Monday, May 25, 2009

Bolder Boulder

Today for memorial day we (bev, scott, and I) ran in the the Bolder Boulder.  IT's the biggest 10K road race in the world.  This year there were 54,000 runners there!!  IT was so crazy to see all those people.  The only other race that I have done was last year in Price and it was MUCH MUCH smaller:)  This was so cool though because towards the end you ran into the Colorado Stadium and there were thousands of people in the stands cheering you on in the finish!  People were lined in the streets handing out beer, doritos, watermelon, cupcakes.  That's all I remember seeing, but people were also spraying you with hoses, running through sprinklers, slip and slide and live bands!  If I weren't so tired I would have loved to do all those things, except drink the beer of course!  Anyway, it was just so dang fun to be able to train with my sister and her friends:)  It's always so much fun to be able to do things like this with my sister and be able to bond with her.  Because I am not a runner at all and doing things like this help keep me motivated to accomplish goals and not be so lazy;)  It's actually becoming more fun....the more in shape I become;)  Anyway, it was just an awesome race and it makes me more excited for the Wasatch Back in 3 weeks;) Whew:)  Life is FUN...what's even more great about this day was that TATE was able to be there for it and watch me and support me!  It was PERFECT!!!  PERFECT!!!
High FIVE!  My brother in law Scott on the start of our race!  Wa HOO!!
Here we go!  Good luck!  So much fun!
Bev, Jess, and I with our Army shirts on in honor of Jessi's husband, Edgar who is serving in Irag for the 3rd time.  HOW AMAZING!  
Some of the clan!  Here we go!  Blue and Red ribbons in our hair;)  Support of our veterans!  


Date night:)  It Rained and my hair totally frizzed out!  Of course!  So fun being together!  
At the zoo riding the Giraffe!   Man, it was so great being with him!
Kasen's "cheese"! 

Towards the beginning of  the Surprise, my eyes are quite as red from crying!  From Shock and happiness!!!!

So, I have been in Colorado visiting Bev and missing Tate really bad!!!  He has been doing really good in Texas getting trained for a job he is doing this summer and I am waiting for nothing really anymore, besides the fact that I am running in the Wasatch Back in June and want to do that so I am waiting to go down till then.  Anyway, so I was wanting really really bad to fly out to Austin and visit him and surprise him.  So I was thinking I was very sneaky and planning this whole thing out, while to my surprise Tate was doing the same exact thing, but just one step ahead of me.  So all the people that I was talking about it to, was convincing me to wait a little bit to get my ticket just to see and make sure.  So, that is what I did!  We have been planning this little adventure to the Zoo in Denver and went Saturday morning.  Right when we got there we went to the Lion area, well, because that was at the first of the zoo, and we were all just hanging out there for a while, which I wasn't sure why, but didn't really think much of it.  So while we were trying really hard to see the lions, this person tapped me on the shoulder and said, "excuse me, could you show me where the lions are?"  I turn around and BAM!  THERE HE IS!  I was so SHOCKED!  I honestly have never been so surprised in my life!  I had Kasen in my arms and when I turned around and saw Tate I put Kasen down, for what reason I don't know, and walked away, in complete surprise!  I come back to him and give him a big HUG!  Kasen was so sweet, he didn't really know what was going on but just sat in Tate's arms and snuggled with him!  So this past weekend was just So dang awesome.   I missed him so much and if you can believe it, he missed us even more I think!  So we have had so much fun this weekend being together and enjoying being a little family before he had to leave again!  It was the best surprise I have ever had!!!  I love him so dang much.  I am just honestly so grateful to have a husband who I miss and who misses me and our son.  That makes me love him so much more:)  He is so dang sweet with me and with Kasen and he is the BEST Dad in the whole world.  he is so patient with Kasen and loves teaching him new things. He is the best example of hard work and determination and doing things, anything, to support his family.  And He loves Me:)  What more could a girl ask for:)  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last Thursday night we also were able to go to the circus.  It was so amazing.  Bev had a friend who got box seats so we were able to sit in the box and have the kids just be comfortable and run around.  Which really helped because Kasen was interested in the circus for about half of it, then wanted to be done!  It was really fun though we saw white tigers, elephants and these cute little puppies that were trained really well:)  (Of course)  It was an enjoyable evening and we were all very tired from our day.  It was such a full day of the aquarium and the circus!!  Whew!!  I don't really have many pictures of the circus but it was really cool!
The White tigers.  They were really neat and trained really good!
Mom and Kasen
Aunt Bev and Kasen!  So Cute
Watching the Circus!
the Elephant!
Me and Bev!  so fun!


