Monday, June 30, 2008

Another BBQ

Sunday we went to Tate's aunt Amy's house to celebrate her wedding anniversary to Charlie...1 whole year. Anyway it was fun as usual and some good food. I mostly just wanted to post these pictures of Kasen he was sitting on this chair so good, then he saw some cows in the field next to their house, and he just layed there forever looking at them and talking and mooing to the cows. It was cute, so I decided to post some pics....

Man, I have been posting lots of things on here lately.....Wow!

He layed like this for almost 20 minutes looking at the cows
Totally in the "zone"
The cows in the field!

Horse Ride

Saturday I was lucky enough to have my mother in law babysit Kasen for 5 hours while I went on a horse ride in the mountains with Tate and his Dad and uncle! it was lots of fun. I got some good sunshine on my shoulders, which hasn't happened for quite a while. I am getting much better at riding a horse and not being so scared. I was quite a cowgirl though when I almost fell off because a branch/tree got pushed onto my horses head and so he took off and I didn't have ahold of the reigns cause i was pushing myself away from a tree so my leg wouldn't get smashed, anyway, I held on tight to his mane and finally got him to stop running. I was pretty nervous at that point, but I calmed down and had a good ride the rest of the day. It was fun and I enjoyed being up in the mountains where it was absolutely beautiful!

Friday, June 27, 2008


After all the posts and all the traveling. I am just so glad to be back home and doing nothing. I know I need to go into my room and put away all of my clothes and Kasen's things, but I just don't really wanna! I am excited though I am going to go on a little horse ride tomorrow up in the mountains to move some cows somewhere.....I am just going along for the ride;) Anyway, I am having fun trying to act like a little cowgirl and into horses and the farm and things! So for now I am just going to sit here and look at clothes on the internet and new shoes that I want to buy but never will!! I love that game!
Signing off! Ta Ta


Last night when I got back from Colorado, Tate and I went to his friends house Randy and Daisie's house for a little barbeque with all of his friends from high school. It was alot of fun. Since we all pretty much live around there, it was nice getting together finally. It was fun getting to know the other wives and Tate's friends a little better. We had some good hamburgers and potatoes! It was fun. Here are some pictures of Tate and all his friends now that they are daddy's! It's cute to see them all!

Randy, Randy's Friend?, Greg, Tate, Cuyler and Kyle! Good times!

Randy and Arley, Tate and Kasen

Family Photo!


The Day after I got home from Southern Utah, I drove with my Mom and Dad to Ft. Collins, Colorado, to visit my sister Bev. We had such a GREAT time! She sure does spoil Kasen when we go there!!! We went running and shopping and had a picnic at a beautiful park up by Estes Park by the river! The kids went pretend fishing and my Dad slept on the rocks, while us girls sat and talked! It was beautiful. The lovely Janet (Scotts Mom) joined us and she was so fun and great as usual! I love talking to her because she has foot problems like me and so we get along great:) We went out to eat at the Macaroni Grill, which I just absolutely love, and then the next night at some fancier place, the Moot House! I had the prime rib and it was delicious. Although I have to say that the Prime rib at the Garden house is much better!! Anyway, like always I ate too much but it was FUN! It was just so fun and relaxing to be with Bev and Scott and their adorable little kids! I am excited for her to be having a new baby in November. Everytime I go to visit her I feel like I am rejuvenated, she just has a fun and exciting personality and I love it! Anyway, the drive was long, but Kasen once again did great. He is so sick of the car seat though, poor little guy! Lots of fun pictures to Follow!!!

Kasen loved his cousin Ethan!!!

And his cousin Joslyn!

The kids and I waiting in the shopping place!

Me and my boy down by the roarin' river at our picnic!

The whole Gang!

Kasen's face is so classic here!! "Aunt Bev keeps squeezing me so tight, help!"
The girls going out to dinner! Don't mind my mom's black eye!! Poor lady:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Games

