Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're not really that exciting lately, between driving back and forth from Tate's parents to my parents to Idaho, that seems like that's all we ever do! IT's nice to be in Talmage for a little bit! We are excited to announce that Jentri (Tate's sister) had her sweet little girl last night and I went to visit them today! She is Beautiful and tiny just like her mommy! I am SO excited to be here when she had her, I was afraid I was going to miss it:)

We are excited have pretty much all of Tate's family here this weeknd to celebrate ROy's 60th birthday which was last week!! They are Bringing the Cows home so that should be a fun adventure. We have never been here while they have done it so It should be pretty interesting. Tate loves to be here but hasn't been here for it since before his mission I think, so he is going to miss out, once again!

Tate also got a big elk this past week during his Wasatch hunt! He isn't sure what it scored but he thinks (hopes) 370! WE will see! He had a BLAST though and it was cool he got to hang out with his Uncle, DAD and brother during the hunt. His cousin also was there guiding him so it turned out to be really fun! That's about all we are up to. Nothing too fun. Will post fun pictures as I get them:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

It's Kasen's 2nd birthday today! Happy Birthday to my little guy! I can't believe how lucky and blessed I am to be the mother of this boy. He makes my life worth every second!! Love you bud!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Life in Valley

Life here in the Valley is great. I love being here with all my friends and family! Kasen is so much fun. We went and got his 2 year old pictures taken yesterday by Ann Hepworth who did an amazing job and I can't wait to see all of them. I will put a few that she put on her blog that she had done, it made me cry to look at them and see how fast my little guy is's nuts! I have taken a FULL break from any form of exercise what so ever:) I just have to post a few things and kinda say that I am pretty proud of myself! Two weeks ago I ran in the Top of Utah Half Marathon! I was pretty DANG nervous! I hadn't really been training all that great but decided that I was going to do it no matter what! My good friend Betty came all the way up from Valley to run it with me, since my sis in law got prego and couldn't do it! Then I convinced my SWEETheart of Meagan to do it too. I was pretty nervous, but we finished in just over 2 hours! I was pretty proud of myself, seeing how I am not a runner at all. I did it! Thanks to Betty who pushed me those last 3 miles and for Meagan for being the awesome runner that she is and finishing in 1:50...Awesome..that's my next goal:) Then the next week, my cousin Jaclyn was on a Red Rock Relay Team and they didn't have enough people so Iwent and joined them. IT WAS ROCKIN'. My total mileage was 16.5 and I was the race finisher! It was pretty fun. I get emotional and those kind of things because for me it's such a BATTLE when it comes to getting off the couch and doing something, that when I actually do it and achieve what I set out to do, it's pretty cool for me! WE had a fun pre birthday party for Kasen a few days back. My mom was so sweet. She wanted to do something for him so she got him a cute outfit, a motorcycle toy, and a cool little dump truck. We blew up balloons and had cake and ice cream. Kasen LOVED blowing out his candle. We didn't even get 6 words into Happy Birthday and it was already blown out! He is fun. Sometimes I go up to the high school and practice volleyball with the high school team. It's alot of fun because the coach just wants us to hit really hard at them. I can't hit super hard but I try and it's just fun to practice up for the good ol' Turkey Tourny in November! Tomorrow we are going to St. George to my cousins wedding. I am very excited for her. She is such a great girl and a great friend and deserves more than anything to be as happy as she is! :) Love ya LISHA!
Next week I am hopfully going to be able to spend some quality time with TATE! Well, probably quality is a good word for it, not quantity! He is getting some time off to go and hunt his elk hunt he drew out for in northern utah somewhere! So I will be venturing on up there to hopefully catch a glimpse of my hotty of a hubby! Sure do miss him!

These are the ones that are Ann's Website! I love them! Thanks Ann! I can't WAIT to get the rest!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yellowstone Trip

We had so much fun the weekend before Tate was off to Guide in Yellowstone with Tate's sister Shanna, her hubby Kory and their 2 adorable little girls. I wasn't quite sure how Kasen was going to be but I think that he had a great time! WE got to sleep in a tent and campout! He loved playing in the dirt! I tink that we saw about half of the stuff in yellowstone and it took us all day long. I love learning about stuff like and researching the history of all the things in the park! It was great! We saw alot of buffalo and still Kasen wants to go see more buffalo so when he sees cows he calls them buffalo! Anyway, we had a great time and are hoping to go back to see the rest of the park someday!! It was so much fun spending time with Shanna and Kory!! On Sunday we were able to go to RExburg and see my cousin Kevin's farewell talk and be with some of my family! It was fun seeing them and supporting Kev!

The first of the trip. Here we go!

Old Faithful! It was pretty dang cool!

The old Faithful lodge. It was really well made and really big. I liked it! It's pretty dark but we're up on the 2 or 3rd floor I am not sure!

Hannah was jumping off the little sidewalk thing, so Kasen thought that he needed to do that too. He got some good air going off of it. He got quite the running start too, it was funny!
The fam at one of of the hot springs! They were pretty cool, and it was fun tosee them, although maybe next time without a toddler, it will be less worrysome watching out for Kasen and hoping that he didn't fall in. Tate did a good job of it! The fam at a pretty spot~!
Us at a mud hole! It stunk pretty bad!
My favorite spot we visitied. We hiked down this little trail and got to what they call the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. it was awesome!

At the grand canyon

Another cool thing!
All in all we had a great trip.