These are going to be in Random order but you get the picture!  We were able to go to the Aquarium in Denver last thursday with Ethan and his pre-school class.  It was so much fun. Kasen was in AWE the whole time and i never really got a good picture with him looking at me with the fish behind him.  They are all back shots.  It was so cute watching him love all the fish and the different things that were at the aquarium.  
Touching a star fish.  I was surprised but he actually wanted to touch it.  He really wanted to touch all the other fish in their tanks too but that was definately not allowed:) 

This was the creepiest one there I think.  An eel, it was so ugly and I just didn't like it very much;)
Kasen playing at the park.  It was so unbelievably windy there.  I never would have thought that a day could be windier than Talmage, but it proved me wrong here.  I just think this is a cute one of his personality....silly.  He is saying "cheese"
I think that this was toward the beginning where we say Turtles.  He loves loves loves turtles.  And makes me read his turtle book like a million times when we get in the car.  Good thing I have it memorized. 
Ethan and Kasen in front of the Sign!
Us looking at a REALLY cool bird that was up high.  Kasen really really liked it.  
His classic face the whole time we were there.  
The beginning of our Aquarium trip.  And these big jaws!!

On the way to church.  I parted his cute hair like a little missionary and I thought he just looked so dang handsome.  I try to do this and then Tate always makes it spikey:)  Tate wasn't here to mess it up this Tate isn't here to give him another hair cut which he really needs:)  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun in Colorado

Tuesday, we were just hanging out in the afternoon.  Bev went in to do some laundry.  Kasen proceeded to follow.  ON the way he saw the bathroom and told Bev, "Potty" "Potty"... She said jana I think that he wants to go potty!  It was so dang cute because he really wanted to go all by himself.  What was funny he yelled at me everytime I started taking pictures of him.  Luckily I hurried and snapped some before he was too mad at me or too imbarrassed:)  Anyway, he wiped his "Pee Pee" and his "poo poo" and flushed, washed his hands and got his diaper and pants right back on!!!!  WHAT?  He didn't actually really poo and pee but I thought that was pretty AWESOME of my 19 month old!  I think that he just thinks that it's fun....he hasn't been interested today about it.  That was just one crazy thing that had happened...I was so proud of my smart little man!  
Bev has a friend who has a brother who manages a small movie theater here in Ft. Collins..  We went to the movie Hannah Montana yesterday and it was so fun because we got the theater to ourselves and didn't have to pay:)  Yeah.  Kasen did really great for about 1 and 1/2 hours then just wanted to leave right away!  He loved the popcorn and drink of course!  It was just so much fun because we could talk as loud as we wanted to and take pictures it was cool!!!  
Yummy Popcorn!
Us at the MOVIE!  My sweet little man who is growing up so fast.  I wish that I wasn't so dang tired and so I could write down the things that I need to remember!  He is so smart!  He honestly knows at least half of the alphabet and says the letters!  He is talking so well and understand really great for how young he is!  It's so much fun being his mom right now.  I just love him so much!  

     He thinks that he is as big as his cousins Joslyn and Ethan. funny thing.  in the back of the suburban it goes...Kasen, Ethan, Joslyn.  When it's time for them to get out of the car  they usually unbuckle kasen and then head on out of the door.  Kasen tries so hard to be in the front and be right with them so he hurries really fast to get out of his seat.  So, once in a while Ethan is by the seat and Kasen looks at me and Yells..."Ethan, Ethan" like he is trying to go in front of him and that it's his turn or something.  It's really cute.  He doesn't like my help to get out of the car because Ethan does it by his self, Kasen has to do all by himeself too, even if it takes FOREVER:)  CUTE THINGS!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sista Shout out!

