Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warning...Long...really long post

What's been going on? Hum..I still don't have any pictures, Tate has our camera, so my blog is pretty BORING! This past wednesday a few great friends from here threw me a Baby shower! (Thanks MEG!) Meagan, Kathy and Lauren had a baby shower for me at Meags house and it was wonderful. We had a GREAT lunch of Olive Garden and I got to visit a bit more with the few women that I do know up here, it was Lovely. A few ladies came that I really don't know that well, and I was glad to visit with them, and it was really nice of them to come anyway! I got tons of cute outfits, and a great bundleMe which I am Stoked for, I hear it gets pretty chilly up here in Idaho! I think its safe to say, she can come any time and I would be pretty ready for her. I loved chatting with Lauren whom I haven't seen in Forever, so it was great seeing her and her cute baby girl. Thursdays was a pretty chill day. Tate was off, so it was GREAT. We went to idaho Falls, ran some errands and had lunch at a cute local restaurant called Micks which reminds me of J.V.'s from my childhood with their homemade hamburger buns...Yummy..I will be visiting them again soon I am afraid. It was funny when I walked in because itw as just Kasen and I, and I wasn't sure if we just seated our selves or were seated by someone so Istood there fora minute, I got a LOT of stares from the "locals" who were wondering who I was and why I was just sitting there. It was just nice spending time with tate before he had to take off that evening back for work.
Friday Kasen had his 1st Dentist appointment. Which he did AWESOME at. I hate to say that his teeth didn't do so awesome. Poor little guy has two cavities. One on each side of his lower back ones. So we are going back tomrrow to get one filled and then another time to get the other one filled. I wish that he would just do it all at the same time, get it over with. We will see how it goes tomorrow, I am not looking forward to it and it's times like this where I wish Tate could be there with me or be the one to go with him. I don't know why I try to schedule things where I think that he may be able to make it, in the end..he never does! After the dentist we went to the homecoming parade of the Firth Cougars. It was cute. Short and perfect and lots of candy. After we took David to Dillon, MT to meet his lovely wifey. Which long story short, I was ANNOYED becuase I took the wrong way for like 30 minutes, so it took us like an hour or more longer to get up there, by the time we reached Montana, I was DONE driving, and so was Kasen. Luckily, thedrive back only took 2 hours and Kasen slept most of the way. What we do for the siblings we love.....pshh. We missed the homecoming footballl game that I was excited to go to, but they won which was good. Saturday we ...what did we do..? it was just yesterday and I can't remember...Oh ya...cleaned up a little bit. I love that I have found the trick to getting Kasen to help clean up his toys just a tid bit faster. Start vacuuming. He is Deathly afraid that I am going to vacuum up all the stuff in the living room, so he really books it while doing his chores and cleaning up his toys and stuff in the living room so they won't get vacuumed up! he does such an AWESOME job too, so proud of him:) We also took a drive up the mountains and went and visited Tate at spike camp. He knew he was going to be too busy to really have tiem to come home probably till Wednesday so we drove up there to see him for a few hours. It was a fun bumpy ride on the 4-wheeler, which hopefully got me dialated to a 1 at least:) we took a fun hike, and had some yummy dutch oven food. We got home and got ready to go to the Relief Society Broadcast, I am so blessed and lucky enough to have a GREAT friend who's husband watched Kasen while we went together. It was so NICE!! I was seriously looking forward to it for a while, to just be able to sit there, quietly, and listen to the messages. It was such a GREAT broadcast...I recommend everyone listening to it. Maybe it was just so great becuase it was EXCACTLY what i needed., I taught the sunday school lesson to the 16-17 year olds....which was fun/wierd..I still feel like I am one of them! Sacrament was difficult with Kasen beinga little bit of a stinker, we had to go out and sit for a minute till he calmed down, then he did okay the rest of the meeting. Our great friends Lisa and Darren Jolly invited us over for Sunday dinner and we stayed there till 8 just hanging out, playing with their 2 girls. IT was So so nice. not being all alone today. I don't know what it is about them, but I just feel really really blessed to be here and meet these people. I am her visiting teacher and I just feel so insignificant when I go and try and teach her something in the v.t. lesson.....she is the one who is teaching me Everything...she is such an amazing person, friend, wife, mom, that I honestly don't have 1 thing that she could learn from me....I wonder why in the world do I even go there and try, but it's not really for her...It's for ME! I sure am blessed:)
That's the catch up for the week. We are doing great, I am getting more and more anxious to have this baby. I have had a FEW wierd/crazy dreams about her, which I hope NONE come true. We are loving it here, I really don't want to leave. I would love to make this our home and build a life in this cute little community. WE will see what our future holds! I am going to go and TRY to sleep now....not going to happen but at least the pillow is more comfortable than this steel chair!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Years Ago

