Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 1

Well, I am coaching the 8th grade girls basketball team here in Firth.  We have 11 girls which worked out great for me.   I didn't have to cut anyone.  We had "tryouts" the first day, I just decided to call it practice and get started.  We have had 5 practices and our team has improved GREATLY!  They are fun to get to know and it's interesting to try and coach and teach them everything that they need to know by their first game.   I don't think that we will get it all by next Tuesday, but that is okay.  My favorite memory so far is teaching them rebounding.  I had them 5 on 5 around the 3-point line working on finding the offense and turning and boxing out.  I shot the ball, the defense kept letting the offense get it.  I finally just said, come on Defense, go and get the ball, you can do it.  A few girls stopped, looked at me and one said, "Oh, we are suppose to try and get the ball too?"   I just sighed and laughed, she didn't realize that's the point of rebounding and boxing out, to get the BALL!!!!  Oh funny stuff, they are really really hurtining the fundamental aspect of the game, but we are working on it.  I made a girl cry the 2nd day after conditioning, not sure they have ever been pushed, I love it.  They are tryying  hard and working hard to learn and get better.  It's going to be a challenge now to try and coach them in a game, and sub and do all of that.  I hope I can learn quick.  It's easy to teach them in practice and run a practice, but a game is going a bit more of a challenge.
  My little family is still great and wonderful:)  We are loving fall and the colors of the leaves.  This is definately my favorite time of year.  Although Kasen keeps asking when it's going to be winter and actually wished for snow today.  UGH, I am not ready for it to be winter yet, it was just here and it can wait a while longer I think.  We are excited because DAISHA is officially walking everywhere.  She has a good wide stance and balances.  She goes more side to side, than front but she gets where she wants to go.  Today we had family home evening at the elementary where they have benches and a little podium.  It was cute, Kasen loves to lead and sing songs.  Daisha loved to squish the lady bug that we found.  My mom is here staying for a while again, I am so glad.  She stays with the kids while I go to practice in the morning and they stay asleep, it works out GREAT for me:)  I am working on getting our 1 year supply of foods and essentials.  It's been fun canning and doing a few things as far as that goes.   I think I did my last batch of salsa, it was too salty, but will get eaten I think.  I am just rambling now, I need to write more often of more important fun things that we do daily, and be able to remember the cute things I think that my kids say.  Kasen is missing his Dad while he is gone for a few days at a time.  It's interesting to watch how much of an impact that a Dad has on a litte boy.  Little boys need Fathers!  Kasen had his first primary program today.  He totally rocked his part.  "The Book of Mormon is the word of God."  We practiced all week.  It's fun to watch the primary program, one of my favorite times of year in sacrament meeting.  Daisha loves to wave and smile to all the people behind us.  They love her!   Life is good!  Can't complain!


The Pearson's said...

OH my goodness! We had our primary presentation as well... Obviously I don't have kids but I LOVE watching and listening. I was blown away at the kids that memorized their parts! So fun!
Awesome for you to be coaching! What a fun enjoyable challenge that must be! Toughin those girls right up!
..and...Yes you guys soon will read a blog post of mine where it is YOU and Tate visiting! You will regret it if you don't take advantage of us living here! Everything would BE FREE other than your flights. Chan and I always fly into Vegas so we get our flights cheap because they make it cheap for Hawaiians to fly to vegas (they LOVE Vegas) so we go to and click on "View monthly rates" instead of selected a particular exact day to fly. Its better to view the whole months then try to pick a day. They raise flight prices if you select an exact date to fly- if that makes sense. I don't think Hawaiian flies to Utah or Idaho. But also expedia, travelocity, cheap tickets etc are good at times. We have never payed more than 375 round trip!
Chans family flew out of SLC for 400 RT thats good too! Anywho! Sorry that was a lot ha! We are coming home for Christmas for two weeks are you going to be around at all?
Glad to hear you guys are happy and doing well!