I am just really excited to get to spend some time with my sister Bev in Colorado. I just have to say that I have the BEST sisters in the world. They have been so great to me, their "little" sister and have done so much for me! I just love love love them! And love spending time with them!! Shout out to my sistas! LOVE YOU

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Us at Jer's wedding! Kasen didn't want to stop throwing rocks and playing in the dirt.

Brit, Jos, and Bev....cute pic!

My favorite Brothers! Congrats Jer we love you. And David the best man! The best brothers in the world!
The New Glover Family! All of us besides one brother in law were in the picture and able to make it to the wedding. Luckily, he came later and they are going to photoshop him in the real picture. Yeah, we love our new nieces and nephew and sister in law! We are so lucky! Jerry did good:)
My big boy. He played all during the wedding throwing rocks and playing in the dirt. He wasn't very clean for most of the pictures! Oh well!

The sisters....minus Linda. During the wedding ceremony. I saw Aunt Liz taking pictures so struck a pose!:) It was so beautiful!
My newest niece Kirsten and her Daddy Scott! I am so excited to be able to go and spend some time with them in 6 days! I love you guys!

I could not ask for more!

We have had a fun and busy last few weeks. Between Easter, My older brother Jerry getting married, nephew birthday parties, sleepovers, and Tate's graduation it's been a blast! Here is what has been going on!!!

Coloring the Easter Eggs with Dad!
Most of the grandkids coloring away. Thank goodness it stayed at least warm enough to be outside for a bit. After it stopped hailing of course!
Kasen finding his Eggs. We had been preparing him for a few days before so he knew exactly what was in those eggs that he was finding!!
Breaking open his eggs. He had to open every egg before he would go and try to find another one. We tried to keep him from eating the candy too, but he was pretty quick!:)
Tate building his Easter Egg trail. The people that stopped by voted that his was the winner. It was alot of fun...cold...but fun! He got extra points because he made the trail through all the trees and brush. Good for effect!
On our way to a picnic at white sands. We all loaded up in the back of the truck and headed out to play in the dirt. It was so nice and warm! The kids loved running down the sand and eating it head first.
Kasen was wearing Aunt DeAnna's hat and wouldn't give it back to her. He wore it like this for a while peeking through the whole in the was funny!
Colt, one of Kasen's FAVE cousins, was eating dirt and showing Kasen how to do the same. It was so funny.
I was able to go to one best friends,Courtney's, wedding bash. She is getting married next weekend and I am so excited for her, We had fun talking and hanging out like old times. It's so nice to be able to get together with friennds and just chat!
Kasen loves getting "up" on top of everything. He loves to turn the water on and play and play in it. One day, Tate just decided that he could just get all the way in if he wanted to get everything else wet including himself. He had a BLAST...and now wants to do it all the time. Thanks Tate!!!
Kasen and Colt having a bath when they came to sleep over a few weekends ago. They had so so much fun. I love Kasen being able to play with his cousins.
Kasen at Ruger's birthday party. this is where he was most of the time in the garden playing in the dirt and with the hoe.
Sweet Kimber. During Ice cream and cake time she just pulled up her chair, went where no one was bothering her and put up her feet and relaxed while she ate her ice cream and cake. it was awesome! She is so dang cute!
Grandpa playing with Kasen adn Colt. SO FUN!
Splashing in the pool this past weekend for Tate's graduation. He didn't get to far in the water, he was a little nervous about all the water and all the people. So he just stayed on his step and splashed away. He had fun!
he would splash then laugh and laugh. I can't belive how big my baby is! It's so crazy!
Tate's graduation. Him and clayton walking to their seats. It was cool because Pres. MOnson was their commencement speaker and it was just really neat to see him in that setting and even though it wasn't church organized or anything I could feel his spirit radiating and it was just so neat to be so close to him. He gave a great speech and was really fun!
Me and my MAN! I am so proud of him and that he has graduated. I am pretty sure that he is the first guy to graduate in his family. Yeah! Good job BABE!