Thursday, September 27, 2012

Half Way There

Well, I guess it's about time to post the most recent news of our family.  
We are expecting our 3rd baby!        
We are due Feb. 8th.
Couldn't be more excited that it's a....
I am feeling just fantastic and both baby boy and I are growing like weeds;)  
~Things I craved in the first trimester:
Orange juice, tomatoes (from my garden) and hot chocolate
~I first felt him kicking at around 17 weeks
~When I found out it was a boy, I cried:)
~I was so SURE that we were going to be having a girl
~A lot more nauseas this time around than with my other two
~As long as I have a little something in my stomach I am still able to exercise pretty hard without throwing up.  
~I feel like I have grown 10 inches in the last 2 weeks
~I am in the in between stage still.  Maternity pants don't quite fit, and my jeans don't button up either.

We are excited and I think I am ready.  Although, it's always ready or not with me. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No More

 A few weeks ago Tate talked Kasen into taking off his training wheels.  He has been nervous about it every time we mention it, but he told us that when he turns 5 then that is when he would take them off. He was about 1 week before he turned 5 that he decided he could do it.  Tate told him that when he took his training wheels off he was scared but his Dad held on to his bike and didn't let him fall, and he wouldn't let Kasen fall either.  Kasen decided that sounded okay, and we went for it.  We got home from church and took the training wheels off immediately.
 Tate truly is an amazing father. He held on to that little bike for a long time.  After about a day, Kasen had it down perfect. He went out and practiced and practiced getting started all by himself. He only fell a few times.  He did tell Tate after he had gotten pretty good at it, that he would have taken his training wheels off when he was 3 but he couldn't find his helmet.  Nice excuse buddy!
 Just a quick snapshot of my cutie pie!!!


Kasen started his last year of preschool.  He woke up ready and waiting for it to be time to go.  We made preschool pancakes and i tried my best to make a K, but that didn't work out so well, he thought it was cool anyway.  That will be the day when he realizes that I am not as cool as I lead on to be:)  
 My handsome little guy.  He is growing up super fast and I just am really loving getting to know him in different ways.  He is my little buddy and I hope that it stays that way.  
 Kasen is one super silly boy.  I try to monitor the sillyness, and when it's appropriate and when it's not. That is a full time job in and of itself.  He really enjoys being a goofball and making other people laugh.
 The first time meeting some of the boys in his class.  He adjusted really well and likes it alot.
 A story on how silly he is.  It was maybe the 2nd week of preschool.  I went to pick him up.  The class was playing duck, duck goose waiting for the parents to get there.  I stayed and watched for a few minutes.  He got picked, he started going through saying duck, duck, pickle sandwich (which brought laughs from all the little kids), turkey sandwich, and so on tapping the kids' heads.  He had the whole class laughing pretty hard.  I just sat there wondering where this kid came from. I love him though!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Temple Open House

So there is a slight chance that Kory could kill me after knowing I posted a very studly picture of him on my blog, but chances are he never reads this thing so i may be safe.  
Anyway, the Brigham City Temple open house has been going on for a while now, I was lucky enough to be able to attend with Shanna and Kory.  They hold a very special place in my heart, and I know that  having a Temple in their town means more to them than I can describe.  it was an extremely special day.  The Mueller's Day I like to call it:)  Being inside of the temple was fabulous.  I was a little bit worried in the beginning about taking Kasen and him catching on the the importance of being reverent while we were inside the temple.  I talked with a close friend and she assured me that he would feel the spirit and that things would go wonderfully.  I tried talking to him about what we were going to be doing and how what a special place the Temple is because that is where Jesus Christ visits when he comes to earth.  It is His house. The first part was a video, and he sat through the entire thing, paying close attention to it.  I was so amazed.  We started the tour and he stayed by his sweet little cousin, Hannah, the whole time.  I tried to talk to him about a few of the places and read the cards that were on there, but he just liked to walk by her.  Towards the end he started getting a bit tired of walking, but all in all, I think that it held an impact on him.  He was a trooper the whole time:)
Walking to the Temple.  I didn't get great pictures.  I wanted to get more of the family, but there wasn't ever a good opportunity.  
Kasen holding hannah's hand.  I am so glad he has good older cousins who will let him tag along.  They really treat him so well.
I got a decent picture of this silly boy and me before we entered the Temple.  I really like that kid.  He quite the little stud!