Three years ago my Kasen was born. It was such an amazing, emotional, wonderful time, and I looking and remembering back to that day. Yesterday was his birthday and I kept thinking to this time 3 years ago I was.....going into the hospital, going through labor, having enough of labor and asking for an epidural, getting my epidural, pushing and finally being able to hold my big baby boy. He is the best thing that has happend to our family. He is honestly my best friend. We do everything together, and although at times it gets hard and trying, I would NOT trade it for anything. I hope we can continue to have a good relationship and that he always thinks of me as someone he Loves and Trusts with anything life is throwing at him. We had a fun little party while Tate was here on Wednesday and he opened his presents and had cake. Then on Thursday we had another little party for him and he got to play with a few friends which is so fun for him, he is a little social butterfly. Very kind and open, very loving and easy to forgive which it's usually me:) He is very active, and hardly ever sits still, even if he is watching a favorite movie he is wiggling and moving all around while trying to still pay attention to his show:) He loves the color Green, trains, horses, cows, playing at the park. He loves playing pretend with any animals. Playing usually starts out with a mom, dad and baby something , he has started to include baby sister in the mix of things, and says that she has gotten bigger now so she can play and we can go and get her from the hospital. (giraffe, dinosaur, horse, puppy, you name it) then after only a few seconds of playing nice and small talk in comes the mean monster that is going to eat the baby and the daddy has to save it and then it just ends up usually fighting with the monster. I am not sure about it, very boyish I guess. He loves Tigers, playing tigers, watching tigers, reading about Tigers. the only non cereal breakfast that he really likes are pancakes and luckily he likes my whole grain ones, so it helps out in his picky eating habits. he is very smart, counts to 20 and higher sometimes, knows his ABC's and recognizes them, can also write a few letters (t, and l mostly) He is our little negotiator. Every SINGLE thing has to be negotiated to terms that he agrees with. Example: Kasen it's bedtime lets read some books. You only get 3 tonight becuase it's late, no I want 5 mom, no 3 Kasen, no 5 Mom, okay then maybe you should just 0 books, okay 3 books mom. I look at him and can't believe how big and old he is, and then realize that I don't take enough time to just look at him and be amazed at this little guy! He is going to be one Amazing big brother and I am excited for this new adventure in our family.

Happy Birthday 3 years old. I made a monkey cake and was actually impressed. You all KNOW how crafty I am.....ZERO crafty, but it actually looked like a monkey, and Kasen loved it, so I was the hero for the night:)

35 1/2 weeks Pregnant. Oh all honesty I am feeling like it's getting time:) I am not sick, or really hurting too bad, but starting to really feel the effects of me not taking really great care of myself during this pregnancy and the weight on my body. I know, I know.....blah blah I am pregnant! Anyway she is starting to feel really low which makes it hard for me to sit down ever and then try and get up. I am starting to feel like I waddle which just makes me laugh:) Anyway, I am so GRATFUL and BLESSED to have this Baby girl inside me. She kicks me, rolls over, and lets me know all day long that she is alive and well. That is all that really matters. I am so excited and blessed to have this baby girl. I am very excited to hold her in my arms and try to be a mom to a little girl:) I am going to need some luck in that department I think:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


New post will be coming soon...I hate blogging without pictures and for the time being..I have no new ones. I went to Orderville for a week, had a blast. Was able to attend BFF Celeste's Bridal Shower...I had a baby sat for a funeral, and canned peaches and peach jam. It was a very fun and eventful week. 5 more weeks to go till this little girl is that is crazy. I don't really think about it much, but when I do, it blows my mind. Tate is doing well on the mountain...I am doing well at home and Kasen is growing up too fast. He is going to be a great big brother.