Last weekend we were able to spend the weekend with my family and some great friends down in Cedar City, Utah baby! We drove to my house Thursday then drove over to Cedar bright and early in the morning for Tate to play in his Summer Games game. We drove up to the school and there was our dear ol' friend Chandler Pearson. He just got home from his mission that Thursday, so one day he had been home and they drove down to Cedar to play in the games! How sweet:) Anyway, it was so so much fun seeing him and his family standing out there in the parking lot. After we all said our hello's and gave big hugs, then we walked into the gym and there we saw another great friend who we hadn't seen forever, Colby Vranes! It was such a fun little reunion. It was fun watching those boys get together again after a while and talk and joke around. They were both the exact same! It was funny because it was like Chandler wasn't ever gone, and there he was again! Tate and I were pretty much the only thing that had changed, you know..the marriage and the baby thing:) Even though they lost too many of their games to qualify for the tournament on Saturday, we had a great time watching and cheering them on. Tate was pretty sore afterwards, seeing how he hasn't even played basketball for 3 months, let alone ran or done anything like that! It was also really fun to see Brooke and Jordan there. I am sure that his team did a little better, I don't know though, Brooke you will have to update me on that one! She is so cute with her tiny little belly! It was fun being home on Saturday with my mom and dad. Then we stopped by our friends the Chamberlains who just had a brand new baby boy Keenan. #4! Great job Betty, he is beautiful. It was a fun filled weekend where we got to see lots of people we love! Tiring, but fun! It helps that Kasen is a pretty darn good traveler!

The CEU boys back together again! It was so fun to see them again! Tate had a great time!

Me and Brooke, cute little can't even tell she is pregnant!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

I just wanted to say a couple of things about the most wonderful Father in the world, Tate! It's such a different world since I have had my own son and have seen Tate with Kasen. The feelings I get when I watch him play and teach Kasen things, is very overwhelming! Tate is already teaching Kasen the importance of hard work, the way to treat people and how to LOVE! He loves Kasen so much and it shows every time he looks at his son! I love it so much! Tate is such a great Father and I love him so much for how he supports our family and works hard! He is such a great Example. Happy Father's Day TATE! WE LOVE YOU!

Also, I can't forget my very own DAD! I owe so much to who I am because of my Dad. He supported me with everything...and I mean everything, that I did and still do in my life! Some of the most important values that I have learned from my Father are:
#1. LOVE- He loves his family very much and he loves the Gospel very much. I think that the best thing is that he loves my mom and shows his kids how our mother should be treated. Along with that goes RESPECT. He is very respectful and knows when to say things and when to keep his mouth shut...I could still learn something from that!
#2. FUN- He knows how to have a good time and how to laugh! I love the times when it will just be him and the family up till 1 in the morning playing cards, even though he said he was going to bed 3 hours before.
#3. STORIES- I will always remember him telling me storied when I was younger. He would always make up his very own versions and make the stories so exciting every single time! He has lived a great long life and knows alot of things and I love sitting and listening while he tells me things about his younger years and his adventures!
#4. WISDOM- I don't know what I would do if I couldn't go to my Dad and ask him anything that was on my mind. I love that I can talk to my Dad about anything in the world and he will always be considerate and understanding and very wise in his advice he gives me.
#5. BASKETBALL- I know that this really isn't a quality or value, but it is to me. Because it goes along with all the things that i have mentioned before. Basketball just wasn't a sport to me beacuse it taught me everything about life, and my Dad was there for ALL OF IT! I love the fact that I had to go and talk with him in his room after every ball game, sometimes it was better than others, but he always loved me no matter the outcome of the game. He always spoke his mind and sometimes it wasn't very kind in my opinion at the time, but he taught me so many things!
I am so glad that Tate is alot like my Dad in a lot of ways! I am so grateful for my Father and I think that he is the best Dad in the whole world!
Happy Father's DAY!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nashville Star


Starting Monday, at 7 Charley Jenkins will be on the show Nashville Star. He is a great singer and performer and is a great friend of the family! So, watch and VOTE FOR CHARLEY! He is great!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Car

Well, we have finally bought a reliable vehicle that doesn't make noises and that have reliable brakes. It feels GREAT! I did alot of research and found that we liked the ford escapes the best and they got the best gas mileage for a SUV. It has 4-wheel drive and is able to tow things, so that is important. We really like it. We went to the dealership in Roosevelt where Tate's cousin is the owner and he showed us around and let us test drive a few different cars. We drove the Jeep liberty's, Cherokee's, and expiditions and really like the escapes the best! We really werent' planning on buying anything any time soon, but after I called my brother in law Scott, who is a genious at everything with cars and works in the Financial dep. in Colorado at a dealership, we figured that we were getting a great deal for what we wanted!

So the next day, we bought this car! It was very exciting. The only thing that I didn't really think about was the insurance and registrationand all that jazz....but it wasn't too bad! So now we can have a growing family and still have this car! YEAH!

Good Times

Last weekend I was able to go and see some great friends from my freshmen year at CEU. It was so great seeing all those girls and their new families and what is going on in everyone's lives now that its been a few years since we were at CEU! Things have sure changed, but what I love is that we are still all really close. And it doesn't matter if we have seen each other for a year!! We had a such a great time that year and have some really great memories that I will never forget. Thanks girls for such a great time!

Some fun pictures......