Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last weekend we went to Zilker Park. It was pretty cool, I guess seeing that we really didn't see what it had to offer. We had fun playing in the education building with the air conditioning. We didn't get in line soon enough to go to the water area so we left and came to my house and went swimming in our pool. It was a fun day in the heat and with all the kids. We are feeding the missionaries tonight and I am fixing a yummy recipe that Casey gave me. Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice and this broccoli salad. I actually have never even made it or had it before so I hope that it turns out okay. I will let you know! I hear that it is awesome though:) I am excited for the 4th of July weekend. It will be fun hanging out will all the people here and doing the stuff that is around Where Casey and Jerry live. Some fun pictures of the weekend!

McKenna posing! She is so dang funny! And pretty much the coolest girl in the world;) I am so lucky to be her aunt now. And need I mention her new FAVORITE one at that:)
My little man!

I love this picture. IT totally describes how Kasen and Chloe are. Kasen just adores her and she is so dang cute all the time. She is such a silly little girl and I love it!
Tate and I in the building with Air conditioning. Awweee sweet air conditioning.
McKenna, Parker, and Chloe learning how the water flows into the river that we were by. It was all about rain fall and flowing into the ocean and stuff like that. Interesting!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goin' Ons

WE have been having alot of fun lately. I just have a few pictures of some of the few things we have done here lately. Tate has softball games every Wednesday after work with his company, so we all get to go and watch that. I just think that I get way too into them and you would think that I wouldn't be so dang competitive. It's okay, becuase so is Tate, even though its "just softball". It's fun to go and watch and be around all the other wives and their kids from Tate's work! We love going to Casey and Jerry's house. Chloe and Kasen play so fun together and it's so nice to have him be with her. She is fun to play with! WE went to a splash park the other night and it was so fun. I hadn't ever been to one and Kasen throughouly enjoyed himself. He is liking the swimming pool more and more and getting braver each time we go....which is alot because it's so blasted hot here. It seriously is hotter at 6 at night than at noon. Which you would think it would cool down. It doesn't. We are liking Austin and having so much fun. We have planned alot of fun things to do in July. We are planning on going to Zilker Park today, it's suppose tobe a fun park here in Austin, so we will see! AT the softball game!
Chloe and Kasen reading books in the back of the car! He just loves her!

Kasen with Tate's sunglasses on. I just thought that this was a cute picture. He is growing up so fast. I can keep up!
Last night, Chloe, Parker and McKenna had a sleepover with us. When I said that it was time for Kasen to go to bed, Chloe got him and put him in there and got in herself. She said that they both were going to go to sleep in there. It was funny.
In their bed. Trying to go to sleep. Chloe has alot of stuffed animals that she lets Kasen sleep with. He just goes along with pretty much everything that she says. It's fun to watch!
I want to just hurry and write some things about Kasen that I can remember so I don't forget. I try and remember all the things that he does all day long, but there are so many cute things that I think are cute that I can't really remember them all.
Last night, when we were getting him ready for a bath, I took his shirt off and his shorts and left his diaper on. AS we were waiting for the bathroom to be available, he proceeds to take his diaper down, and put his little "pee-pee" out of the front of his diaper, like any normal boy and says, "going pee pee". the pees all over the carpet floor. I just look at Tate...like what in the heck..how does he know that? Tate says, well that 's how the big boys do it! Ha ha...anyway, so he thought that he was pretty funny, and then kept trying to do it. I could tell he knew what he was doing because he would say Pee pee and then try and push all the pee out. He didn't really have any left, but he kept trhing to push it and only little dribbles would come out. Anyway, it was just really funny! He is talking so good. he likes to tell Chloe and Parker and McKenna what to do. He is fun!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ragnar Relay

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to fly back to Utah and run in the Wasatch Back with my sister in law and some friends from Orderville. let me just say that it was so dang awesome. I don't think that I could have had a more wonderful van and teammates in the world. I had the most fun with my sister in law. I just have to say how proud I am of her and how much she deserves to be recognized because she has done so many awesome things to be ready to run in this race. And let me tell you...she worked her butt off (literally:) and it showed. She did awesome! We are now getting geared up to run in the Top of Utah 1/2 marathon!! It was so fun to do this and work hard toward something and accomplish it! I haven't done that in a while and it just felt good. To top it all off, I was able to see one of my closest friends Veva. Thanks for taking the time to come and see me. And what's more awesome is that I ended up being on the same flight home with her and her cute family. I have never enjoyed a flight more and had one go by as quickly! I love ya VEVS!

