Monday, March 26, 2012

Us time

Tate and i were able to sneak away Friday night and go to Salt lake.  We got a hotel and everything. I know really splurged.  (thanks court:) Tate got me tickets to miranda lambert concert for valentines day so we left the kids with Grandma and cousins and spent the weekend in SL.  We got to go to the sportsmans expo and see Jeremy, it's always good to see him and his other buddies.  We walked around, I bought some jewelry and some sunglasses and we headed off to visit Brit and Kye for a few minutes.  Then off to the concert.  It was so much fun being able to just go and do whatever and spend some fun quality time with Tate. 
I think that every couple needs to have a little bit of time together.  It's so important to me and my relationship with Tate.  It's fun to remember the reasons why we love each other in a different dating sort of way.  The concert was alot of fun.  I like a good, clean country concert.  It's fun to sit and watch the drunk cowboys, and it's fun to sing along and dance to a few of the songs I know.  Tate is such a music person.  He likes music, I love music too, but there aren't too many songs that I even know the name and the artist of.  I just sing along with whatever makes me feel happy and just go from there.  Love this guy of mine! 

Tractor fun

I am so sad that i didnt take more pictures while we were in Talmage.  I did manage to snap a few cute ones of kasen on the tractor with his cousin sam.  He had a blast playing with his cousins, i mean non stop awesomeness.  I love being out there, it's so tempting sometimes to just pick up and move and be there with the family, where our kids can grow up with cousins and be around grandparents. its a fabulous place. 
 we had a fun time feeding the cows and jumping on the tramp.  kasen found a fun little hole in they hay stack where we played hide and seek, he pretended it was a bear cave of course.  it was fun seeing the new baby calves and watching how protective the mommy cows are of their babies. 
the boys have great imaginations. they would go from one game to the next in a matter of minutes. it's fun having cousins close in age and its even more fun when they get along and play good together
 Here is Daisha just hanging out by the tractor showing us a little personality.  She was smiling pretty cute for me and having a good time for about 1 minute, then it was off to the next adventure. 
 And these last 2 just because she is a cutie pie.  She has been doing this thing where she thinks it's funny to drink her milk and then spit it out, she laughs and thinks she is hilarious.  Mom on the other hand does not think it is so funny. 
.  Love that smile.  melts my heart. 

our 17 month old

While visiting Grandma Brenda Daisha has learned how to throw a cute little fit.  She is for sure growing up and developing a little attitude.  She still loves to give people a scowl, which for now is cute, but everytime she does it, I think to myself how this isn't going to be funny when she is serious about it and not trying to be cute. 
 Here is Daisha showing us how good of a fit thrower she is. When she doesn't get what she wants she gently falls to the floor and lays on the ground.  She seems to get over what ever has made her upset pretty quickly so far, so I hope that trend stays the same :)  I am not much of a sympathizer at all, so I just tell her to go ahead and throw the fit and then we move on.  Truthfully i like to just sit and watch the action while it's happening.  it's entertaining. 
 Grandma has an extremely fun pantry with handles that Daisha can reach.  She loved to hide in there especially in the dark and play peek a boo. 
Daisha at 17 months:  She is beginning to say a few things that we can actually understand such as, moo, up (bup), down, uh oh, pup, no, more, ball, mama, dada, bye bye, night night, banana (nana), bub (Kasen), blue, sock, shoe, meow, she has been fluent in "what does the elk say" (bugle) for quite some time now, I am pretty sure that was her first sound.  Now most of these are words that are understandable only to the ear of the parents but its fun to finally be able to kind of know what she wants.  She has been able to sign more, milk, and please for a while so that's always nice.  I didn't work with her at signing as much as I did with Kasen.  she is such a joy in our family.  she has a bubbly personality and is a really happy little girl.  She likes food, she has always been an awesome eater.  the second she was born she was licking her lips, her mothers child:)  she likes to do what the older kids are doing.  the other day at the park, she insisted on sistting in the big swing.  I started pushing her and she held on really good for a few seconds, but that didn't last long and she had fallen backwords on the ground.  She loves to play outside, look at the horses and cows, loves when our neighbor dog brownie comes over, and run.  she had her first day at nursery yesterday and the teachers said that she was so good and didn't cry.  although another little girl in nursery, sammi, said that she did cry.  so who knows who is telling the truth.  she is awesome, a great little friend to me and kasen.  we love her!


