Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Glovers

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! WE had such a fun time here at the Jim glover household! It was the craziest funnest weekend in a long time! We had TONs of Great food (too much), fun games, late nights, and crazy ideas! I have such a great family and I am so Grateful for each and everyone of them. My parents are the best in the world. They spoil us so much and I can't believe how blessed and lucky I am to have them in my life! I have the funnest most loving sisters and brothers and they have become my Bestest Friends in the whole world! last night we stayed up talking about the good times, telling stories about our childhoods, and singing songs while David played the guitar! It was the best! We laughed till we all were crying!

Thursday after the big meal we all got our 1st Annual Glover Family Turkey Trot t-shirts on and we headed out to the stop sign. I was a big hesitant for my dad to do this because of his knee problems and such but he said that he could at least make it to the stop sign by our house and that he might even "trot". So what did my dad do? He trotted all the way to the stop sign and back to our house! It was the BEST BEST BEST memory of this weekend for me to see us all out there, working off some (not much) of all the food we had just eaten:) Plus to see Big Jim trotting down the road was AWESOME! He is such a good sport and I love him too death! Seriusly he is the BESt dad and person in the whole wide world! The rest of us took our kids and went around the block:) We all looked so cute in our shirts matching!! I am hoping to get that tradition in our fmaily and for those of us who can do it do a big run every year to be thankful for our healthy bodies and our health...(sounds a little cheesy, but oh well:)
This past weekend i was able to go to my high school 5 year reunion. IT was alot of fun catching up with the people who showed up. WE had 26 people in my graduating class and 10 of them showed up to our reunion! :) It was fun seeing their spouses and what they have been up to these past 5 years:) We haven't changed much! My Beautiful Niece Kirsten! She is the Best!
Graduating class of '04. Fun Times!
The girls!
On the downhill;)
Kasen and Colt getting a ride in the stroller...they must have been tired:) Us...Kasen isn't into getting his pictures taken lately!
Getting Ready to GO! Warming up those Old muscles:)
Sweetie Pie Kirsten and Bev!

The Fall

Well, since it's a past Thanksgiving and on to Christmas I guess I will update what we have been doing this Fall. We stayed in Rexburg alot with my Walker Family (I love you guys) (thanks:) On one of the only saturdays Tate happen to have off we were able to go to Bear World, yellowstone! It was alot of fun. We took the drive all around the park and saw the white elk, I can't remember the official name for it and Tate would be so disappointed if he knew that, we saw the bears, wolves, moose and buffalo. It was alot of fun. Then we went to the little petting zoo part and we liked that alot but wish it wasn't so dang cold so we could have stayed out there a litte longer. Kasen started chasing the chickens and one of them decided that it didn't want to be chased and started towards kasen pretty defensively! It was pretty funny. Then there were these little goats that were chasing him. He even dared to pet the baby deer! It was fun to be there. We wanted to go all year last year, but never made it so I was glad when we made it this year:) When we were at Tate's parents in Talmage we got to go on the cattle drive which was alot of fun!! We drove to Colorado and surprised my sister Bev for her birthday. I went and saw the musical "Wicked". I strongly recommend that show to Everyone! it was Awesome! We had some car trouble, got it fixed:) Had a GREAT halloween with Bev and the neighborhood kids. Kasen was the cutest little Superman in the whole wide world! The day that I left Colorado, my car was broken into and my wallet and DVD player stolen. Bummer! I was pretty upset about it but over it now! Dumb people who steal things!!! Thanksgiving was a blast! Tate and I were able to stay at my parents house for the holiday and we have been having a GREAT time. We both played in the traditional Turkey Tournament and had a fun time. Our volleyball team wasn't the greatest but we played a lot of games and had a good time. I am very sore now but it was worth it! Tate played with my brother and bro inlaws and cousins on the basketball team. His first game they won by 1 point! It was pretty intense. The next game they lost by 1 point to the famous Kit goulding 3 pointers:) Then he played Marv and Owen Hoyt for the last game. it was alot of fun to watch...i think that he enjoyed playing. We both made the All-tournament team:) They also do a free-throw and horse contest. I didn't do so hot in the horse but I was the Champion in the free-throw contest, so that was FUN! It was more fun because i beat the boys in my heel boots:)

We are still waiting to see what is going to happen with Tate hopefully getting this job in North Ogden area! So for now we are just enjoying being in Orderville in the chilly weather and with lots of friends and family around. Thanksgiving was so much fun being with everyone. Jerry was not able to be here for Thanksgiving and I miss him and his family ALOT.. WE love you guys and can't wait for Christmas! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seeing Friends

Last night was so much fun. Tate and I drove over to Cedar City so Tate could play in the city league game that all the Valley boys are on! I was so excited because I got to see all my friends from high school that i just absolutely love and miss! I got to see April's new baby Bella, and she is adorable! I just love being able to see my friends and visit and catch up after a while! We are excited for some new adventure in our lives, which we are not sure about right now, but hopefully we will know for sure what is coming within the next few weeks,(hopefully sooner than that;) We stayed up in Talmage for a few weeks to visit with Tate's family and now we are down South in Orderville staying with my parents for a few weeks. I am going to be updating what we have been doing this fall here in a minute when I get the energy to get all our pictures! Tate has had our camera guiding so I don't have many, but I have a few! Anyway, that is where we are right now and what we are up to..I am just fully enjoying being with Tate and hanging out with him all day long:) I know it won't last for long so I am glad for this time:)