Saturday, February 25, 2012


There aren't too many words that describes this little picture.  They had built a bear cave and were the cutest little bears in the whole world.  I love their smiles. 
I sometimes need to take a step back and refresh my perspective and attitude about my role.  I am slowly but surely gaining a stronger testimony about being a stay at home mom and the joys that come from raising a family.  I have always known that is what I want to do, I think that because of the example from my own mother, but I sometimes wonder if it was blind faith at first.  I am beginning to really and deeply understand the beauty of my calling and decisions that I have made to allow me to be a mother.  I am extremely grateful to Heavenly Father for guiding me here to this place and relish in the fact that I have these adorable people to call me:)  Speaking of which, Daisha is awake from her nap calling out "mama, mama".  I am excited because when I walk in that room to pick her up from her crib, she is giong to be so Excited to see me.  It's kinda nice being a mom, at least I know she likes me:)

Last Night in CO

I need to catch up on my trip to CO so I am finally doing it.  The last night I was there, Linda took me to get a massage.  It was fabulous.  Absolutely fabulous, after we went to a cute greek restaurant and she introduced me to "a flaming piece of cheese".  It has some fancy greek word, but here it is, on fire, we gobbled it all up after it stopped being on fire:)  Then I sampled a few other greek appetizers that were pretty yummy.  It was so nice to go out with Linda to visit and catch up.  She truly is wonderful.  I just love her.  I am sad that I didn't get a picture of the two of us :(
 Earlier in the day, Kasen and Kirsten were outside without shoes on in the snow.  They gathered some really yummy looking snow, not, and started eating it, so we decided to make snow cones/slushies out of their yummy snow.  They were having a blast. 
Eating up the rest of their snow.  It was a fun trip.  We made it back home safely and were able to stop by Wendy's house again on the way home.  I woke up to inches and inches of snow on my car, so that had me a little worried, driving through wyoming in a snow storm is not my idea of fun, but the weather turned out to be good.  It's always nice to be with family, I don't get much family time in Idaho so whenever I can get it, I really enjoy it.  It is also nice to have Tate back home from his trip, although he had a blast and we are so glad he was able to go. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have just made like 5 or something new posts about our new adventures, so if you want to get them in order, you should read ahead quite a few.  So this is the last post of the day.  
I was playing dinosaurs before bedtime and then started telling kasen and kirsten a bedtime story about the little teranadon that didn't want to go to sleep.  Kasen was out like a light.  He played and played with his buddy dash while we were out to eat and just has been waking up so early and having late nights with family and granted, it is like 9:30, way past his bedtime.  I sure do love and adore him, he is such an awesome boy. He is really into terranadons.  

It's a boy

 Last night I got to be apart of a very fun thing.  Bev and Scott had their big ultrasound and had the tech put the gender of the baby in an envelope, we then went out to eat at yummy yummy and too much food Rodizio grill for scotts birthday and the big occasion.  bev had the waiter write whatever the gender was on the dessert plate and it was awesome.  They came out with a candle, and a piece of paper hiding the cute little "its a boy" sign.  They were thrilled, wanting a boy badly.
 Ethan  was so so happy to be getting a little brother.
 Joslyn is also very excited to be getting a little brother.
 It's a boy.  
Me with my most beautiful sister on their fantastic night.  

Little Ladies

Here is Daisha in the tub with her cousins.  I love tub pictures with cousins.  I love looking at the ones of me when I was a girl, they are so cute.  I have a really cute one of me and my cousin Jen, who we were pretty good friends growing up. 
 Daisha was done smiling, I told her to say cheese and she started shaking her head no no no.
 But Alana was not done with her cheeses.  
 This picture makes me think that my little girl looks a little like me.  We have a few similarities in my opinion, and I like it:)
 I just absolutely love and adore this little girl.  She makes me so happy.  

