Monday, October 10, 2011


We were able to go to Talmage over the weekend to celebrate Brenda's 60th birthday party.  It was quite a surprise because I was pretty sure that Tate was going to have hunts and we were going to have to leave early Sat. morning if he even got off.  So, I wasn't prepared when he called home and said that he was taking the hunt off and we would be able to go.  We stayed home Thursday and celebrated Daisha's birthday which is the day before Brenda's and then left Friday morning and got into Talmage that afternoon.  It's always fun to be with family and be able to let Kasen play with his cousins. 

Daisha holding on to her Daddy's hands walking all over the gym.  One of her favorite activities. 

Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen with all their grandkids.  Cute crazy bunch. 

Sorensen's with their spouses.  Two of the sisters were husbandless so we are missing 2 but here is the family.
Roy and Brenda with their 6 children:)

Tate and his little girl.  I am not sure if you have noticed his new stache that he is sportin'......well, apparently it was handle bar September on the ranch and he just hasn't quite let it go yet....Ha ha, Lovin' both of their faces in this picture!

All the grandkids putting on their show for Grandma.  Their own little surprise.  They were behind the curtains, somebody had to open them up and they all sang happy birthday, it was cute.