A few sundays ago we went to church with the cousins.  They were so adorable walking into the building that i just HAD to snap a picture of the cuteness.  They were so good to walk side by side and help the younger ones out.  luckily i had a camera in my bag to grab real quick. 
 I think that pictures like these are priceless.  Love them!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring was in the air

Last weekend we got to spend the weekend with Tate's sister and her children.  It was such a fun time.  It was warm enough to be able to play outside and play out side we did.  they have such a fun back yard full of swings, toys, and even a fire pit.  we roasted marshmallows on the make shift fire that barely burned.  i love spending time at shanna's house.  i love being able to just visit with her and watch our kids play and laugh, such a great stage of life I am in.  love it!
daisha really enjoyed their little play house, she would play peek a boo and play in there forever. 
Kasen was such a fun little helper with Daisha.  he loved pushing her in the swings.  she loved it.  he would have me buckle her in, and he would take over from there.  he would push and push, then when she was done he would unbuckle her and help her out.  it's so cool to watch my kids play together.  kasen really is such a good and helpful big brother.  he loves his little sister so much and she absolutely adores him.  she has started calling him bub.  its the only words she can muster out for him, but when she says that we know who she is talking about. 
I love this picture.  shanna was pushing olivia super high in the swing and i got a good shot of her face.  she was loving it, and kept saying higher, higher.  she couldnt get much higher than this. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finger Paint

Daisha has always been a pretty dang good eater.  She has eaten most anything I give to her besides potatoes, which I find really interesting.  I often find her downstairs in the rice bucket that we colored a while back just snacking away.  She loves to eat that rice and doesn't seem to think that it's a tiny bit gross.  The other day we decided to paint and she thought that was pretty delicious as well.  She kept on dipping her fingers in and licking away.  I tried to get hand prints of both of them to keep and i could not for the life of me get her to keep her hands still on the paper without them smearing.  I went through alot of paper trying to get a good print but to no avail, i failed.  maybe when she is a bit older. I got some good ones of Kasen's hands though so that is good to have.  They are pretty cute little hand prints. 
 The proof is all over her face :)
 It was a pretty big mess, but it cleaned up good and washed up nice.  So it wasn't too bad.  The kids had fun and after draining the green water out of the tub, they actually got nice and clean themselves!
 Kasen doesn't have any rhyme or reason for his drawing, it very messy. he doesn't like drawing anything in particular, which sometimes makes me frustrated because i think he should start wanting to make actual pictures of his art, but nope, he is very free spirited in that way. 

Chip Party

I am not sure what the occasion was on this day but we had a fun popcorn and chip party. Nutritious huh:)  Sometimes that the joy's of being home all day long, you just need to have a movie party once and a while.  It's a fun thing to be a mom and get to play with your kiddos. 
 Daisha and Kasen decided to have their own chip party and take the entire bag with them, hide in the living room behind the couches and dump the bag on the floor.  They thought they were pretty dang cool.  Not to mention that they had made a huge mess, they were pretty cute. 
 Chip Grin.

A Dino named Sue

A few weeks ago we went to the Idaho Museum and visited the T-Rex named Sue.  It was pretty awesome.  They had all sorts of exhibits and things to read.  The kids would have rathered just played with all the hands on things but I was very interested in reading all the information that they had. 
 Daisha wasn't too excited about being on the saddle. 
Kasen was loving it though.  We played the majority of the time in the little kids area.  They have a place where it's set up for children with a teepee, a little log cabin, and some fish.  Among a bunch of extremely gross stuffed animals that the kids loved putting their hands on and playing with. Germs galore! 
We had a fun outing in Idaho Falls at the museum.  Kasen has a new love for Terranadons.  While we were CO he was lucky enough to be handed down a wonderful purple Terranadon and he plays with it constantly and sleeps with it almost EVERY night.  We were lucky enough to see a dino that looked semi-like a terranadon so he was happy.