Night Sledding

Kasen loves to go sledding and has been going night sledding almost every night this week.  He won't go all by himself, but that's okay cause he usually has his cousins that loves to go too, but he has to wait for them to get home from school.  so here is joslyn and kasen night sledding.  they were adorable.
Every time a car would drive past they would hurry and hide, so a kidnapper wouldn't see them.  Bev has an awesome driveway that is just perfect for sledding, not so perfect for me trying to drive my little dinky non four wheel drive car up though.  So at the end of the driveway they hide under their sleds.

Here he is still with his mask.  So much fun.
Sliding down the driveway.
Kasen steered himself right into the fence, got up and went again, the next time he steered a little better and stayed on the path.
I don't think that he can see very well, maybe that's why he ran into the fence.  It was so much fun watching them.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Denver Aquarium

We went to Denver on a trip to the Aquarium.  I thought it was really fun and cool, and I think that Kasen had a really great time too.  Here we are at the beginning with our map.  All Kasen wanted to see were the sharks.  He kept telling me over and over again that he wanted to go to the sharks, therefore he didn't really see much of anything else as we walked through because of his excitement for the sharks.  I kept telling him that he needed to look at all the other cool fish because the sharks were at the very end.  
We did make him stop and take a few pictures along the way.  he even did look at some of the other cool  simming creatures that we saw.
In the desert, where it was having a flash flood.  This part totally reminded me of the slot canyons in Orderville, where you hike through and hope that it doesn't rain while your in there!
Counting the rattle snakes and the rattles on each one.  There were I think 8 in that little spot!
I loved all the bright colored fishies.  These ones had alot of sea horses.
Just another forced camera shot:) Love you Kasen, thanks for cooperating with your mother!
isabelle looks like she is a little glowing angel, which she is a little adorable angel in real life:)
These fish were so huge, I can't remember their names right now, but they were really big, and not too cute.  But cool to look at.
Just playing by the tiger place!
Finally, the shark exhibit.  It's hard to take really good pictures in the aquarium where you can see both the child and the fish really well, anyway, Kasen loved it and there were a few really cool mean looking sharks with exposed teeth that were awesome.
Looking at the jellies.  They are really cool pretty animals.
More sharks.  
Okay, one thing about Kasen.  He hates to try anything New or different.  He doesn't like to try new foods and really gets himself worked up EVERY single time we Make and force him to try something different food wise, so worked up that he is practically throwing up before the food even gets to his mouth.  It's maddening.  Anyway, I told him that I was going to make him touch the stingrays, and he was not going to do that, NO WAY.  As i was grabbing his hand and forcing it toward the water he threw a Royal fit, I know that sounds mean to make him try it, but i really think that he would think it's cool, if he would just TRY it.  I didn't have the energy to fight him in that big public place, so he went home without touching a sting ray.  Wish he would have, but he didn't seem to care that he didn't.
Anther round through the sharks.  
He was lucky enough to get his face painted.  He chose as you can tell a green bat man.  He is still wearing this even though it's been almost 2 full days, he had a bath last night and was extremely careful not to ruin it, it's probably going to be coming off tomorrow.  It's been a fun thing though to be a green batman for a few days.

Here we are waiting for the tiger training show.  This was probably my favorite part of the whole day.  It was really neat seeing the tiger obey the commands of the trainers and jump into the water.
Here he is swimming away, I was really fascinated by the whole thing.  
The tiger jumped off the rocks into the water and swam and touched the white paddle that the trainer was holding, then a whistle would blow and he swam to the other side of the water, hopped on the rocks and went and did some more things clear on the other side with another trainer.  Pretty amazing animal.
Kasen and James right next to a tiger.
Here he was being fed meat that smelled Horrible!  
The kids next to the tiger, Heran.  He was so cool to watch.  
And ending our trip on our way out getting a few good pictures with the shark.
What a fun day we had at the Aquarium.  Next time we visit we will be going to the museum, I hear that's pretty cool too.  It was a great day with Kasen and his cousins.  We loved it!