT was fun! Happy Anniversary Babe! You're the greatest.
We have very much enjoyed being together during this last month and I am not too excited for when I start school to have such a busy life again! Although I am very excited to be in school again and finish my degree~ It will be a great thing:) We have visited Santa Claus a few times and both times were not very happy. A few pics of the 1st visit to Santa Claus in Orderville.

Waiting in line outside the bank!

Clinging on for Dear life!
Not Very happy

His usual cheese~ Sometimes:)

Friday, December 11, 2009

St. George Expedition

This last Saturday I went to St. George and ran in a 50 mile relay with the one and only Betty C. and Mindy and some of Betty's friends. It was a 5 person team so we each ran 10 miles. It was alot of fun. It wasn't as difficult as the wasatch back and REd rock relay's where I did 3 different legs of different miles...I only did 2 legs and I got my hard 7.4 miler done at the first so that was nice...I didnt' have too bad of legs so it was an enjoyable time. The weather was pretty good, a bit chilly at times, but nice for running! I love doing stuff like this cause it keeps me going and excited to stay in a little bit of shape! Plus it's the best when you can go out and accomplish something with a bunch of your friends! Nothing better! It was fun...thanks Betty!

I can't believe that I am so lucky to have Betty as a friend! She is the BEST!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our New Place

Well, we have decided that we are ready for somewhere to call Home. We moved back to Cedar City a week ago and it's been full of fun already! I have finally gotten most of our stuff cleaned and put away. We got our family pictures taken over Thanksgiving so I am excited to be getting those back and hanging them in our house. I am going to be going back to school and finishing this semester and Tate will be working on a few things here and there. It took us a bit longer to decided what we were going to do becuase we werewaiting on a few things, but decided that if what we want to work out does work out then I will still be able to finish school in the meantime. I have loved being in Cedar seeing my friends and hanging out at the good ol' City league games. We are in a Great ward and tons of our old friends are in the same wards so we are excited! WE went to the Christmas party last night and it was catered by Costa Vida, so we figured that we should stay in this ward just in case the New Years party is like the Christmas party:)
It's interesting being parents now with Kasen getting so old. He is learning how to sleep in his own bed, with help from a little bribary on our part. We tell him that he will get fruit snacks if he sleeps in his bed all by works most of the time:) It's nice and cold and wet here, something that we will just have to get use to.
WE are excited to be going to Talmage this Christmast season to be with the in-laws. I am excited to have Jerry and Casey and Fam coming in a few weeks and can't wait to spend a week or so with them. I miss those guys like crazy!
Life is fun. I am enjoying spending time with Tate and Kasen and am so spoiled to have those two guys in my life:) I am working on getting out Christmas cards so please will you text or write down your addresses or e-mail them to me! I have gotten a few peoples addresses but not alot!!
Merry Christmas!