Cousin Time

 A while back, the Muellers came to visit us.  We took them to the all famous Tauphaus Park Zoo, where we had a great time as usual.  It's always fun to try and get pictures with little kids all looking at the same time.  We did alright!  
 The tiger was super hot, but we made them get on anyway.  
 Across the street from the zoo is this little mini carnival/playground area.  Not sure what to call it. It has a few little rides that is operated by one person....This guy.  We had to wait for the one ride to be over so he could rush over to the next one to get it started.  Kinda funny.  Every time Kasen and I go to the zoo, he begs me to let him to and play at this place and do the mini golfing.  We ended up letting the kids go on a few little rides, and I still need to go and let Kasen golf.  But it was a fun time.  
 Oh man.  I can't quite get a grip on this cute little girl.  She is my thumbsucker and doesn't act like she is kicking the habit any time soon.  I was lucky enough to sneak in during this nap time and snap a few photos of her.  She is growing like crazy and I can't really believe she isn't in that baby stage any more. Where did that time go?  She is full fledge toddler stage!!  She talks and gets her way most of the time.  She is very determined, but also extremely sweet.  She has a contagious smile, and looks that can kill.  She loves her brother and most of the time acts very kindly toward him.  She imitates most of the things that he does, which of course, drives Kasen CRAZY, but maybe she does it because of that reason.  Who knows. Just love this girl!
 Just a fun picture after an adventurous trip to Wal-Mart with the children.  
 kasen being his silly/goofy self.  Can't really help it!
 Kasen and Hannah built a SWEET volcano in the back yard and so Shanna was kind enough to use up all of her baking soda and vinegar for the explosion of the volcano.  They were super proud of their project and I thought it was pretty cool myself!
 Oh...summer time and the mud.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I will miss the mud during these upcoming seasons, but will probably welcome it back gladly come the summer time.  Kasen gets muddy at least once a day, if not more.  He is a pro at getting his close in the washer and getting himself in the tub without hesitation now.  
 The beautiful mud house.  Couldn't have decorated it better myself!
We absolutely love time with our family.  I love that Shan and Kory only live 2 hours away from us.  WE have grown close over the past few years and really enjoy spending time with their family.  It is fun watching our kids play together and grow up together.  For about 2 weeks straight every time we would get into the car, Daisha would say.  "Livi's house?  Hannah's house?"  I would tell her we probably weren't going to their house today, and she would start crying every time.  Poor little girl!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Caption Update

I am going to try and update all my pictures on here from the summer until now!  I have been pretty bad at blogging lately, not a big secret, I just always feel like if I don't have some good cute pictures to go along then it's not worth the blog, but it really is.  I love to read what I have written, pictures or not pictures.  But here is an update for the month of August.  Wherever that month went?  I am not sure, but I am determined to get it all caught up because it's already halfway through september.  Boy, that went faster than I always think it will.  
The kids got alot of jumping in when we went to Orderville for a week.  We had a Jim and Wanda Glover family reunion and I was able to visit with some close friends while there, it was a good trip.
Kasen got to play with his cousin Dexton, who he doesn't get to see very often so it was fun to have them get to play together.
 It was Kye's birthday the next weekend, so they had a little party for him and Jimmy Joe, who's birthday it was that exact day.
 Daisha giving the pinata a nice big whack.
 James giving it a try.
 Kasen trying his best to open up all the candy.

 Not sure what Daisha is thinking but it's probably something around the lines of wanting to open presents and not getting to. 
 Kye James sitting in Grandma Jacque's big bowl.  He was loving his cake and the little party.
 Daisha and Rossi loved pretending to go to sleep with their babies.  
 Whenever we go to Orderville we have to hit up the town swimming pool.  They had a fun time going from the little pool to the big pool.  
Daisha always finds the mud.  It keeps her busy for a while and she loves to have the bath afterwards.
 The story about the mud is a funny one now that it's all cleaned up.  Kenna and I went to the store on a coke run while leaving Daisha and Rossi playing in the mud with the other kids playing all around.  I didn't think much of it.  When we came back, we didn't see them in the mud hole, so I thought that they had moved on to something else to play with.  Little did I know that I had missed them completely sitting in the car that belongs to Uncle Ken and Aunt Karen.  I didn't see them initially, but when I came  back around the house looking for Daisha  I could see her and Rossi sitting in the front seat chowing down on their traveling treats.  THey had crawled inside their car, and gotten it super muddy everywhere.  We had quite the time cleaning up all the mud inside and out of their vehicle.  oops
 Kids do the darndest things:)
 Playing in the water!
 Little James didn't want to go to sleep in the house.  He had been playing and playing when I walked outside all the other kids were gone and he was dead asleep on the trampoline.  He got in a good little nap before getting woke up by all the other big kids.
We set up the huge slip and slide at the park during the reunion and Daisha had more fun playing in the bubbles than in sliding down the slide. But either way, it was fun for a little bit until they all got really cold and didn't think that was fun at all.

Yummy Bubbles.  She wouldn't stop eating them.  
Kasen liked going down the slide.  He got more brave each time he would go down.  
I just LOVE this little FACE!  She makes the cutest little faces.
Some of the crew gathered around.  Kasen couldn't help but get a little sampling of the root beer before we officially started eating dinner.  I can't blame him.  Grandpa's homemade rootbeer is the best!!!
McKenna being too cool for school.  
Here are the Glover Brothers.  I just really really love the Glover side of the family.   (love the sorensen side too)  But there is something about my uncles that I just really love.  They are so loving and kind.

We got hopped in the car with the Jolly family and headed to Ross Park.  It was alot of fun and it is always so much fun being with them.  They treat my kids so kindly and lovingly.  We always have a great time with the Jolly's.
The kid part of the park is the best.  It's the perfect depth and lots of fun things to do.
Ayesha and Daisha.  She is the best big sister ever!  Daisha adores Esha and loves that she is loved by her!