Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have these cute pictures from the weekend we spent in Talmage.  We have so much fun when we visit Grandma and Grandpa.  Daisha's crazy hair cracks me up, always.  Kasen loves wearing his skeleton shirt (thank you wally world) and skeleton jammies.  I love Daisha's cheesy smile, the way she crinkles up her nose.  Just can't get enough of her. 
 Kasen and Tate working on hitting the ball with a back scratcher.  If you can hit it with a back scratcher, he should be able to hit the ball with a bat, it's the way we train:)
 Still working on the follow through!
 But the stance don't look too bad:)  He is funny, he likes to play sports, but he isnt' too "in" to one or the other.  We don't really push him to do anything, maybe that's a bad thing I don't know.  When we go places here, people just automatically think that he should be all into basketball because we were.  It's funny, and it's totally okay with us that he's 4 and doesn't have a preference:)  In my opinion that is very normal.
 Daisha, oh Daisha.  I just love that girl. This picture makes me smile.  I can see a little bit of me when I look at this picture and I like that.  She is definately getting more acquainted with what we call seperation anxiety.  I can't leave the room without her letting me know about it. I love it because she comes and finds me wherever I am, sometimes I have my hands full and just can't hold her all day long, that makes her sad, but we get by.  She is healthy and growing.
1 Year old Stats:)
Height: 32.6 - 98+%
Weight: 21 - 50%
Head: ? - 75%

She is growing healthy and strong and I am so grateful.  She is more and more confident with her walking and loves that she can just take off.  She plays pretty well with Kasen still, if he won't wrestle and tackle her.  She doesn't so much like those games.  She loves to walk around and blow on our little play recorder and make music.  She likes to stack things, put things in bowls, take things out of places, I would say what a normal 1 year old likes to do. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 1

Well, I am coaching the 8th grade girls basketball team here in Firth.  We have 11 girls which worked out great for me.   I didn't have to cut anyone.  We had "tryouts" the first day, I just decided to call it practice and get started.  We have had 5 practices and our team has improved GREATLY!  They are fun to get to know and it's interesting to try and coach and teach them everything that they need to know by their first game.   I don't think that we will get it all by next Tuesday, but that is okay.  My favorite memory so far is teaching them rebounding.  I had them 5 on 5 around the 3-point line working on finding the offense and turning and boxing out.  I shot the ball, the defense kept letting the offense get it.  I finally just said, come on Defense, go and get the ball, you can do it.  A few girls stopped, looked at me and one said, "Oh, we are suppose to try and get the ball too?"   I just sighed and laughed, she didn't realize that's the point of rebounding and boxing out, to get the BALL!!!!  Oh funny stuff, they are really really hurtining the fundamental aspect of the game, but we are working on it.  I made a girl cry the 2nd day after conditioning, not sure they have ever been pushed, I love it.  They are tryying  hard and working hard to learn and get better.  It's going to be a challenge now to try and coach them in a game, and sub and do all of that.  I hope I can learn quick.  It's easy to teach them in practice and run a practice, but a game is going a bit more of a challenge.
  My little family is still great and wonderful:)  We are loving fall and the colors of the leaves.  This is definately my favorite time of year.  Although Kasen keeps asking when it's going to be winter and actually wished for snow today.  UGH, I am not ready for it to be winter yet, it was just here and it can wait a while longer I think.  We are excited because DAISHA is officially walking everywhere.  She has a good wide stance and balances.  She goes more side to side, than front but she gets where she wants to go.  Today we had family home evening at the elementary where they have benches and a little podium.  It was cute, Kasen loves to lead and sing songs.  Daisha loved to squish the lady bug that we found.  My mom is here staying for a while again, I am so glad.  She stays with the kids while I go to practice in the morning and they stay asleep, it works out GREAT for me:)  I am working on getting our 1 year supply of foods and essentials.  It's been fun canning and doing a few things as far as that goes.   I think I did my last batch of salsa, it was too salty, but will get eaten I think.  I am just rambling now, I need to write more often of more important fun things that we do daily, and be able to remember the cute things I think that my kids say.  Kasen is missing his Dad while he is gone for a few days at a time.  It's interesting to watch how much of an impact that a Dad has on a litte boy.  Little boys need Fathers!  Kasen had his first primary program today.  He totally rocked his part.  "The Book of Mormon is the word of God."  We practiced all week.  It's fun to watch the primary program, one of my favorite times of year in sacrament meeting.  Daisha loves to wave and smile to all the people behind us.  They love her!   Life is good!  Can't complain!

Monday, October 10, 2011


We were able to go to Talmage over the weekend to celebrate Brenda's 60th birthday party.  It was quite a surprise because I was pretty sure that Tate was going to have hunts and we were going to have to leave early Sat. morning if he even got off.  So, I wasn't prepared when he called home and said that he was taking the hunt off and we would be able to go.  We stayed home Thursday and celebrated Daisha's birthday which is the day before Brenda's and then left Friday morning and got into Talmage that afternoon.  It's always fun to be with family and be able to let Kasen play with his cousins. 

Daisha holding on to her Daddy's hands walking all over the gym.  One of her favorite activities. 

Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen with all their grandkids.  Cute crazy bunch. 

Sorensen's with their spouses.  Two of the sisters were husbandless so we are missing 2 but here is the family.
Roy and Brenda with their 6 children:)

Tate and his little girl.  I am not sure if you have noticed his new stache that he is sportin'......well, apparently it was handle bar September on the ranch and he just hasn't quite let it go yet....Ha ha, Lovin' both of their faces in this picture!

All the grandkids putting on their show for Grandma.  Their own little surprise.  They were behind the curtains, somebody had to open them up and they all sang happy birthday, it was cute.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

1 Year Old

Happy Happy Birthday Daisha Dana'.  We love you so much.  Your birthday was all that you ever wanted it to be.  We hung out with Dad and Kasen and played all day long.  You had a wonderful nap, we went and got you a few little toys, we bought you some pizza (your favorite:) and then had a wonderful birthday cake that was half green and half purple.  Your dad made it special for you, he is quite the baker:)  You are such a joy to our lives. 
I honestly think that was the fastest year of my life.  It seems like yesterday that we were driving to the hospital to have you.  I haven't taken her to get her year appointment yet so we don't know how much she has grown but that is coming up soon.   Daisha is still working on walking, she is getting more brave every day on going out on her own.  She loves to walk around holding on to my fingers.  We would walk all day long if I could bend over that long.  She has the most wonderful smile, she grins and crinkles up her nose.  She is getting her molars and they have given her a little bit of grief, but I think that they are almost through.  We love this little girl.  She is developing quite a cute personality and keeps us laughing every day. Kasen still likes her  Ithink, and they play pretty good together once in a while.  He likes to play a little too rough most times.  Happy Birthday.  Hopefully this year will go a little slower than the last one did.