Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Welcome Home

Some of the friends and family that came to Welcome David home! I had to put this one of Betty on here. Even though right after that she took one smiling:)

Dad and Mom patiently waiting!

Jerry and his new fiance' CASEY! McKenna and Parker. Chloe was too busy waiting for the missionaries to come home!
I love this picture so much! Kasen is learning how to use his utensils and he was trying very hard to pick up his jello that kept sliding all over the place. He was so cute!
Family Pic! Us waiting for Uncle David!
Don't worry that I never got one picture of the actual event of David coming home. IT was a great time though and very exciting. We are so happy to have him back in Utahand not in Texas anymore. I am so glad that he is going to be coming to SUU and going to school so he can hang out with us all the time! I love that kid!

Fall Festivities

Here are a few pictures of some things that we did this Fall!

Fun Snow picture!
Kasen loves loves horses. His great uncle Derrel was kind enough to let him ride for a second!

During our Elk hunting trip with Tate's family. All Kasen wanted to do was go and see the horses. Even in the rain and snow! It was cold:)
Us once again seeing the horses
Kasen holding the horns of the biggest elk that was killed on the mountain this fall! It was pretty fun!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Staying Busy & Loving Life

Okay so this post will be pretty boring and I keep putting off posting because I don't have any fun pictures with me ever. But I decided that I will write anyway. Here I am in Lincoln, Nebraska just hanging out before the team goes to eat! I am simply just loving what I am doing right now. It has all the things that I love. Being able to help the girls out whenever and whatever they need....make cookies for in the gym and around basketball and learn from some really great coaches and people. So all in all..I am loving my job so far. I do not love, however, the fact that I miss Kasen terribly and also TATE! And it's only been 1 day. So I guess I will survive.
Let me think....the biggest news that has been going on is that BEV had her baby. AND DAVID got home. MY little brother is home from his mission and I couldn't be more excited. The same day that he was flyng in Bev my sister had her little baby in the morning. IT was a little girl. They named her Kirsten Jacqueline THomason. Weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 4 ounces. Great job BEV! I can't wait to see that little thing and hold her and give her kisses!
It was so great to see David. He looks so Good! he is still a little bit "wierd and Missionary" but that is a good thing think. But he is still his good ol' fun loving self! All in all the week has been a great one for the Glover family.
Kasen is so dang cute. he is running faster and faster and likes to be silly and play and joke around with us. He says "mom" really well and also Grandpa. He loves his grandpa's very much. he also says Dad too....But I like him to say MOM! He has his bottom "I" teeth and I am glad that his top ones are pushing through because I hate to see him feeling bad! He loves to eat apples, and gets everything stuck in his snaggle tooth on the bottom. I know that i have just been rambling on about him but I need to write some things down about him while I remember.
I hope that we win tonight! Go T-Birds!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some Pictures

Okay, so I only have a few pictures, thanks to Meagan, of one of the last nights that I was in Idaho. All the "guide" wives got together for a little dinner and chit chat. It was alot of fun and I found myself wondering why in the world we weren't doing that weekly. Emily had the aweseomest dogs for Kasen to play with and he loved being there. He had one little thing that may have made him have a better night, which was he smacked his forehead on the corner of the desk. He had a pretty huge goose egg on his noggin. He was really tough though and got right back up and started playing!! So here they are....He didn't really like mommy kisses!~
Isn't he ADORABLE?

You can really see his bump on his head in this picture!
My favorite little Boy

Humble and Grateful

After a long long debate and decision making, I have been offered the assistant women's coach job at SUU. I have gone back and forth many many times on whether I wanted and should do this and finally am doing it. I am pretty excited. I think that it will be a crazy, hectic time but I know that I will learn so much and be able to support my family in alot of ways! I am very humbled tonight though to say that my coach, Coach Hodson, passed away last night after a very long battle with cancer. I am thinking in a very selfish way to think that I am sad to not be able to be associated and learn from him this season. But I am so grateful to have been coached by him and have him a part of my life. I am very Grateful!
Tate is still in Idaho working for another week and I am staying with my parents for a week before he gets here to move to Cedar City. I am excited to start this new stage in our lives. I had a great time in Idaho and met some really awesome people whom I will never forget!! Shout out Meag..I am going to miss you the mostest:) Love you! I wish I had more pictures of my adventures in Idaho, but sadly I have none! Sorry!