Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Needed Trip

I am kicking myself for not getting more pictures while we were in Colorado, but I guess I was just so busy having fun visiting with my sisters.  We were able to go to Ft. Collins and visit Bev and Linda for a little over a week.  It was a much needed break.  I just seem to recharge when I get to have a little sister time, and it was a much needed recharge, right in the middle of "the season".  Bev has a great little place where the kids are able to run free and play to their hearts content.  They have chickens and have a cute little puppy that scared Daisha to death whenever it go too close, but she loved the puppy so much. 
 This awesome hammock is where you would find Kasen and Kirsten most of the time.  They would hide in there and pretend all sorts of games for hours.  It was so fun to listen in on their imaginations and even more fun to just watch them have fun together and be happy. 
 These 2 adorable girls, Alana and Daisha, are the cutest little things.  You can tell they are both getting their little personalities and they are both very dominant.  They got along well and had fun playing together as long as one or the other hadn't taken the other's baby. 
 I got one cute little picture of Joslyn.  Let me tell you how amazing this girl is.  She is one of the best missionaries that I know.  Her sweet testimony of the Gospel is so strong and bright and she shines and radiates everywhere she goes.  She is so sweet and caring and also a fun little goofball.  A great mix of both.  I hope that my daughter grows to be like this girl! 
Oh. My. Goodness.  She is so cute to me. 
We even got to go to the Denver Zoo with Isabelle and James.  It was alot of fun.  That is a huge zoo, we were there for almost 5 hours and didn't really skim the surface.  We saw most of the major animals and even got to watch an elephant show, which was my favorite part, but by the time we were finished, I was done with the zoo, even though we had a good time. 
Anyway, we had a fabulous time in Colorado, where I tried to trade my car in for a sweet mini van, with no luck darn it.  I stayed up late watching movies with Linda, and Joslyn.  Talking til way too late in the evening. Shopping in my now very unpregnant sisters closet and retaining all her maternity clothing for me, and shopping at regular stores too.  It really is always SO great visiting and although I miss Tate while I am away, I like being there becuase I like missing him there, instead of just missing him at my house.  Thanks for the good time sisters, until next time.