This is a quick little post about the race, but I just wanted to mention how much fun I had over the weekend! It was awesome and I am looking forward to doing it next year and doing a harder leg!!

PRE-Ragnar! Getting ready at the starting line!

During my run. I had an awesome Team that gave me yummy water while I was running up my hill!

Getting a little rest at Exchange 12~ Shanna is enjoying her RagMag alot it looks like! Jeremy got a hold of my camera!

Two of my favorite people in the whole entire world! I am so lucky to have had these people in my life while I was in high school playing ball. Jeremy was my high school coach and now has become such a great friend! I just love them and thank them for letting me tag along with them during this whole thing:)

My sister in law, Shanna, AKA my newest favorite running partner! We had so much fun! I am still on this "runners high" from the race! ~Post-Ragnar~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A fun video that we took today of Kasen. We were coming home from church and he was starting to fall asleep so Tate was teasing him, and he started blinking his eyes. Tate then would say, Hey stop doing that with your eyes. and he would start blinking like crazy. IT was cute!

Who needs the Zoo

So we went to Cabela's yesterday after Tate and I got home from the Temple. WE were able to attend the San Antonio temple. IT was crazy because we didn't really know much about it, so we just figured that we could walk on in rent clothes and be good to go. Apparently it's a small temple who only does reservations and doesn't rent clothing. Humph! So we were on our way to do other things and this guy asked where we were from and such, we said we just graduated from SUU. His son is apparently going to play football there and actually the temple president son in law is the president of that college! Huh, that is funny. So we talked a bit to the Temple president and about his grandkids that we know and his daughter.....he was able to find us both some clothing and get us into the next session. It was such another witness to me of the Lords Tender Mercies! He really does love us and is watching out for us! Because he Knew we really needed to be there and attend the temple that day. IT was just really sweet and cool:)

When we got back to Jerry and Casey's (Thanks for watching Kasen by the way...you are aweseome) We went to Cabellas and looked at all the fishes and animals. It was so nice because they had an elephant, lions, zebras, and all sorts of different exotic animals. AFter a while of walking around I just sat on the bench and watched Kasen do laps around this circle thing and though to myself. This is way better than the zoo. The animals are just as exciting, and it's air conditioned! We got some fun pictures and had a good time. Later we had, YET ANOTHER, great bbq at Jerry and Casey's house and just had a blast with each other. We are having too much fun here!

Silly little Family! Mostly Jerry and Parker! Boy's!!!

My Little Family! Man I love these BOYS!!

This is funny because Chloe was not having it...me taking pictures of her that is...She was very bugged by it! Until.......

Jerry told her she couldn't feed the fish if she didn't smile:) Ha ha....gotta love it!

Me and my bro...cheesin' it:)

They have the cutest little chairs and couches for little kids there and Kasen was so cute just loungin' in his little lounger:)

IN front of the pretty elephant. On a pretty day. With blue skies! McKenna, Chloe Me and Casey!

The girls pretty warn out towards the end. The boys and Chloe were still going strong looking around and runnin' around! Whew!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Things have been busy for us here in Austin. Well, not necessarily busy, but we are just having lots of fun. Sunday we went and stayed with Jerry and Casey and had Sunday dinner. Watched the basketball game, played a little keep away outside in their back yard and got dessert afterward. It was a lot of fun. Their home is beautiful but too far away from us. Monday we hung out while Jerry and Tate went to work in Jer's "little green" car. They ended up breaking down on the freeway, having Andrew (my cousin) pick them up and bring them home from work. Jerry just decided that it wasn't worth the money that it would take to get the car even towed home, so he gave it to the tow guy:) Monday night we had a fun family home evening of swimming and bbq at the pool. It was alot of fun! That night we came back to our apartment for a little R & R. I stayed home and cleaned and played with Kasen. Wedensday night Tate had a softball game with his company. They ended up losing pretty bad to a few old men! Pretty sad;) WE took Chloe, Parker and McKenna home with us and had a sleep over. Thursday morning we had a big breakfast, played and went swimming...again:) Kasen is pretty much terrified of the water I think now. He has had 2 little times where he has gone under and we think that scared him quite a bit. He will get on the steps and splash and sit there, but not any farther than that usually! Anyway, so Thursday night rolls around and Casey and I are getting ready to go to Enrichment night at my ward:) I made her come with me! It was fun.....

