Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We had a fun Halloween.  Kasen was a vampire and Daisha was a witch.  Kasen had a fun halloween party at pre-school.  We went and walked with him to the high school, where they walked around the school and went trick or treating and got a fun class picture. 
 He was a very scary, intense vampire. 
 On halloween day Tate decided that he wanted to drive to Talmage.  So we hustled and tried to get everything ready and piled in the car and made it just in time to change in their costumes and get over to the trunk or treat.   The kids really made a haul, and i can't believe that they didn't get sick from all the candy they ate! 
 Kasen has a hoard of boy cousins and it's fun to let him play and play with them.
 I forgot Daisha's witch hat, bummer, but oh well, she had a fun time!
 Enjoying the rewards of their efforts!
 After the trunk or treat we headed to go to trick or treating "old school" style.  It was fun to watch them run from place to place.  I tried to make sure that Kasen was polite about his trick or treating, he was just really excited!
 Daisha knocking on the door.  She got pretty shy and wouldn't really say trick or treat very loud, but she was pretty cute and gave her a treat anyway!