We got to the church house....following that we went on the toll road, went through some thing we have no idea about....got our picture taken in the process...so I am awaiting a bill from the Toll Road people. Anyway, what do you expect from small town girls who really have never been on a toll road before and really didn't know where they were going? Okay, so during our last little "class" of the night, the lights started flickering on and off and then we kept hearing really loud Thunder. We look at each other, not a big deal, it jus must have gotten stormy. I am thinking, that was a fast storm to hit us so hard. A few seconds later a lady then tells us that we are on a Tornado warning for our area and need to stay put for the time being. Okay.....TORNAdO? So, we finish the lesson, go get some dessert and think that we need to go watch what is happening cause we have never seen one before. There is a guy sitting by the door way and says, "I really wouldn't go out there if I were you ladies." WE say we only want to watch it we have never seen one before we're from Utah:) So he actually kind of gets excited and then tells us all about it, what they sky looked like when it was beginning and then says that they are not UnCommon for this area! Oh that's really nice I think in my head:) Anyway, we wait it out for a little while and then run through the wind and the RAIN...it was raining pretty hard. Luckliy the inch sized hail balls had stopped:) WE get home and get inside our apartment. (Side note....it was still llike 75 degrees outside during this...that is the coldest I have been since I have been here and it was still warm...just funny:) Jerry and Casey get the kids ready and they leave. WE are getting Kasen ready for bed when Casey knocks on our door and tells us that her Window has been SHATTERED!!! The hail had shattered her back window. Seriously, there was not glass left in it. It was horrible. Luckily they are getting it fixed right now, but it was so so crazy. I don't have alot of pictures but it was so cool in a way, because the internet said that the tornado actaully touched down about 1 mile from where we were! CRAZY~ Just luckily we are all okay!
That has got to be my craziest expereince by far while in Texas...and I have only been here for 1 week:) Let the good times Roll!
The crew watching the Game after Sunday Dinner:) Gotta love the FAM!
Cute McKenna Getting a little sun during the swim yesterday!

Beautiful CASEY (My favorite Glova Girl)

Chloe and Kasen rinsing off after the swim! Kasen is a little naughty sometimes and likes to get out and make everywhere WET! He is really keeping me busy!

Last but not least, their car window! I couldn't believe it! I felt so dang bad. They sure are having bad luck with their vehicles lately! But luckily are still happy and in love and doing good:)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well, I have finally made it to Austin to be with Tate. It took us two days to get here but it was well worth the drive. We made a convoy of the trip which included Casey (Jerry's new wife) McKenna, Parker, Chloe (the Kids) Roger and Chase Cutler, My dad, Uncle Dilworth, David, Me and Kasen. It was fun. This is sort of where Dave was on his mission so him and my dad left yesterday to kind of drive through all the towns that they could on their way back home. David drove with me the whole way and we took turns driving. It was so much fun to be able to spend that time with David. I sure do love that kid. Kasen I must add was AWESOME. I held up really really good until about 4 minutes from the house we were going to. I have to say that it pretty good for two days in the car.
It's pretty hot here and humid. We are able to have a little apartment that Tate's friends Darrin and his wife Emily live in, but they have left for the summer and have so graciously let us live here while they are gone. They are so nice and it has worked out so so GREAT and so Thanks you guys:) We live way too far away from Jerry and Casey though, about 40 minutes. That's how big this city is. I kept asking where the mountains are and apparently there aren't any, a few in East Texas....so we will be making our way there somtime soon I am sure:) Sorry this is boring, just wanted to update on what is going on right now! Write more later with fun pictures!